Just ordered my new license plates

Just ordered my new license plates

“We Elect CHRISTIAN Pedos”

They aren’t heathens down there in the Deep South they are down to earth southern Christians, no other pedos will do.

Alabama's current state motto is "Audemus jura nostra defendere," or "We dare defend our rights."

If there's ever a motto that needs an asterisk for further explanation, it's this one.

Wait...are you talking about PizzaGate? In the non-existant basement of the pizza place?

Get your genuine Christian pedos here in Alabam. No cheap offshore substitutes will do.

What democratic candidates were accused by 10 women, including some minors of sexual assault, that were ignored by democrats?

I think this is fantastic! All the pedophiles from my state are going to go to Alabama where they'll be accepted. Thanks, Alabama!

All the pedophiles from my state are going to go to Alabama where they'll be accepted.

Only if they're white & christian.

Please tell me you are joking. The only thing real about the whole pizzagate affair was the gunman who had been convinced by the stupid story and shot the place up. It isn't a case of the news just saying that, the claims have all been thoroughly investigated and debunked as being totally baseless including by the DC police.


Maybe the "s" is a typo?

Practice fingering A minor ..

Practice fingering A minor ..

Roy's life motto...WTGWJF...

which teenage girl would Jesus...

That's why they unified and called for Anthony Weiner's removal from office, and indictment. You partisan fuck wits are disgusting. For fucks sake, how depraved are you to justify child porn with politics? You people are disgusting, and disturbed to the core with hate. So much that you justify attacks on children, get some fucking help.

Dude, I got no idea what the hell you’re talking about.

Sexual scandals can and do happen to all parties, probably with equal regularity, however what is key is what happens when they occur. The real debate here isn't that a politician has a sex scandal, but instead how it has been handled or in the case of Moore mishandled and that mishandling is showing the Republican party in a very bad light.

Then what actually is pizzagate?

Drop the "We" and make it a call to action.