Keeping with the r/Incels ban festivities, I give you this crazy wacko.

Keeping with the r/Incels ban festivities, I give you this crazy wacko.


I think there might be actual insight into the minds of abusers through shit like this. Educational campaigns can be put out en masse to teach these people how their internal sick rage manifests as their horrific viewpoints.

There's time. We can save the fucking world no joke.

Have two sisters. None of this is even close to a remote possibility of ever crossing your mind as a brother.

says the guy with two ugly sisters

That was rape-y as fuck. I need a shower now.

Grew up with a sister. We’re incredibly close. Never once felt like sleeping with her.

Her hot friends though...

Incels... more like incestcels.

My parents are gender flipped, in that my mom was a career minded executive who brought home the bacon while Dad was a stay at home trophy husband. I have spent my whole life past age 12 hearing my girl friends talk about how hot my dad is, and it has never not grossed me out. I can honestly say I have never once been tempted to have sex with my father <shudder>.

The most ive ever heard is someone having the actual fetish, but not with their actual family. Like the idea is hot until you put your siblings face in

Its weird but...i guess i get it

It’s okay, they won’t breed.

As if incels wasn't bad enough, they actively supported suicidal ideation of their members. The posts I'm referencing are gone since Incels was banned (edit: or maybe he deleted them?) but there was a dude who wanted to kill himself because he couldn't get laid. His post was upvoted in the positives (+40ish) and most of the comments were just spouting typical Incels bullshit. There were 2 users that condemned the actions of the sub but they were pretty much drowned out by the collective insanity. I checked the OP's post history and shortly after that post, he had posted in his city's sub asking if there was any way to access the roof of a very tall building.

His last post was yesterday so I guess he hasn't gone through with it but man, it was pretty jarring to look through all of that.

Oh fuck, I guess you have nowhere to go since Incels is gone. Sorry I pushed my anti-suicide agenda on you. In fact, remove the part of my post that you take issue with ("because he couldn't get laid") and my point still stands.

Ugh, I shouldn't have even replied.

OK, but i'm checking the adjoining rooms for secret fap coves first.

There was a teenage girl on reddit relationships months back whose brother had set up cameras to film her in the shower and in her room. Freakos everywhere!

Not with that attitude you haven’t.

A hot shower to get blood circulating, so your genitals don't turn gangrenous and fall off.


Also, how would he be able to ask "fathers" this question, anyway? Wouldn't being a biological father necessitate not being an incel?

Also, how would he be able to ask "fathers" this question, anyway? Wouldn't being a biological father necessitate not being an incel?


And they'll make sure you know it, because women, or something.

Don't give them ideas for a new sub...

Anyone else notice the increase in incest porn on pornhub recently??

Yep, check the "I'm Sorry - Sister - Voyeurism" section in between "I'm Sorry - Sister - Vacuum Accident" and "I'm Sorry - Sister - War Crimes"

Tape over any openings, make note of fap coves, use them yourself later.

Using /sub/incels in this sub is just cheating. I'm so glad they're gone, what a bunch of wackos.

My dad stayed home when I was in high school and he's got an English accent (and I lived in th US), it always grossed me out when my friends would say it was hot. So gross.

Lol, poor angry, little boy misses his crazy club

I think his parents may have thought the same way.

Okay but what if she's my stepsister

So is it actually dead? I’ve seen some mentions of this, but I guess I haven’t heard much since someone said it went private.

EDIT - nevermind, just saw an article about it. It’s about time.

Maybe because I've been on the subreddit to see what the big deal is only to find a cesspool of comments that consists of this type of garbage.

More than you, that's for sure.

I find that very believable which is why you are probably defending that place.

Probably game of thrones helped popularize it honestly

What does that matter? What the post is talking about is flat out disgusting and horribly inaccurate to most people who have sisters