generally the people who go demanding respect usually don't behave the way that would warrant it.

I feel weird. I can't imagine Mac talking in such a manner...

“Younger generations have no concerns for anyone around them”

completely stops and fully blocks grocery store entrance/exit to shuffle through purse for keys and sunglasses while people que up on both sides of her

I work at a retirement home and the disrespect that comes from some of those people just because I'm in my 20s is unreal. I get treated like an idiot if I don't fulfill their lengthy and sometimes ridiculous requests perfectly.

Yep, respect is a privilege, not a right. You earn it, don’t expect it.

I worked in a nursing home and it was the same. Just because you're old doesn't mean you can be a jerk and expect others not to get offended.

No, you earn disrespect. Everyone deserves respect until they prove otherwise.

The fun part is when you know what they're doing, so you don't get angry, you just smile and tell them "no".

Works with children and people who are acting like children.

Maybe Blue, but not Mac.

Edit: I like Chocolate Milk.

I mean if you're demanting respect from everyone you're already being disrespectful.

I see you've met my uncle

I think theres a difference between manners and respect. Respect has to be earned, politeness is given since it reflects the giver not the reciever.

So if someone disrespects you, you respond with "Good sir, you are a cum guzzling cunt." Politely of course.

I think they absolutely expect you to get offended, and are pleased that you are

It's like older people complaining about people getting offended.

Who got offended and said hippies were awful and needed to be stopped?

Who was offended and said rock and roll was the devil?

Who got offended and said video games were too violent and scary?

Who got offended and said you can't make movies about religion?

This whole "offended by everything" shit started way back before "millennials!" showed up.

Yup. That's my dad right there.

The old people are in his way, sitting on a footpath. They're the dicks here

Apple don't fall far from the tree

The problem is the huge sense of entitlement. "I made this country what it is today." Well thanks for ruining it for the rest of us.

My grandfather is the old man in this comic. Lost his eye when he was young to a BB gun. Was overweight his whole life. His #1 word in his vocabulary is C*** sucker.

There's two kinds of respect. Treating someone like an authority and treating someone like a person. Usually when someone says "I won't respect you if you don't respect me" they really mean "if you don't treat me like an authority I won't treat you like a person".

About a year ago I was in the grocery store grabbing a couple of things. Old man and his wife are walking down the center of an aisle I need something from. I slip around them and the old man purposefully slams his shoulder into me so hard I got knocked into the shelves. They just kept walking and he was talking loudly about something to do with entitlement and young people. I should have cussed him out but I was just stunned and walked off.

Time + negativity = asshole People spend their whole life fascinated with negativity because it makes them angry, and they like being angry because it makes them feel righteous. But they don’t realize the impact it has on their personality, sooner than later they are past the point of no return and bring only pain to everyone around them.

And then he skateboards (or rides a bike, or whatever else) on the sidewalk and gets yelled at for endangering people who are walking.

Well I'm officially retarded...

He's talking about the Mac from "Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends"

Not the Mac from "It's Always Sunny"

Some people think that the world owes them more than they’ve gotten, and they are assholes for it. It’s not bound to any age group.

i've also met my grandma. she's the kind of person who spends 15 minutes talking shit to you and when you finally walk away, she takes the 'kids these days don't respect old people any more' route.

Responded to by an AARP member....

Not to mention he swears at the kid, and calls him a dumb little shithead

This comic is every news article about millennials, ever...

Boomer: “Buy these diamonds!”

Millennial: “Thanks but I was actually wondering if I could just get like a job and maybe some healthcare instead?”

Boomer: “You lazy good for nothing snowflake!”

You mean Bloo, surely

ugh this reminds me of the time my aunt threw a massive tantrum because I took serious offense at how she spoke about my then boyfriend (now husband). She ended up screaming at me that I am "the most disrespectful shit" because I was mouthing off to her after she was extremely rude to me. When I asked her on what basis she deserved my respect she told me it was because I was younger than her, so it didn't matter what she said to me, she was the elder so respect was mandatory. Uhhh nope, treat me like shit and you'll get treated the exact same way in return, age isn't a free pass to be a raging asshole.

Is that mac from fhfif?

"Millenials are ruining the diamond industry! Those bastards!"

We can't fucking afford diamonds cause the same old hags who run the industry keep our wages low.

Damn I'm upset that you didn't fight him. I think non confrontational attitudes are bad for society because nobody stands up to the d bags who like to push people around.

I give everyone like basic human respect. Then from there they can gain mad respect or I can despise them and treat them with zero respect, which is no disrespect. But disrespect is on the horizon if the keep acting like an ass.

It's a satchel

There are huge numbers of online communities based around maintaining anger. And the impact it's had on discussion is pretty clear.

You're supposed to ride bikes in the street. That's the law, and with good reason. I'm not actually sure about skateboards.

As has already been pointed out, however, the old guys are blocking the sidewalk.

My mom asked why I always have to "win" our arguments. I pointed out that she's interrogating me on why I make my decisions, and I have reasons, and that if I took issue with every little thing she did we'd probably have a rate closer to 50/50.

She really took that to heart. Honestly she wasn't on my case often and I was a pretty good kid, but she's had some people "need to win" in a more sinister way before. She didn't want me to go down that road, but I wasn't.


They just like to play at it now and say they're not "offended", even when they clearly are. They want to play word games. "I'm not offended, like you, I'm insert synonym here"

Man purse.

Your dad uses a purse? /s

Do you ever wonder why your grandmother didn't smother him with a pillow? It never ceases to amaze me, the things some women put up with.

Dealt with that in the nursing home I worked in. One man felt that if you didn't have a spouse, two kids, two cars, big house, and at least $25,000 saved you were a worthless waste of space. He couldn't make it one week even if he was 21 again.

21 y/o CNA here. Coworkers treat me like I'm a baby. My favorite is being able to do the physical lifting better than them.

I'm all for showing, or feigning, respect until given a reason not to. But being old is not a reason for respect. Like everyone else, if you are not respectful to me, I won't give you respect. Respect is a two way street and I'm not about to let some self-righteous, clammy, unwrapped mummy give me shit and tell me I have to respect them after.

The mother in law does this. "Don't do that, it's disrespectful." lmao respect is earned, not given. And just like anything else, it can be lost.

"no" is my safe-word

Indiana Jones wore one.

'Spect. 👊

At the same time if I did I'd look like the asshole trying to beat up or yell at an old man. There's really no winning in those situations.

Hey old man.. watch me deadlift this o2 cylinder.

As in the profitability? Or the quality of music?

If you mean the quality you're wrong because there's tons of amazing music being made all the time. If you means profitability then good, fuck the record company execs.

if i recall respect is earned not given, you don't automatically get it for being old

I'm an actual sadist but even I know that's crossing the line

That's the problem I see with a lot of older people in my work. They expect respects because they have experience and thus "authority" but still go around treating people like shit.

Mate, if you don't see me as a person, I'm never gonna see you as a leader

Hey, Old Man, do you even lift... yourself out of bed unassissted?

I think everyone deserves a certain baseline of respect, but anything above that is earned.

Does that mean that they don't have to respect younger people as well? They have experiences and are therefore exempt from common decency?

Every generation complains about the one before it and the one after it. You aren't special.

He wouldn't be there, he doesn't like the heat and clearly they're in topeeekaa.

Yeah, you know, you're actually right. I felt like there was enough room on the sidewalk that it didn't matter, but as I look again maybe it's just perspective.

As somebody who lives in a neighborhood where for whatever reason most pedestrians walk in the streets and ignore the perfectly good sidewalks, the kid is being a dick.

All I know is a bust this big needs ample support!

Funny you say that because they would argue on a daily basis over nothing. When my cousins and I would visit during the summer as young children. I can distinctly remember him saying "next time you kids come here you're gonna have a black grandma because this one isn't right" he was joking but he would say that often.

It was worth it to see my cousins and the food was always so good. You learn to ignore stupidity and racism fairly quick.

You dont get automatic respect just because you've managed not to die.

That’s why you got to keep a wide base, lower your level and push through the block. I’ve had people try to physically push me and get knocked over. I’m also a formor heavyweight wrestler and rugby prop so there’s that

This is my dad.

Eh, I mean, I had a heart to heart with the grumpy asshole of a grandfather, who was such a good guy before his elderly age, before he died.

He said he was a bit of an asshole because his body hurt, everything that was once youth was gone, he couldn't do anything he liked, all his friends were dying, his wife was dead, he was soon to be dead as well, and two of his three kids abandoned him and the only reason the other comes around is because of eventual inheritance. All of this while he felt like he should still be younger, that he still wanted to do so much and see so many things that were now a literally, in-your-face impossibility.

Not an excuse of course, but I gotta feel at least a bit of sympathy for him.

Get respect where respect is given

It gives them the opportunity to bitch about the fact that "Young people these days have no respect for their elders." Kinda a self fulfilling prophecy when you think about it.

Surely if someone is taking note of how many times they win an argument, they're the one that feels they need to win everytime.

You've had old people share their first love with you? Gross!

Also quality of music depends on taste and is an opinion because of that. If you don't like it, don't listen to it.

Why not treat them with respect first and then once you see how they react/respond to things then quickly give disrespect?

That's what I do whenever I meet someone new. If I ever get to the point where I disrespect someone then it means they were a shitty person to begin with.

Yeah I'm a woman and he was a big guy, solidly built. I know how to redirect someone's momentum but I don't have enough mass to block that, especially when I was probably already walking on the balls of my feet and turning slightly to avoid him.

This is my wife and my kids every day.

And I'm the bad guy for not taking her side. :-/

If today you will respect your elders your present and future generations will carry those values and will learn to respect you as well when you will grow old.

Elders have a lot to share with you- their life experiences (good and bad), their 1st job, their 1st love, their mistakes, their discoveries, their success and much more.