$20k Nikon chair to take photo with cellphone

$20k Nikon chair to take photo with cellphone

be realistic, he's not gonna sit on the cellphone

Anus before slip f/22

Anus after slip f/1.8

All we need now is to see him shielding his eyes while wearing a cap backwards and having his sunglasses in his pocket.

Speaking as a professional photographer, there is a strong likelihood that the lens could slide into his anus and cause some discomfort.


There's no way that's a real cam! Who would do that! There are products that are made to look like cameras but aren't - maybe this is a stool built like that?

I think that a picture like this was the photographer's goal though. No way he's putting real heavy weight on that huge ass lens.

Oh, ISO horny

Oh, oh, ISO horny

I have a hypothesis on this: the sun is starting to set making the sun shine directly at his face, not down on his head. Having the hat forward would require it to be pulled down too far, which is why the card shielding the sun is directly in front of him, not above his head like a hat bill would be.

Edit: Hypotheses =/= theories.

Oh yeah baby, spread that aperture for daddy.


This is it exactly, people just like to pick on other people. I play golf and I am constantly using my hands to shield the sun while wearing a hat because my hat would have to be pulled way down to low to be effective.

Yeah man, fuck 9gog

It's almost as if this photographer's goal was to make an interesting photograph...

people just like to pick on other people.

Reddit likes to pick on (seemingly) dumb people. Low hanging fruit, and gives them a sense of superiority.

I'm certain this is for a photo shoot. Look at the way the guy is "sitting" on it. Just try that on the edge of your bed or something. You can put nearly all of your weight on your foot and make it seem like you're sitting.

Edit: ITT - People who can't squat or counterbalance.

9gag? Really?

As a professional Nikon shooter, that is not $20k. Still, I wouldn't use it as a chair.

Edit: I can admit my mistakes and as such, I'll say that I was wrong on the lens model. It appears to be a newer 400mm, a lens that I had never seen before this photo (my 400 is older and looks much different). As such, depending on the body he has on it, it may very well be around $20k. Sorry for misleading all you fine folks. And thank you all for the compliments I've gotten on my photos from you all.

Can confirm. Am anus.

Here's the image without the 9gag watermark.

Here's the image .


He is straining his right leg. I'm thinking most of his weight is still on the leg. This was obviously posed for or there wouldn't be a third camera to take the picture with.

Oh yea? You want a long exposure?

It's a 400mm and the lens will be fine. the camera mount probably won't though.

He hasn't got a wide angle lens, so why not use his phone :)

funny, not wtf.

"Ass lens!"

It's quiet. Kinda like attending a third party candidate rally.

I don't know enough about photography to dispute this claim.

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Which, if you look at how much those leg muscles are flexing, is probably what he's doing.

All hail Prince Anus

Can't catch dem pokeymans on a camera dummy

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He hasn't got a wide angle lens, so why not use his phone :)

This is actually pretty reasonable when you think about it.

I am Ansel Adams. AMA.

Jesus Christ

Is the Texas A&M logo photoshopped in?

I wouldn't condone sitting on the camera but I routinely use my cell phone first when covering events because my alright cell phone photo uploaded to SM right away will get way more reach and publication than my real photos uploaded 6 hours from now.

Speed is the name of the current news age.

Trying to picture this, but I keep losing focus.

This conversation is making me shutter.

Good thing there were red circles or I wouldn't have been able to figure this out.

It's a Nikon 300mm f2.8 lens, which used goes for just under $3000. I can't tell what the body is, but let's assume it's a Nikon D500 (it's not a flag ship full frame such as a D5 or D4s, they have built in bottom grips, this does not) and that brand new is $2000. At most you're looking at about $5k-$6k there.

Edit: After a discussion with /u/moriya I've found out that I may very well be wrong on the lens model. As they point out, it seems it's a newer model of the 400mm lens (mine is the older model which looks very different) that I had never seen. So, accounting for that if the lens is brand new (just under $12k) we're looking at roughly $14k. So, much closer to the $20k than I originally priced it.

As a professional Canon shooter, that's not even worth $20 to me! I might use it as a chair, because it lacks dat EF compatability.

(I'm kidding, I get why people go Nikon. Seriously though, who the hell does this!?)

I can never escape from XKCD.

yes it is photoshopped i can tell cuz the pixils

No 9gag watermark 0/10 would not bait again.

Nonsense. You can be anything you want around here. You may very well be Ansel Adams for all we know.

Maybe he was trying to prevent sunburn on his neck. But probably just an idiot.

We really need to zoom in on the real issue here.

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This novelty account died for our sins.

Low light ability

it even has better quality

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Either that or people don't realize DSLRs don't have snapchat

I also wear my hat backwards to stop the sun from burning my neck.

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The hood itself would be fine actually. They're made of carbon fiber and are super-sturdy (they also cost a thousand bucks!) However the ring inside the hood that mounts to the front of the lens is only attached to the hood by 4 small screws and the thumb screw.

With so much weight pushing down I suspect the mounting ring would fail and the lens would rapidly pass through the hood on it's way to meet the ground. :(

Give me a lady with a slow shutter speed.

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I work daily with exotic gear and unless this is a very good shop, I would say that is almost definitely a real lens. It looks a bit short, but I'm guessing it's the 800mm F5.6 which is actually closer to 18k, but still a damn expensive lens. The thing is, it's most likely a rental, and he most likely has insurance, so it's very likely that he just doesn't give a shit about it. Plus, an 800mm is extremely difficult to shoot photos at your typical distances. This lens is designed for wild life, sports, etc etc.

He can fix it with all the meme dollars he is getting right now.

Picture wasn't 9gag OC, 99.99% sure

I wouldn't be surprised if this developed into something else entirely.

No matter how much he flexes them legs his center of mass is still on the lens.

Wow, still a chunk of change.

Also I must add, had a look at your photos, excellent stuff.

But look where his center of gravity is - its almost directly over the lens. You can flex your leg all you want, but because your foot isn't stuck to the ground, the weight is going to be put wherever the center of gravity is, which is the camera lens.

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9gag is an awful website run by awful people

Not that I'm defending 9gag, but Are you really defending reddit leadership, AND claiming reddit: the website where you take other peoples stuff and post it for karma, is 'above it' compared to 9gag?

They are the highest quality pixels.

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Rented equipment

That's because you have a developed sense of empathy.

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And a looooong jacket

What's your rough estimate on the price of it?

no, i could believe thats a stool built to look like a camera but you cant possibly sit in a position like that with your leg crossed so nonchalantly. try that. right now. squat on one leg with your other crossed and keep your entire upper body including head behind your one supporting shin. I'll suck on a dirty sock if you can prove it

I shoot news and features with a Canon 6d and I can upload immediately to my smartphone and then edit it in Lightroom Mobile. Boom. Photo ready and sent for publication in minutes. You're making it more difficult on yourself if you use a laptop.

Yeah, it's a Cubs hat, and the photo is from Wrigley.

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Did we just steal content from 9gag?

All hail Captain Anus.

It's like going to work every day, putting in your 8 hours for a meaningless job, and returning to your moderately sized home to unwind and prepare for the next day.

Can't you send a photo from camera to phone via WiFi and send it then? I can do it with not too expensive camera, so I guess it's a standard thing among professional bodies

Maybe I'm just weird but I don't think I could ever bring myself to be reckless with expensive stuff like that no matter how much is insured for.

It's possible that he's just using the best tool for the photo he wanted


It's right there, are you blind?

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Or he could like it

I think thats a fair point.... but why would you sit on it? thats what is WTF, and reasonably so!

Speaking as not a professional photographer it looks like there's a camera on the other end of that lens

Get the fuck out of here with your Harvard commas. None of us plebs can afford ivy league commas.

Nope, it's the 400mm f/2.8 - you can tell by the length of the last section of the barrell before the attached hood and way it has a lip. The 300 has a shorter end section and no lip (I used to own the 300 and I've rented the 400).

Best case scenario you're looking at $12-$14k for the 400, and (considering it's probably a rental), he's likely got a $6k-$8k body sitting on the end of it.

Nope, it's the 400mm f/2.8 - you can tell by . The 300 has a shorter end section and no lip (I used to own the 300 and I've rented the 400).

Best case scenario you're looking at $12-$14k for the 400, and (considering it's probably a rental), he's likely got a $6k-$8k body sitting on the end of it.

He's flexing his leg pretty hard I think he's just squatting

That shallow depth

Why do people go Nikon?

9gag actually automates/has dedicated staff that reposts from other sites

it's a joke in photojournalist circles. send them out with $50k in gear, but the paper wants it yesterday and the iphone is good enough.

Yeah we didn't think paper would explode either.

Yep, that lens hood would explode with a person's weight

We have the best pixels, don't we folks?