k-pop is trash

k-pop is trash

Oh no... Run! The normies are here!!!

No it's the Pepsi logo

Did pepsi make another video now?

Is that a confederate flag?

North Korean pop is better

Dear god the lil normie shits probably don’t even know what a wewe is

Korean music is great, it's just the obsessed fanboys and Fangirls that come with it are terrible.

Change my mind

k-pop trash, pop is trash, rap is trash, country is trash, russian anthem... that’s that good shit

Smh miss me with that k-pop shit everyone knows anime openings is where it's at 👌👌👌👌

How is this even a meme? This is as creative as writing "K-pop is bad" on a piece of paper.

The music is trash but the girls are hot as hell

Go on...

You probably never even got laid bro, back to /incels

Yea but its garbage can, not garbage can not

Skinny is much better than some "thicc" 300lbs whales or some kardashian looking ass whores with fake tits


The performers have practical slave contracts.

Hehe, yeah I guess you're right except

Most of these performers are children when they sign the agreement and perpetual systemic abuse and humiliation coupled with isolation from the outside world and the cutthroat nature of the industry their only skill is applicable for makes sure they are utterly dependant on the corporation they work for

Well if it’s North Korean it’s great


I don’t mind skinny, as long as it’s female and not a trap.

Jimin this, Jungkook that,

I could kill Koreaboos at the drop of a hat.

-Ancient Intelligent person Proverb

Change my mind


nigga tf, tibet-pop

kpop is cancer

Having the sex with the bees and eagles!

The cool thing is

You don't have to sign it.


Wii U *

*anime op and ending

2D only

They have been here for a while now

Wii Our*

I'll be honest, I listen to that shit. But I don't push that music onto others, especially not for parties. It's not party music.

Send him to the gulag

Capitalist spotted

As a Korean guy who hates KPop, thanks for this my dude. Koreans have a shitty history and our accelerated industrialism into the new era during the 80s hardly makes us privileged or ready for the modern hyper urbanization that is South Korea. Basically the exterior appearances look modern, even futuristic and innovative... but the practice and industry behind it is still nearly a century behind in terms of regulatory laws and protection for artists. They have so little power and some of them with real talent are so desperate for their opportunity, they'll say yes to horrible contracts. Even in the US they get abused and manipulated. Kesha is a good example.

No, this is Patrick!

No,it's Union