Kaze outplays Kenny

Kaze outplays Kenny

Reminded me of this:

Dibrado by Ronaldinho

LPT: if kenny can’t see you, he can’t flick on you.

Hopefully the casters see this, but I'm fairly certain it's pronounced Kah (like car without the r) - Zeh (like zed without the d). Source: Some of my friends are irl friends with him

KaZe to FaZe!

because all the asians get stomped by tyloo, and then tyloo gets stomped by eu.

Im pretty sure its pronounced correctly by the casters. He was called Kah Zeh by Chinese fans because "Kaze" is a Chinese pinyin itself for 卡泽 (ka-ze). But I've heard on his own stream that he pronounces in the normal way

Play of the day.

Tier 0 butt-kicker

Just watched the entire film. Thanks for that.

He played pretty insane today. Would be cool to see a dignitas or something like that pick him up. It also makes me feel less bad about him dropping 40 frags against me in esea the other day.

Not to be too picky, but the end of kamikaze is actually supposed to be pronounced how they wrote it (kah-zeh).

Yep. That's how Chinese fans pronounce it so the caster is right. But also Kaze is Malaysian i believe so idk

Source: native Chinese speaker

It's the Malaysian flag.

flash is just playing avoid kennys

Or you know like KAZEkage

Asians are getting stronger


Prime markeloff outplaying baguettes

You can't dibrar the dibrador