JUST TO MAKE CLEAR: Megyn Kelly expected Trump to lose soundly and be a national embarrassment. She wanted to take advantage of that, and timed her anti-Trump book release immediately after the election. THE GOAL, Was to advance her career at Trumps expense. DO NOT BUY HER BOOK. F-OFF MEGYN

JUST TO MAKE CLEAR: Megyn Kelly expected Trump to lose soundly and be a national embarrassment. She wanted to take advantage of that, and timed her anti-Trump book release immediately after the election. THE GOAL, Was to advance her career at Trumps expense. DO NOT BUY HER BOOK. F-OFF MEGYN
O'reilly took a shot at her last week.


O'reilly took a shot at her last week.

Shes over rated. She isnt even that hot. Fox has better looking "talent". And its not like megyn provides insight like former military or govt officials.

I am so happy the centipedes here at the_Donald immediately spot, digest, and accurately report on peoples bullshit. It's refreshing, like a Summer breeze.

Fox should fire Megyn Kelly and replace her with Kayleigh McEnany.

On Friday's radio show, Hannipede wanted to kick back after a long week. As he was going to break he told his producer he wanted to just play some "Florida-Georgia Line" and take some phone calls. He was in a kind of DGAF mood. He starts talking about selling stuff on his website (doesn't anymore) and people who write books (he's done three and no more).

He gets real intense for a brief period (20 seconds) and exasperates that he's sick of people coming on his show just to sell books. He'd let them on if they wanted to do an interview, but no more and he didn't care who it pisses off.

She was good looking with the long hair, but then she blew it with the classic 'I want to speak with the manager' cut.

She is/was a Hillary shill. She sucked Trump's balls when it was advantageous to her shitty fox show then she turned.

Looks fade, nastiness does not

"Summer breeze Makes me feel fine Blowing through the jasmine in my mind"

I'm actually totally fine with Ann Coulter doing this. Hannipede can't even get a word in edge wise because she is just so focused laying truth bombs everywhere. I really like when she is on and if she wants to mention her book I'm cool with it.

Given enough time, she will look like that madcow dude on MSNBC .


Yes, I am a fan of Kat Timpf ..... she is SO SPICEY!

I've been saying this for months. Great call. CNN and Fox should make the trade.

She was already backpedaling on Twitter this weekend. Trying to save face with the future president. I guess it was too late to pull the book.

CNN has already stated they don't want Megyn Kelly, back when she was negotiating with fox holding out for like 20 million a year or something absolutely shit eating ridiculous like that.

I think she thought all that controversy and she could shop around like a pro quarterback or something.

Turns out she's just a failed conservative media pundit that is nothing more than a never trumper to CNN's ilk.

Dragyn Kelly and her 1000 cock stare need to fuck off to CNN.

The story of Megyn Kelly-

Attains high enough status at Fox News that:

She is elevated above Bill O'Reilly. The king of the network.

Her condemnation of Roger Ailes is key factor in him being ousted for sexual harassment. Unthinkable but now a reality.

Decides to take on the ultimate challenge; Donald Trump. If she can defeat him she can defeat anybody. She's on a roll, why not?

Trump gets elected. She releases book anyway.

The end.

So basically she shorted Trump and lost?

Ann is based. She's said some absurd shit, but when she's on serious mode, it's over

Andrea Tantaros is way finer and smarter than this Megyn media whore!

I'd take Judge Jeanine over Megyn, and I guarantee she's better in bed

yep totally love and support whatever coulter does, she can be savage, she is one of the few conservatives (man or woman) who has the intelligence and wit to go deep into goblin territory.

Wasn't she nevertrump though?

Well, she thought the combination of Trumps loss combined with her book would make her a legitimate journalist. In all actuality .... she loses all credibility. She tried to manipulate this from the start, with the first debate. SHE BELONGS WITH THE SHILLS AT CNN .... OUT OUT OUT!

Sadly she was shitcanned from Fox for supporting Trump and calling out Meghan McCain and Roger Ailes. RIP hot Greek centipede :(

She NEVER expected Trump to get elected. Her book tries to make this election ABOUT HER. Who the fuck does she think she is??? So glad this has fucking backfired on her ass. She banked her whole career on this. Lesson learned: **DON'T EVER BET AGAINST TRUMPSTER!

I fucking love this because Orielly seriously does not have to give a single fuck. He has Fox News by the balls and Fox News knows it. 15 million a year salary. If he wants to tell Megan Kelly to fuck off on her own network, he could even afford to be more overt while doing it!

I really hope he doesn't retire :(

That thing has serious issues, the other day a guy on here revealed that it was disappointed it's adopted child isn't showing signs of being gay. The child is about 7 or so.

I have NO idea how she kept her cool and maintained a smile during that roast on Comedy Central. Don't even remember who was being roasted because it felt like Ann was the real target.

Couldn't care less about her looks. She did however make a play and it backfired. She's toast. Coulda had it all but let her ego get in the way.

Her face on Bill Maher...it's so great. You can literally see her think...man this country is so lost, I can't wait until I'm proven right.

Yep, she shit the bed and now she will have to lay in it. I wonder how strong her contract is with FOX. If she doesn't have them by the balls her time at FOX, at least in her current time slot must be limited.

Fox needs to poach Kayleigh McEnany from CNN. Then they can shitcan Megyn and replace her with a blonde cutie who's actually based and intelligent.

I think what pissed me off the most about Kelly was on election night when all of Fox's talking heads were up covering the results. Every few minutes she would start bringing up her confrontation with Trump. And it always went the same way: "Well, gee guys, I don't know if you know this but Trump & I had a bit of a tiff and while it is completely open to interpretation, I was the victim of blatant sexism..."

The other anchors were speechless every single time, didn't know how to respond. Kelly literally made live election coverage about her at least a dozen times to an audience of tens of millions. What a fucking selfish agenda driven bitch!

Yeah if she'd lose the concern glasses. They aren't even real; just props.

She's AWFUL , a never Trump neocon who worked for Bush.

So Megyn Kelly wanted Trump to lose so bad, she basically fantasized about her speaking live about how the people dislike him.

She knew time would prove who was on the right side.

Based Ann Coulter

Megyn is ideologically better suited to MSNBC, not CNN. She would be right at home co-hosting with Rachel Madow

CNN already said they don't want her.

She was hoping a bidding war would start for her, but no one other than Fox made an offer

This is my "Summer Breeze"

I'm from the 70's ....

You say that as if Judge Jeanine isn't smoking hot (she is).

I don't like any of Gutfeld's goons. They are all neocon propagandists attempting to corner the millennial market. Fuck those failed comedians.

And Kimberly Guifoyle, soooo spicy

Freedom Rock?

"HEY MAN! Is that "

Dana Perino is the embodiment of know-nothing political hacks who achieved something a number of years ago and still has a journalism job even though they have become completely irrelevant. Anytime she comments on something on the five, its normally anti-trump, or just wrong. Its like she doesn't even research a topic before giving her opinion, like someone's friend told her the story, and they were reciting what another friend said to them. One good thing, though, is she normally starts every opinion with "I dont know anything, ive been wrong this whole election", but shes worthless.

She also acts like someone who finds sex painful or gross. Pass

Adding to the list.



I like Dana Perrino. Looks and brains.

For a 65 year old! She's a long time friend of the Trump family too

That's what she gets for trying to rise in professional stature by looking to destroy another person.

Greg Gutfieldi s the reason why I don't regularly watch Greg Gutfield.

That's... incredibly homophobic.

NOT on the INSIDE!

If you're looking for eye candy replacement for Megyn my vote would be for Lisa Boothe! Not only a babe but pretty strong Trump supporter.

Yah, thought we were done after the election but looks like this war will take longer. We're not going to be home by christmas.

I want to speak with the manager." TOP KEK.

Two Words for your Lou Dobbs! Simple as that!

Trump should do interviews with every based anchor at Fox and never give one to Megyn.

Oh yeah....I miss her. She was all kinds of sexy. I'd let her take my souvlaki any time.

I used to like her but now can't stand her when I found out she hated Trump. She wanted Aleppo man and is afraid Trump will expanded libel laws. That's too fucking bad for her.

They also hate themselves so atleast they got that in common.

She's staking her career on being some kind of third wave feminist. well, I was in the first 2 waves, and I think she's nothing but a whiny bimbo.

Megyn Kelly can piss off. When will Fox News get rid of her? Does anybody actually watch The Kelly File?

I think Megyn should go be a radio talk show host. Makeup not required.

This is why we have to continue to be honest. It's easy to believe ones own bullshit, as the media would learn if it werent so trapped by its own web of lies.

We have the best honesty, don't we folks?

Give me a break she is the smaller version of Megyn Kelly another SJW extraordinaire!

This explains her dissatisfied expression when Florida and Wisconsin was called for the God Emperor. I refuse to watch this attention whore.

Yeah, I remember her being a big time apologist for MSM during the election.

Go to CNN you cuck

I was actually planning to buy her book before I read the part where you told me not to buy it. :D

I'm sorry and I hope you'll take this in the spirit of our sub -- one Centipede helping another.

Your point is perfect but undermined by the word "obtuse." An obtuse angle is blunt and Bill was speaking bluntly, but an obtuse statement is one that is hard to understand. You'd be better served by describing his speech as direct or blunt.

Anyone notice last night at the very end of her show she tried to give a plug on her book tour and they cut her off, then BOOM, Sean Hannity's logo! LMFAOOOOOOO

That's the theme song for the douche product summer breeze right? In my head a Marine would only sing the real song ironically, alluding to pussy cleaning products especially when said Marine makes a post about a shitty journalist.

he was singing along to FGL too he was SO happy

Something tells me The Judge is a filthy talker

Fox cut her off last night mid-sentence as she was trying to plug her tour or something. Maybe somebody has a video (happened just before Sean Hannity show). Good move.

She was based as could be, and got screwed from the five for daring to say positive things about Trump. I wish Andrea the best. Buy her book if u can

That's what I've heard them called anyway.

Thanks for the correction!

The word I was actually looking for was overt. I have absolutely no idea why I said obtuse.

That's what happens when you don't proofread, I suppose.

Fox loves Trump ? Did u watch their primary coverage . It was anti Trump all day nearly . Megyn Smelly was ordered by Murdoch to take out Trump in the 1st debate . Fox is no friend of Trumps, except for a few voices now

Yeah, and she forgot to place a stoploss order.


there is a video of the moment, after Wisconsin turned red and right before Pennsylvania turned red, that she realizes that Trump will win the election, and the look of shock and horror on her face is absolutely priceless!

"I'm Judge Jeanine and this is my opening"..

"Oh yeah give me your deposition, put that object-ion in there."

She's so fucking tsundere it's unbelievable

i-i-it's not like I wanted you to make America great again or anything, baka!

I started to watch a lot more FBN during the election. Lou Dobbs, Stu Varney, and Charles Payne are great.


Yes, studios (like Bill Maher's) have "Applause" signs that flash red to cue the audience. But TV is manipulative in another way: In post-production, they add more uproarious laughter synthetically by using laugh tracks.

The media got caught using this technique to help boost the impression that Hillary Clinton was wildly funny and popular--and connecting with audiences. (When in reality, it was a hamfisted laugh track.) See here:

Knowing how manipulative and dishonest liberals are, I'd guarantee that Bill Maher's producers boosted the level of derision synthetically when Ann Coulter mentioned Donald Trump [and they wanted to cue the audience at home to jeer him].

I'm thinking silent film would be a better bet.

She is super hot.... people may be hotter than her, but she is not ugly by any stretch of my imagination. Physically anyways..... as a person, I find her gross though. But I'd still boink her brains out.

When you're good looking, you're less likely to blame other people for your problems and more likely to be self reliant.

Correct, sir. Nor can i stomach greg himself anymore. That kat chick is a whole new level of annoying.


Fuck Meghan McCain. She rode the #NeverTrump bandwagon the entire election cycle, but her commentary and insight is just shit. I can at least cut Benji a little bit of slack for providing actual substance and thought-provoking statements in his work, but McCain's only claim to fame is being a US senator's daughter. I could get better political analysis from a box of Cracker Jacks than from her.


Ah, come on everyone. If she was Pro Trump we'd tout her as one of the hottest. I think we're allowed to find people attractive but also hate every single cell in their entire body for shilling to all the cucks of the world. You're hot, but I still hate you Megyn Cuckly

Fair enough. I'm from the 80's therefor know the song also. In fact the chorus is now stuck in my head.

Does he have an audience que as to when to laugh? That reaction is so over the top

Kat Timpf

Can't stand her myself. She doesn't come off as genuine. The only reason I don't regularly watch Greg Gutfield.

But she is attractive.

Is that what those are called?

Her ratings have been plummeting. She used to be #1, but now Hannity and Orielly have overtaken her. She's desperate at this point.

Just put the finishing touches on a 1 star review for her book on Amazon. Out of 100 reviews, she's averaging 1.5 stars haha

Did anyone else see last night that she was cut off at the end during her book promo and it cut to Hannity? Made me laugh. Fox thought she was a goldmine but she's really just a pit.

Breh, she is so hot. Not sure about the dyke cut tho

Anchor of the number one news show on cable, The Kelly File, Fox News Channel's Megyn Kelly writes her much anticipated book, a revealing and surprising memoir detailing her rise as one of the most respected journalists working today.

Heh. Sure.