Just trying to get answers.

Just trying to get answers.

Ugh this is about me, isn’t it?

That is really long name for a bowling team.

It's called fashion, get with the times.

A rainbow.

No mommy, I don't want to visit grandpa.

I’ll take Inbred Talk Radio Nomenclature for $700, Alex.

Holy.... what was on the front?

Well... Who is it?! I'm so intrigued now

I’m all about free speech, but for fucks sake there has to be a god damn line.

Free speech protects you from the persecution of the federal government NOT an ass kicking from your fellow citizens.

Looks like he may be at a pharmacy counter, so hopefully he’ll be back on his meds, soon.

I hope he never made it across the parking lot.

Yes, I think it is.


I mean, if someone beats your ass for wearing that shirt they are probably going to get fucked pretty hard by the courts.

If you see him from a distance it looks like he's wearing a top that just says "QUEER".

It should be legal to off this guy in public.