Just When The Doc Is Feeling It......

Just When The Doc Is Feeling It......
Just When The Doc Is Feeling It......

This should be the official trailer of the game.

His silence makes this clip

he has two reactions to these situations

upper lip twitch with silence or screaming and yelling at blueballs for their awful developed game

I love it

Especially since you'd expect him to go off


The doc was, for sure. The actual person behind the doc was probably holding back a laugh.

Hahaha, that upper lip snicker at the end. He was fuming inside, wasn’t he!?

Would definitely be more accurate and less misleading than their other trailers.



esports ready

Here's the full clip: https://twitter.com/CouRageJD/status/920335353319493637

The beginning makes it so much better


holding back a laugh

Feel compelled to post this after reading that, my all time favorite Doc moment.

This is true! But he's hovering like 3 feet over the ground and it says press f to release then all of a sudden you're dropping from 50 feet above hahah

LazerHawk - King of The Streets

Unlucky, but he did parachute right into a tree to be fair.

I think this is the best out of character moment, right at the beginning

Outsider here from /sub/all how does he play with sunglasses on all the time? I feel like this would hinder his performance. I've watched a few clips and he seems like a very good player.


Sometimes the 4K HD Google™ prototype technology in his glasses affects his gameplay but he knows how to improvise, adapt, overcome.

You mean you never heard of the two time?

I love the Doc's exaggerated head movements when he's confused. So funny.

Don't forget the Steroids

For the lazy.

Those IDIOTS over at blueballs cant even get the parachuting mechanics right.

1993, 1994

spaghetti code




They just need to make parachuting give 0 fall damage until the fix their system.

I mean, what's the point of falldamage at the start anyways? You cant cut your parachute early so theres no way of abusing it.

Give him a shot, Doc does a pretty great job and keeping things moving and not letting the stream get boring. He is perpetually in character and does a lot to switch the formula up. Sometimes he calls in Robodoc (a real time 3d rig of a robotic Dr Disrespect), he'll jump into either his Lambo or Docatti overlays, after big donations he'll often personally thank the donator by switching to a full body camera angle. Doc has a pretty legit stream setup and is on the high end of productions value for a one man show. I mean shit he played Battlegrounds while streaming from a laptop from a speedboat out in the ocean. Pretty insane.

Illegaly imported from Guarda la HaRRRRRA

I personally think this one is wholesome

We need a bot to say


Those are google prototype specs custom made to assist in achieving never before heard of levels of violence, speed,and momentum. GET A GRIP!

The mustache snarl at the end got me.

Yes and yes



The Docs wholesomeness knows no bounds.

Ask and you shall receive.


To punish you for parachuting into trees.

I think the point is the amount of ridiculous glitches

Ethiopian caterpillar

Idk who this dude is but I like him already

This makes it so much better

It's like he's trying to be entertaining.

That was fucking awesome, thanks for the clip. Hadn't seen that one before. Doc is the shit.


the fact that he went back up from 5 ft to 30 ft in the air before he fell.

Still lasted longer than 4 other dudes.

I saw this live, and boy let me tell ya! I was laughing so hard, also the bulid up was so good. Chat was going nuts with that song and the Doc was also feeling it, then this happens! GOLD! Best streamer ever.

Song is: Laserhawk - King of the streets

They're Google Prototype glasses specially made for the Doc, ya uncultured filthy swine.

Yeah his head movements as he moved his camera in confusion were hilarious

"Get 'em! It's your game! You're going to get the job done!"

That's what she said.

I dunno...this has happened to me - literally - once and I've played hundreds of games.

That immediate change in facial expression.

And we have all had this shit happen to us, too.

Oh lmfao, completely forgot MW Remastered was even a thing.. and then we had WW2 coming out already?

Some glasses are designed to help distinguish colors on computer monitors. I'm not sure if he is wearing those or just some sunglasses

Esportsready bot commenting in reply to this subs automod whenever he does the shitty "Your title might mean you're refering to a bug.." line, with a parody text version of it.

"Your title might mean you're refering to a perfectly working game, that is absolutely ready for a 350k esports tournament.."

And instead this is what happens.

Not really a big reason to punish people for this when it just causes tons of headache.

I've taken fall damage up to 1/4 health from falling and not even hitting anything, just straight landing on the ground. It's buggy, there isn't any reason to "punish" people for hitting things as you gain no advantage.

The way he gets defensive at the Tetris comment lol

Lazerhawk is too good. His new album is crazy.

Is this guy actually fun to watch? I don’t watch much on twitch unless I’m scouting a new game to buy. He always seems entertaining from his clips.

Hahaha I love this. That kid is gonna grow up thinking she's got two dads and one mum.

By a man named ¡RAAUUULLLLL!

Get a grip. That's a poisonous Ethiopian caterpillar

Sometimes I can't tell if he's a character or not and I love it.

<Movie Guy Voice> Blueballs Architectural Landscape Design Company Entertainment Incorporated presents... Tyler Perry's Boring-grounds

<cut to this>

I’ll admit, I didn’t care for him at first, but I’ve not only grown to respect that man, I love him with all of my heart.

That's like all he listens too.

No, that was someone using shadowplay to make that video. Clip within a clip.

Well he did parachute into a tree...

Is that doc showing... emotion?

None of your comment answered the original question. It feels like you read it and then just started typing to yourself or something.

They rarely show up all the time...

There was another good one where someone made a donation and said "I heard you are so handsome that when mosquitos suck your blood they make eye contact"

Damn I knew I mistook his 180inch projector Sony system for his glasses, thank you.

Is there a playlist of docs songs?

I started liking that kind of music but never listened to it before. Would love to see a playlist

Hilarious...gonna be that guy and say I think he did this intentionally as a joke. He clearly parachutes right into the tree on purpose. Considering he has a 1000 hours invested into this game there's no doubt he knew that would happen.

This insult to your eyeballs is 'Blueprint' unreal 4's 'visual scripting' language that "anyone" can use. You build game code by clicking and dragging logic blocks and connecting them together.

So you get things like that image where instead of breaking it down into digestible pieces people just keep adding blocks into a swirling spaghetti like mess.

Which, side note, is stored in a binary file which means you can't use any traditional source management tools on them. And instead only one person can edit them at a time and no merging.

Which then eventually something goes wonky and some poor unfortunate soul who didn't make the pasta like mess has to follow each strand of the spaghetti to find what in the hell is going on.

Source: Unfortunate soul who has to find out what the hell is going on in similar spaghetti shaped messes.

Nah he's like late 30s I think. Its a real mustache (now). It wasn't when he started.

He's also SUPER tall, like 6'7" or something.

He's a really cool guy, just his character is nuts and over the top. Think of him like a pro wrestler but for video games.

You my friend are on to something.


Go on YouTube and search "Outrun". Have fun.

Well, thanks to this thread I found the new soundtrack to my life. Thanks guys!

The two time has a lot of expressions.


esports 1.0 ready!

No, he just got G Fuel in his eyes again

If you like this style of music, Carpenter Brut is good as well.

That would literally be 2/3 of the posts on this sub lol

dEaR StRoNgbAd, hOw dO yoU TyPe wItH BoXiNg gLoVes oN?!

The best part is that when he looks to his left (actually his right since the image is flipped) it looks as though he’s looking at the image we’re looking at. His timing with this look is hilarious.

Game is definitely ready for release.