Kid was desperately trying and failing to do it himself. Fellow passenger asked if he needed help. San Francisco today.

Kid was desperately trying and failing to do it himself. Fellow passenger asked if he needed help. San Francisco today.

Those biceps tho

Where are all these people who can tie a tie facing someone. I always try to do it mirrored and fuck it up.


Where are all these people who can tie a tie facing someone. I always try to do it mirrored and fuck it up.

You know he had somewhere important to go if he thought he needed to wear a tie even though he couldn't tie it. Very nice gesture here.

Gotta hand it to people who learn and teach stuff like this that wouldn't necessarily benefit them directly. I grew up in a family of women so my sister had to show me how to shave and tie a tie, but she never wore one in her life. I asked her how she learned, to which she responded, "Had to learn for you."

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She ain't his father, but she is his daddy

You two should have a competition on who can do it better, but I'm sure it'll end up as a tie anyway.

I think some women learn to tie them only for the purpose of doing it for other people. My dad taught me (his daughter) when he was teaching my brothers; I honestly don't think I could tie one on myself if I tried. It's just one of those skills you pick up to help people when you can.

The biceps, the sunglasses, the card in the mouth... so suave

She taught him more than just tying ties that day.

He could be late for a very important date.

Do you think he's struggling to not look directly at daddy's cleavage?

Holy shit that's my old water polo coach!

Edit: So I asked her if it was her. "Either, I had a few adult bevies, or doppelgänger DO exist!"

So she wasn't in the city today, but I swear to you this chick is the spitting image of her.

She seems like a woman who could hold you at night when it's raining outside with those strong comforting arms.

They've only known each other for seconds and already decided to tie the knot.

that's knot funny.

I'm a woman who knows how to tie a tie. I went to a private school in the south and all high schoolers wore ties on chapel days. We got pretty good at it after four years, and I know how to tie a tie better than any of my post-college friends these days. After years of practice on myself, reversing the instructions isn't too difficult.

No time to say hello, goodbye!

That makes me wish I had a sister. Or a brother.

I know you're joking and it's not like manly or whatever, but my wife is strong as hell and when I've had a shitty day being the little spoon with those arms around me makes everything better. Also she sits on my back for about 5-10 minutes to calm me down when I'm really getting annoyed or angry with things.

My sister used to try and strangle me with my tie. It's swings and roundabouts.


I owned a thrift store within walking distance to the local court house/ dmv/ss/etc and tied many of ties every week for people who came in for a dress shirt or tie before court. Edit: so many sweet replies to my comment, I had no idea it would blow up like this! My little shop helped the community by tens of thousands. Unfortunately, on the 27th of July 2016 a man decided to catch my store on fire during the night. Everything was a total loss, including my shop cat. I'm glad no humans were hurt. I was stupid enough not to have shop insurance since I was a new business owner and the store was a non profit. We have video of the arsonist but no one can properly identify him. It's coming up to the one year anniversary of the loss and all these comments made me whispy. Thank you for the kind comments

I'd like to think this was the reason I learned, but really I was just going through an Avril Lavigne phase 😑

Whether you windsor you lose, you can still tie a pretty good one, I'll bet.

Explains the arms...

There's a Goodwill near my house and all the ties are already tied up just incase I imagine I think it's so sweet someone takes the time to give a s*** about people

She's a badass 😂


Tying a tie is one of those odd things.

Everyone struggles desperately with it the first few times but then after you figure it out you realize how ridiculously easy it is.

Something about looking at tying diagrams is confusing as fuck though.

He's late!

He's late!

He's late!

honestly i feel the kid's sexual frustration in that pic. Nothing sexier than a woman tying your tie or buttoning your shirt. and that woman is crazy hot with dem arms.

Most likely to a job interview, given his age and inexperience with a tie.

You really stuck your neck out for that one.

Chat disabled for 3 seconds.

If it's that big, I'm sure they can feel your gut when you are big spoon

She once hooked a toe in the side of my suit, flipped me around and half drown me then stole the ball and back handed it into the goal. She also did our dry training at CrossFit (yes save me the lecture, I know) and wiped the floor with us all in deadlifts.

Take a bow.

I saw someone tying a tie for someone like that. They asked "how do you do it in reverse so well? I can barely do it myself?"

"I'm an undertaker" he said...

I'd love to be the little spoon. But I'm too self conscious about the big spoon wrapping their arm around my beer gut.

Shredded mom to the rescue. Nice forearms, I bet she has wicked calves too.

That's helpful I guess

Definitely trying not to stare at her boobs

Too fit

She once hooked a toe in the side of my suit, flipped me around and half drown me then stole the ball and back handed it into the goal.

I'm frightened, yet also aroused...

to see if his boner is visable

I'd be impressed by a dude whose dick is so big that it needs its own immigration paperwork.

I like the nonchalant holding his blazer open.

You guys are so creepy lol


Make the short end the length you think it should be, then make it even shorter.

I grew up in a similar situation, and *my interest is piqued over the fact that what is pictured is exactly how I learned to tie a tie at first, except I'm super duper white and it was a middle-eastern woman in a headscarf who decided to help a random kid.

Also it was in a Wal-Mart McDonald's. Classy!

I learned a method to tie a tie on my hand from a Japanese Gameshow whose premise was "get ready for work in 5 minutes" This way, I can either put it around my own neck or give it to someone else.

Source: Go to 2:24

I dig it. She’s fit, but not too fit.

You're really drawing a line between the have and the half knots.

Almost murdered my older brother with an arrow

Edit: we lived in one of those split level houses back then. Shared a room on the upper floor. He hit me in the balls when I was like 10, I dropped like a brick. My eyes found the bow and arrow under my bed. Grabbed them both quicker than I could even realize what I was doing. He bolted down the stairs as I drew the bow back, and I let the arrow fly right at his head. He chose the basement floor so he snatched the door open quick enough (luckily enough) to put the door between his head and my arrow. The arrow stuck right in the door where his temple, perhaps his eye, would have been. We both stopped, the fight was over. We knew our dad was otw home and we were fucked bc there was a hole in the door. We filled it with solly putty and painted over it with whiteout. He didn't notice for a few days. Then he beat the fuck out of us. My brother and I don't talk anymore, since I was around 20. I'm 30 now.

Kinda off topic, but I was talking to a guy while waiting on my barber a few months ago. We were talking about ties, and I said how I really suck at tying them.

He said he taught all his kids to tie them, but they had to lay down on a table for him to teach them.

He's a mortician, and he only knew how to tie them on dead people, lol.

You know she said: "Get over here, what are you doing?"

His ascot handed to him.

I always assumed women learned how to do it because they don't want their man to look look like shit.

My thought exactly. He's thinking, "dont look at her boobs. Don't look at her boobs"

I have to tie them infrequently enough that I am permanently clumsy at it. Is there some secret to getting the length right?

The time has come the walrus said to talk of many things. Of shoes of ships of ceiling wax of cabbages and kings, and why the sea is boiling hot and whether pigs have wings.

More delts than biceps. But yeah. Dat definition.

Those biceps, back, and shoulders make me think that lady probably climbs.


I would be money he knows how to tie a tie. Silky smooth bastard.

Weren't we all..

You are good seed

As expensive as it is to live in the Bay Area, I hope it never stops being kind. Most people I’ve encountered are often willing to help each other here.

No... he's just turning away from the camera because you can't do anything these days without some fucker taking a photo of you!

I bring the long end down just under my testicles to start, works every time. Next time you have to tie one, you can borrow my testicles.

It's sealing wax, not ceiling wax.

But wait a bit, the oysters cried, before we have our chat for some of us are out of breath and all of us are fat!

I'll be your brother. My friends will hold you down and I'll fart on your head.

MILF is ripped

You're finally back from the store!?

Good kid.

I wanna be money too!

Ahh childhoods :)

I blew my brother up by recharging his potato cannon with acetylene and oxygen instead of butane. Poo actually came out of him.

Any cool stories? :)


Wtf is too fit. It's not good to be in really good shape?

Getting kinda hostile in here, good thing I always carry a gun and an extra clip-on me at all times.

Yea this happened with my dad and mom. My dad to this day can't tie a tie properly. He never taught me. But my mom didn't teach me either. I'll be 30 in a couple months and I still don't know how to do it. I wear a tie once every two or three years, so I just end up youtubing it. Every time I think to myself "Okay, this is the time I memorize it."

I just keep both my ties tied, and slip them on, on the rare occasion I need one.

They're not silk, they were like cheap off the rack 2/$10 I needed for an unexpected job interview in a more traditional job than I normally take. I got them 6 years ago, worn each of them once. If they're ruined then I'll just buy another 2/$10 set and call it a day.

If the occasion calls for a tie, chances are I'm not involved.

I learned how to do it. If I have to, I'll do it on my own.

Funny enough though, my wife learned to do it younger than I did, for a food service job. She's faster at it, and ties it neater. She does my tie up and I put her necklaces on if they have a clasp that is hard to fasten on her own. Teamwork!

Isn't he just looking at her boobs in the window reflection?

I love this, sure, but I can't help thinking: are we so distant from each other that a simple act like this is photographed as unusual and phenomenal?



I am extremely impressed by that man's ability to put on pants.

I think hes looking at his crotch in the window to see if his boner is visable

I'm in love. ❤️

Dooo it. It's 50/50 on who is the big spoon between my wife and I. After a particularly hard day at work negotiating with customers, competitors, and internally; somedays, I just want to be held tight and know she has my back, and my moobs.

This photo reminds me of one of the first times I rode the subway in NYC, it was early morning and the car was full of students heading to school. I overheard a young boy tell his older brother his finger was bleeding. Neither had anything to stop it, so the kid stood there sucking on the finger that was bleeding. I reached into my purse, pulled out a selection of bandaids and told the boy to pick the one he wanted. His brother helped him put it on while someone next to me tried to coach me on my faux pas of invading on the privacy of others on the train. "I'm a mom," I replied. "When moms see cut fingers, they hand out bandaids." As the boys got off at their stop, the younger one smiled at me and said, "Thanks, Mom." It was a nice way to get introduced to the subway culture in the city.

oh how excited I would be to have some rando post my photo to reddit.

My mom, my sister, and all my ex-gfs have only known how to tie a tie facing the person. They cannot tie it on themselves. My dad can only tie a tie while looking in a mirror. I learned to tie my tie in the car on the way to school and cannot do it while looking in a mirror.

Oh. My. God.

I wondered for years as a kid what ceiling wax was.

I have made many references to "cabbages and kings" over the years.

I... you just blew my mind.

She's Mary Poppins Y'all

He's trying so hard not to look.

m.A.A.d city

Yeah and her tits are kind of right in his face too lol

This needs to become a Norman Rockwell painting.

Kinda has a Julia Roberts vibe.

She's the strongest dad in the world.