Justin Roiland rips a comic con host in the voices of Rick and Morty

Justin Roiland rips a comic con host in the voices of Rick and Morty

I think that moderator was Ryan Ridley who is a writer and also does voices on the show. So nice banter between friends

I'm sorry you never had any good memories with him...

You are correct.

Man, Ridley gets no credit, despite being basically the number three in the rick and Morty operation.

It sounds like he did a little mr. Poopy Butthole in the beginning.

I hate Mr.Poopy Butthole.

Welcome to the in between times when the episodes aren't on.


The Rick and Morty panel from the 2015 comic con is also really great. Couldn't stop laughing:

2015 was this year.. Fuck I'm young

That's because Mr.PB is like one shade away from his Morty.

He wrote the Unity episode. He gets my undying love for that.

There's a podcast out there with someone interviewing just him and Roiland and no Harmon and it's fucking amazing. Not that I feel like Dan Harmon impedes Roiland's "Roiland-ness" or anything, but he definitely has a different kind of rapport with Ridley.

And one shade away from Mr. Meseeks

Also Mr. Jellybean sounded a lot like Will Ferrell's Harry Cary impression

...so this year?

This video is over a year old, so more like... too early? i guess.

This was last year

Mr Jellybean was voiced by Tom Kenney of spongebob fame.