Karma is a bitch

OP is talking about how it's a bitch being a Karma whore.

Karma..? They did it on purpose. It's a trickshot.

Not karma.... Intentional

Seriously. How the hell would this even be considered a karma-related situation.

OP, turn in your upvotes asap.

Gallowboob on south park? I be damn

Looks like FarCry but I can't remember ever seeing that weapon.

Far Cry 4?

huge mountains surrounded by temples.. yep thats far cry 4

It was one of the ones you had to unlock through some challenges I think

I'm not sure you understand what Karma is.

Even if they did it on accident, it is in no way karmic.

OP is a failure on this day.


I feel like I used that weapon not knowing it could do all this.

I be a dam

dam son

Flags of Nepal check

Originally it was in this album

Originally it was in

No man, one handed grenade launcher for life. That shit is op, and you can use it in vehicles.

Edit: I actually stopped using it after a little while because it was too strong. 20+ rounds with a big explosives bag (which brings us to the only drawback, it gets expensive to use a lot), ~1s reload, tons of damage. It made stuff too easy, and Drew me away from my preferred sneaky playstyle.

Yeah I didn't find a lot of practical use for it considering how late in the game I got it and how vunerable it leaves you when you're guiding it about

You keep using that word "karma"... I do not think you know what it means

And considering how much damage I could do with an explosive arrow, and how quickly they fired, I didn't really have a need for any other explosive weapons.

I'm not 100%, but I'm pretty sure it's from here

I'm not 100%, but I'm pretty sure it's

The whole second half of that game was gyrocopters and one handed grenade launcher.

Either that or OP knows exactly what karma is.

Back in my day Rocket Jumps were easier!

Where did you find this?

That's not how Karma works

That missile had had enough of OP's circling through the air bullshit.

Whats karma have to do with this?

True. If OP blew up a cow and it landed on him, killing him. That would be closer to karma being a bitch.

delet this nephew

Wow, where did you find that?

You are that cool

Please tell me that like me, you too hummed ride of the valkyries when raining death on the poor fuckers below you.

Hell, I could do that in a fraction of the time he used.

I think OP is just shit at titles, as are most people, and just used some common saying because that's easier than being original.

They could have bothered using one that makes sense, but.. c'est la vie.

Nepal, you say?

Instant karma is gonna get you

Back in my day, I'd select chewy in SWB2 and camp in the back of the wookie map (doing hero vs villian) by the ammo droid and just launch rockets all day.

It's Farcry 4, I could tell because of the objective markers. You get that launcher from the insane gun smuggler guy.

Missile, if it could talk, probably: "Just following instructions, sir!"









Yea I mean technically they are prayer flags found in the Himalayas that have spread, but they originated in Nepal specifically.

By now I feel like Ride of the Valkyries is a little trite when playing an American blowing up Asia in a helicopter. I think I was blasting The National or Lorde at some point.

I wish I was this cool.

When you try to let off an epic cumblast, but hit yourself in the face.

Not when the intention was for OP to be his own victim of shenanigans.

He does, it's what you get when you repost these videos that were on this sub a few months prior.

This is one of the classics, man. Right up there with Batman bar Suparman.

Not karma.... Intentional

You mean Kyrat.

Not enough redditors listen to trap to get it

Well that's nice, and you aren't even that compliments everyone user.

The fact he gets 30k of it


Pretty sure he was referencing this, not actually asking where it's from.

If you replaced the cow with a dog, it'd be even closer.

Love you too

Blowing up poor Asian farmers from helicopters is an American pastime gottdamn it and you'll RESPECT tradition!!1121!'n!!!

And Pepsinext. But he is a saint for posting that kind of content.

Don't forget the iBleedOrange and HopeSandoval guys, or however you spell their names

A truly terrible title. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.

You unlock it after finishing all the Longinus quests

It might be a also be a really meta-cynical statement with a double meaning. Title has its own independent meaning that is obvious but also, on a deeper level, it's a commentary about how he just has to trudge through and curate more misleading titles because he's addicted to karma

dammit uncle jeff, I told you not to talk to me on social medias.

I'll ruin your new shower curtains too, mark my words.

Karma is a bitch

"I swear to god I will pistol-whip the next guy who says 'shenanigans!'"

Karma, what goes around comes around. It's literally what he did with the rocket, made it go around in circles and come back around.

A female dog*

Are you sure you want to apply for that job?

I never saw it because I beat the game too quick. 10 minutes.. such a short game.

Holy crap the old comedy central logo

I don’t doubt you, just showing another video game with bases in Nepal


GuY ShOOTs rOcKET anD EXplOdeS OWn ReCTum

That shit was broken with the helicopter

If karma is a bitch then /u/Gallowboob is her pimp.

Ah, good old Sonic the Comic.

how was the crab rangoon

Come on, you have to wait at least 15 minutes to beat the game.


There are some insane guns in the game. Theres a Machine gun called the buzzsaw that basically is a fucking laser that cuts everything in half.

There's still something massively satisfying about the bow and arrow though. So silent, so murderous.

Do you people not think of the possibility of that random rocket falling into a village in the valley below?!! Karma indeed...

I haven't beat the game, but I've been using that as my sidearm the whole game so far. It's amazing in vehicles.

How the hell?