Just tacos

Just tacos

Specially because the hard shell is 100% Mexican as well and we eat it all the time, called a tostada. Only difference is tacos aren't made with them, if it's hard shelled it's called a tostada. So it's really just nomenclature, I wonder if thats what the OP was referring to.

Filling looks good, but the hard shell hurts my soul.

get those white mom tacos outta my FAACE that's probably kale chopped up in there

They look soo good! What do they have? My guess is, fresco cheese, beans, avocado, some kind of salsa, cilantro, tomatoes.. that's all I can get from it

It blows my mind that people are insulted when things aren't authentic. Did you know that people might enjoy eating both soft and hard shelled tacos? It's crazy right? I prefer soft shell, but every time someone posts a hard shell taco here, everyone loses their collective shit.

It's a fucking crunchy corn tortilla. That's it. In no way is it an insult to a culture or cuisine

Protip : you're supposed to bake them until crispy. Says so on the box. I too hated them until I followed directions. I still prefer soft tortillas heated on the skillet :P

I personally don't like the hard shells because they're always stale when I get them. I don't really care what anyone else does, though.

Not at all, it's very mild and doesn't melt very well. It's super easy to make at home and is very delicious.

I get both hard and soft shells when I make tacos.