Just u wait....

Just u wait....

So thats why it only unlocks if your eyes are open 🤔

it won't even unlock unless your eyes are looking directly at the screen

Well you could unlock a sleeping persons phone with their finger print too with out them noticing, depends how deep of a sleeper they are though.

Apple thinks of everything

Jesus why do i follow this subreddit. Calls itself "Funny", posts Buzzfeed headline...

The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer’s table

It's not. It's a feature.

I know someone who did this. Her husband kept staying out late, coming home late. So one morning he came home drunk and passed out. She quietly put his finger on his phone and opened it. She found all the sexting and raunchy photos back and forth to his girlfriend. The girlfriend who worked with both the husband and wife (we all worked together in a hospital). The girlfriend knew they were married with two young sons

what if you 3D print a high quality model of your face?

Apple teamed up with expert Hollywood artists to create fake masks, and trained their facial recognition system to detect these types of faces, so that there would be an unlikely chance for someone to unlock your iPhone X with a model of your face.

what if you get very fat or lose a lot of weight in a very short period of time?

Face ID learns how you look over time, and adapts to your changes. If you set up face ID while fat, and keep using it as you lose weight, it could detect your now thin self, and vice versa.

what if you break your nose?

Dunno, this answer is reserved for an unlucky individual who got the iPhone and broke their nose.

what if you grow a mustache? what if you shave a mustache?

As stated above, face ID learns how you look over time. As for the mustache shaving part, no idea. But if you face IDd your face before having a mustache, grew one out, and shaved it, it might detect your face, but I don’t know.

What if you have a toothbrush mustache but were never elected chancellor of Germany?

Then you aren’t Hitler.

"Sirrri, text my hiccup ex I still love her"

¦ I'm sorry Dave, I can't do that right now.

Or even better,

¦ Sure buddy, I'll tell her.. Go to bed

Sorry Asians

And they aren't gonna use the back camera for this either.

what if you 3D print a high quality model of your face? what if you get very fat or lose a lot of weight in a very short period of time? what if you break your nose? what if you grow a mustache? what if you shave your mustache? What if you have a toothbrush mustache but were never elected chancellor of Germany?

Regurgitating exactly what they said in the press release.

I'm a long time iPhone user, and have seen the security holes that have cropped up in the devices, especially when new tech is introduced, and I'm skeptical about their security claims.

Yes. It's not a bug it's a feature

If it knows I am drunk and won’t unlock, then I am buying now.

What if you're an FBI undercover agent and, through a cutting edge medical transplant procedure you trade faces with John Travolta to infiltrate his terrorist cell?

The phone won’t unlock. It takes a 3D scan of your face, analyzes it with infrared, and unlocks if the face is a match.

Either you are conflating Nic Cage's role with John Travolta's role in Face/Off... or you are talking about Scientology.

Honestly can't tell.

She woke him and he half-drunk admitted to it. They fought and she left, taking the boys with her. That part was awesome. The next part-not so much. She then called the cops, stating he allegedly pulled a gun on her earlier and threatened her. Cops showed up, had him step outside and hand cuffed him on the lawn in his boxer shorts. He used his phone call to notify the boss that he wouldn't be coming into work that night! Never found out if it was true.

We were all really close at work. It was hard to not take sides. We had known them as a married couple for years. It was awkward. Wife would post on Facebook like pictures of the girlfriend at their big halloween house party with captions like " I should have known".

They divorced, sold their gorgeous house and wife and boys moved into a new apartment/new school district. The boys seem to be doing okay

salacious! what happened next?

From iPhones to slut shaming in under an hour, a new record!

You have different problems.

Wrong camera.

wouldn't work (tho it would on samsung's simple camera based system), theres an array of 3d sensors and ir emitters in the black bar at the top that detect the face in 3d, even in very low light (they use the 3d face to map the talking emojis on to)

What if you're Arya Stark?

Hopefully they would seek medical attention first.

It doesn't use a picture of your face, it creates a 3D model.

A Buzzfeed headline cannibalizing itself by using "AF" as part of a structured headline, no less.

You could use their finger to unlock it, but you wouldn't be able to do it with Face ID seeing as you need to actually be looking at your phone to unlock it. So Face ID is actually safer than a fingerprint scanner.

With a fingerprint scanner there's a chance of 1 in 50,000 of people being able to unlock your phone, with the face id scanner it's 1 in 1,000,000.

Quote with > instead of a pipe.

That's not how it works.

Seriously, WTF? I never look at my partners' phones. Hey ladies, try and start an actual relationship instead of giving it up whilst drunk.

Op seems guilty

That and cops can just use their mugshots...

...or because of over-jelous partners