Kim Jong Un looking fabulous over a swimming pool

Kim Jong Un looking fabulous over a swimming pool
Remember who you are!
Awkward Twerking Kim Jong Un
Not really quite sure what I was going for...

Not really quite sure what I was going for...

Kim is stalking his prey
Kim Jong Illusion (They are the SAME size)

EDIT:: Changed the link because I forgot to save it to my imgur account..

EDIT:: Changed the link because I forgot to save it to my imgur account..

Nice View
"I choose you Squirtle!"
Dear glorious leader leader army fighting imperialist for the reunification of the traitors
Oh Hey! Putin, I didn't know you rode bears too!
Dear leader is not alone in his glorious fight!

Oppa Pyongyang style.

Just taking my bear for a ride.
He's next...

I got you bro

Your mashed potatoes are ready, Mr. Un...

Supreme leader is only holding more glory! You are now banned from /sub/pyongyang

This is going in my intro psych perception lecture, thanks!

Eeeeeeeey working ladies!


I cannot do the ripple :(

I cannot do the ripple :(

It's about to be a really crappy day for most of the Unman Centipede
The experiments are coming along well, gentlemen.

This one is glorious! Well done!!!

Oppa Pyongyang Style

Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, sexy leader!

Nahh, it's Miley Cyrus, but I can see where you might be confused.

Long live the king!
Lets get it Un!

nice gif work

He blinks!

Edit: The people behind him are blinking too! I didn't believe my eyes at first.

The difference is the Putin one wasn't photoshopped

Op, op, opression

Powerful picture dude, really impresive.

He helps save kittens.

Isn't that just him reviewing the North Korean navy?

Is it just me, or is he getting fatter?

Take note.


The shaky camera effect is brilliant! :-)

If you zoom in, you can see what he's writing.

If you zoom in, you can see

I think that may be kinda the point.

You have seven days, they say

You noticed! I expected that no one will because of the quality (I had to scale it down so I can fit the size limit in imgur (the full quality is 32mb) )

raise a giant baby

feed Kim Jong Un

What's the difference?

Ah, the old Reddit Twerkaroo.

Is that Beetlejuice?

Yeah, how long til this appears on some kind of politics blog?

Shouldn't that be the Kim Jong Unlusion?

I give orders, not you!

"I play an island. Would you like to take this opportunity to concede?"

Prof: these images are the same size!

Student reaction: is this going to be on the test?

As someone who took an intro psych.

Please report back with vid of student reaction? :D

Please please please please please please please

Kim's play date with friends!

Gif version... We need a gif version

Actually, it would be Mr. Kim

Karp Karp Karp.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un is always on the test.

Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un IS the test.

Miley would be proud.

Please let me know. :)

One of the best I've seen on this subreddit, great job!

Kim Jong Un...
Nice Legs ..... When will my reflection show, who I am inside?

Kim Jong Un... Nice Legs ..... When will my reflection show, who I am inside?

Actually, it's Glorious Leader Kim.

Ayyyyyyy malnutrition

Please take Notes on this recording of our new promotions policy.

Is that a North Korean missile? Because that's not a very effective means of suicide.

Physical size always reflects glory, uneducated westerner.

Haha, wow.

Glory to best korea

If my memory serves me correctly that is Robin Thicke not Timberlake.

Did you use the Rafiki model from Kingdom Hearts here?

You should add some reflection in the water for the monkey.

He intends to swim in it.

Kim Jong Un VS Kim Jong Un

Is... Is he... Is he wearing a woman's top?

Another thing about those guys in the back of these photos, they always have a pen and paper. I wonder what the hell that's all about?

Ha! Now that's what I came here to see

But not the British kittens.

Those North Koreans know what's up!

Wouldn't that just make us Americans the most glorious people of them all?

Should post this at /sub/illusionporn, they will love it

You can't take me in there! I refuse! People, don't click that link! Enjoy your life while you still have it!

Except for one guy... We need a volunteer to go down it. For science

Our you could post for all to see the glory of our leader...

The same question was asked by the BBC just the other day.

Funny you say that, this story is about his father Kim Jong Il:

So Kim gets in touch with 68-year-old Karl Szmolinsky of Berlin, the world's foremost breeder of giant rabbits, and says he wants Szmolinsky to come to Pyongyang and set up a farm to breed these rabbits. For Kim believes that the meat yielded by these rabbits will end his people's starvation. [...]

Undeterred, Kim pays for 12 rabbits, at a cost of about $115 each. He tells Szmolinsky that the rabbits will be kept at a petting zoo in Pyongyang and, in a few months, Szmolinsky will be flown in to help really set up a farm for breeding.

In February of 2007, about five or six months later, Szmolinsky gets a call from a North Korean official canceling that trip. Why? Because, Szmolinsky believes, Kim couldn't resist... and ate the giant rabbits to celebrate his birthday.

First time trying this :)

First time trying this :)

Segment three is in for it!

No, no, no!


Can I get a version of this with, like, fancy calligraphy with that quote? I'd love this as a background

Does that mean Mexico is quickly catching up to America in terms of glory?

Uuuuh Oooh

The two dudes in the back blink as well. I am enjoying this gif.

Yeah, by accident. Googled Rafiki and it fit perfectly. Love the series, though


Damnit I had to measure it

Upvotes! Upvotes for all y'all!

Hord on Kim! Itsa going to be a big one! I BEREEEEVE IN YOU!!!!

Enjoying a Kim flavoured ice cream.
The supreme leader enjoys his lucky charms
That image confirms what your tag says.

You have been banned from /sub/pyongyang