Karrigan throwing

Karrigan throwing

Man Karrigan really wants Olof back


That was so bad Moses forgot how to cast hahaha


FNS mastermind, tagging down xizt so karrigan can give away his position, 7000 iq

I never understood this. How does saying "exiting B" make sense? He was going through banana towards B. How was he "exiting B"?

Expected from Karrigan "TwoFaced" Toledo

Top 10 Anime Betrayals

EDIT: monkaS Anders just said the same thing on stream

It's not like it's very original phrase nowadays


That's what happens when you're unoriginal

I think he panicked after going down to 12hp and wanted to go banana before someone kills him. He knew shahzam is still watching smoke so he wanted to call that he's exiting/retreating (to) B from mid so he wouldn't get shot the moment he goes out of smoke. By the way he said it shahzam probably thought there's 1 bottom banana and is calling out an opponent.


What a sick peek by Karrigan, amazing precision.

xizt: Maybe we shou...

Karrigan: I am IGL

"Exiting [towards] B" is the intention of the phrase.

Sounds dumb and there are a number of easier ways to convey this idea, but I still think in the context it makes sense. I'd say 60% of this is on Shah because a) he knew of the call to push up mid, and b) he can just look at his radar to see that C9 had top stairs control.

However, Semphis should have specified in the first place: "I'm exiting B, don't shoot."

By saying, "Exiting B, Exiting B," Shah could interpret that as, "A T is exiting towards B, heads up!" but the only way that's possible is if a T was hiding in the smoke somehow since C9, again, controlled top stairs.

He was holding E but accidentally had chat open.

In fairness,

It was a really good shot.

Poor Xizt

He's playing 4d chess and we're playing tic tac toe.

To be fair, the shot was great. So, that's a great TK.

umm that's why he said unoriginal

Someone tell Karrigan that Xizt is currently not playing for NIP but on his team.

Exiting (from where I am, towards) B.

It's probably and abbreviation they had as a call, to avoid using large sentences. Everyone does it every day in PUGs with more common calls, we just don't notice it 'cause we're used to it.

EXITING B EXITING B! Don't kill me.

they are open i'm just an idiot

And now he is gonna get benched and FNS will start his destruction over EU teams