Kimi and Minttu in presidential palace

Kimi and Minttu in presidential palace

bwoah quietly

Both looking quite good. Beautiful couple.

Agent Double-Bwoah Seven

gasp (in finnish)

It because she is wearing the best accessory. Kimi, in this case.

Btw Minttu is leading the vote on who has the best dress in the gala. Can't blame the voters.

Kimi for president!

Häkkinen was also there. And rally champion Marcus Grönholm

Lewis on the other hand....

Not that she doesn't look awful... but that's Donatella Versace, one of the most iconic and celebrated designers of the 20th century - true fashion royalty - and with Lewis being a huge fashion lover, I suspect he actually was enjoying it quite a bit, but just happened to be a giving a "badass don't care" pose for the cameras in the moment that photo was taken.

For the uninitiated

People are all "lol he's not fashionable" but if a Versace is willing to be in a photo with you, what you are wearing automatically becomes the new hot shit.

I mean, I think it's fucking hideous and should be burned with jet fuel, but it's probably okay in the fashion world.

Is he trying to cosplay as Jackie Stewart?

Here is a video of their entrance. They were also interviewed later that evening, mostly on how to combine small kids and F1. Kimi said leaving home for races is hard sometimes :(

"Up into ass of Timo!"


Doesn't look like Lewis enjoys staying next to that... whatever that is.

Everytime I see that name,

People are all "lol he's not fashionable" but if a Versace is willing to be in a photo with you, what you are wearing automatically becomes the new hot shit.

And look at his little handkerchief - it's matching her outfit. If Donatella gives you a matching handkercheif, you're in.

I don't care for fashion at all, and I'm not even a huge Lewis fan... but there's no doubt, Lewis Hamilton is a real figure in fashion. My old roommate knew nothing about F1 at all, but he'd heard of Lewis because he was a fashion marketing major and super into fashion. Lewis is a star in his own right in that world.

I mean, I think it's fucking hideous and should be burned with jet fuel, but it's probably okay in the fashion world.

Probably why you're not in the fashion world. Same with me, of course.

I really don't mind a Finnish Bond, "Name's BWOAHnd, James Bwoahnd"


"Kimi, why did you miss your inauguration speech?"

"Bwoah I was taking a shit"

It's Finland's 100th birthday and it's off season so why not include Kimi's picture form the big event?

Dude, you gave me so many flashbacks about Marcus...

Juha "black round Pirellis" Kankkunen.

Don't forget

Lewis is probably the most global and mainstream superstar F1 has ever had. He's the closest thing to LeBron and Cristiano/Messi in the sport.

The irony.

Alc 35%

That's probably why Kimi married her. Her name reminds him of alcohol.

Did you mean: bwoah tie?

Yes yes, leave him alone he knows what's he's doing!

Jk you seem to know your shit.

Their children are also beautiful; beautiful family in general!

Leave him alone, he knows what he's wearing

At the end, that stare back at the camera as he makes a fisting gesture, it makes the video.

I have only seen that picture, but the other men are definitly wearing white tie, which is the most formal dress code. It involves a tail coat and a white bow tie.

Kimi is wearing a normal suit, which is not considered formal wear in western dress codes (but buisness attire). He is however wearing a black bow tie instead of a normal tie, so it looks a bit like he is in black tie (tuxedo), which is semi-formal. However his suit is not in fact a tuxedo, but a normal suit.

Mens dress codes at formal events are traditionally quite strict. For example the accesories you can wear as a man to a white tie event are exactly: 1: top hat (I assume you are expected to take it off indoors, don't know. Not really a popular option these days) 2: white scarf 3: decorations (as can be seen on two of the men in the picture).

I am quite sure he is underdressed, since people don't generally host "white tie optional" events. If it is white tie it is white tie.

When you have two adorable kiddos and a beautiful wife like Minttu as well as living in Finland, I dont blame him.

Actually, doesnt he live in Monaco? I'd choose Finland (during warm seasons) over Monaco anyday.

Meanwhile Kimi is wearing a suit with a (clip on) bow tie to what appears to be a white tie event event...

edit: meant to specify that he was wearing a black bow tie. Wrong color.

looking good!

They are Finnish, of course they are good looking.

They are living in Baar, Switzerland.

needs more hat... but otherwise, yes

Pictures F1 drivers upvoted on /sub/formula1? WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS MADNESS?!

Background lady in the black (not green) dress din't get the memo that it was supposed to be the same for everyone.

Versace was doing pretty good last time i checked. These fashion events are always over the top, what ends up in the stores is always more sensible.

Are you sure it's not Iggy Pop?

Well the dress might not be the most unique, but personally I think that Minttu is the one who's making it work.

A lovely couple. Kimi cleans up nicely!

Lmao fuggin hell

I saw many other guests with bow ties so I don't think he's alone in wearing it. Also, I think Minttu knows that she's doing with herself and Kimi and their attires.

I was actually surprised he didn't wear the red tie he usually does with the Ferrari pin on the jacket.

Not much different from those extravagant concept cars presented at car shows that always end up as some tame hatchback, then? Just trying to put it into terms that speak to this subreddit more (including me).

I guess you can also liken it to those futuristic F1 concepts such as that Renault with the canopy we had the other day.

Not sure why you're being downvoted for that. I'm not even close to hamfosi, often I root against Hamilton, but you are factually right. Schumacher may have been bigger in the sport but he wasn't the same degree of big personality in other areas of pop culture.

Something went through the seat, up into the asshole of Timo.

His right eye is leaning a little left. The bar most be off to his left.

Agent Double Bwoah Seven.

What the fuck is that thing

Thank you so much for that link.

Aw yeah. Minttu's got hell cake.


She's donatella Versace

It's our 100th year of independence. Kimi is one of the greatest F1 drivers so it's also important for us. If you have some issue with that, keep it to yourself.


minimal smiling

Oh. Didn’t recognise her without the purple headband and big stick. The mouth is a dead giveaway though.

White tie is optional, the dress code for this reception is that men can wear either white tie or normal dark suit (but not tuxedo). Most men choose to wear white tie as it's the most formal one, but normal suit is common choice as well. Here are some photos of the event, you can see Jari Litmanen and Mika Häkkinen wearing suit with black bow tie too.

Tartan never goes out of fashion.

Do drivers need more hat, less hat?

happiest kimi i have seen in a while

And a karaoke bar in Finland

For Kimi that's practically a full-on Ricciardo grin

what did I just read?

And, who can forget in 2013 when The Dudesons arrived to the gala dressed in coolest formal attires ever?

And, who can forget in 2013 when The Dudesons arrived to the gala dressed in ?

Some quick googling reveals that he has residences in Finland and Switzerland.

The country's most notable day in a hundred years, shouldn't they invite one of the country's most notable citizens?

I just wonder if they remembered to invite Darude and Linus Torvalds.

I see him cracking a cheeky smile there