Just one last final fuck you before deranking into oblivion

Sometimes in life, Jeff will challenge you. This is all part of his greater plan and you must NEVER give up. Unless you're the guy that keeps playing torb on attack in my plat games, you can give up.

You will always remember this,as the day you almost caught a Plat Icon

Every Gold and Plat player knows an offensive Torb is the best Torb...

It is sad because the next game will have a instalock handsoap, and genji

One saying I rather enjoyed was "Masters / GM aren't better players, they still do the same stupid shit from gold/plat, only more refined"

Blizzard: You are without doubt the worst Plat player I've ever heard of


And with higher shot accuracy

I don't know if that is sarcasm or not, but I got a plat player twice in my games (med/high silver) who played only torb. A 1300 drop is rather harsh.

I have a buddy who was 1 game from diamond three separate times. He's currently 2300. Poor sap.

So they are better players pretty much.

I'd rather take an offense torb over one of the "pro" widowmakers who refuse to swap.

Are we really going with handsoap instead of handjob?

Didn't expect an /sub/nba classic in /sub/overwatch

Hell in the game I reached Masters in one of my guys played Torb on Nepal. This was before the buff by the way. Even in masters, everyone in this game sucks, lol.

I dunno man, you really think the team is going to succeed without the 3 kills that Widow is going to get?

I know the feeling. Last season I reached 2494 and from that I went to 1900. When it was 2 days from the end of the season I managed to go to 2481. I shit you not, I won the next game, got PotM, did an amazing job and Blizzard awarded me 8 freaking SR points. I was so relieved I won the last one and when I saw that shit I was furious. But I won the next, so it's ok. In this season I got in the 2490 range 7 times in the first few days, never going past 2498, but eventually got the promotion.

My friends and I go with ganjo and ganji.

Well, I mean the turret at least you know will hit something over the course of a round...

The 3 tank meta doesn't exist at gold. No one knows how to play it and even then these are not organised teams you are fighting against.

Low SR games every hero is viable if you are good at them. Someone playing hanzo very well is much better than a dva or roadhog doing mad flanks and feeding the other teams ults.

If you're not aiming to climb the ladder, then sure they're allowed. I really like Genji and have the most hours on him, but he just doesn't fit in a 3 tank meta. Once I realized that, then the climb started easily.

EDIT: I should've mentioned I'm mostly talking about my experience from climbing from Plat to Master (a couple of games away from Grandmaster). I haven't been sub-plat all season so can't speak for the clusterfuck below that.

And communication, and better ideas what heroes they are best with and have teams.

Today I got a Widow on defense who then played Torb on attack. I guess I got the worst of both worlds

They are better at doing retarded shit

Just like your upvotes


The hilarious thing my time in silver has taught me (climbing very slowly, in large part because I'm not playing often) is that 'the meta' really exists hardcore at silver. Almost every team I'm on insists on triple tank or 2/2/2. However, that doesn't mean people know how to play those setups properly or stick together.

It's just that the second someone locks that 3rd dps, or a non-meta pick like trash mouse or handsoap, they get asked to switch to fill. Then, they don't switch, and they start getting flamed. Then they leave voice chat and squelch chat of the flamer and proceed to do whatever they want while the flamer tilts into oblivion and the game ends a loss. Flamer blames handsoap, but it's 90% likely his fault for tilting and freaking out.

I lol'd so hard at this. For real shit just happened to me yesterday. I proceed to lose the next 6 matched and cry.

I usually need a drink after playing comp so maybe I should follow your lead and start before playing.

I would rage quit for a month or two.

Right but just because one guy is really good at torb doesn't mean that torb isn't the worst possible pick on offense. The fact there is ONLY one GM torb is the highlight.

You do know there is a GM ranked torb player, it's all he plays and he's quite good at it. Picking torb does not make you suck. It's sucking that makes you suck.

Not if I'm playing as her!

Continuing to play tilted will do that. It doesn't help that the larger the losing streak the more SR you lose per a game. It just tilts people even more.

I stop playing comp for the day if I lose 3 in a row.

We all call him Gengalu.

I play this game while exclusively drinking and have managed to get to 2450 in like 2 days. Expecting my strat to fail at any moment and to come crashing back to earth

Medals mean nothing.

Hey, same here

Same thing happened to me! I feel like blizzard is trying to keep me from ranking up.;(

I squeezed into diamond by 1 point. you'll get there.

Zarya is extremely OP in that SR range. Nobody knows how to kill her and she NEVER dies.

Same, hit 2999, dropped to 2750 the next day

Everyone likes to circlejerk about shit hanzo and genji instalocks, but everyone seems to ignore the true useless hero of low elo: Junkrat. In my only 60 something games from high bronze to low silver, shit hanzos or genjis were VERY rare, and i can only recall one game that had a troll. Every now and then you get attack torb and symmetra, a shit widowmaker, ana's with 20 percent accuracy and mercy's who can only heal one person, but they was almost always one constant in all of my games: junkrat. Sure he always has gold damage and sometimes has gold elims, but in the end gold medals dont mean shit. He gets gold damage from just spamming grenades into reinhardt shield or getting lucky hits on someone, who promptly gets healed back up by their supports. Ultimately, he just feeds support ults and gets a lucky final blow every now and then. He also charges up zaryas shield ez pz and gets BTFO by pharah, both really popular heroes. This isnt to say junkrat is always this bad; sometimes in certain situations he can be really good, but those situations are few and far between. Winning was much easier when the enemy had a junkrat and we did not. Honestly you shouldn't even be worrying that much about what your teammates are playing, mentality (and DVa lol) makes it easier to climb. But if you had to be worried about one thing, it would be people who become toxic because of ur hero picks or because the game isnt going so well, not even junkrat. I lost so many winnable games just because people started flaming each other on vc and blaming the hitscan for not killing the pharah (when in reality you should be helping ur hitscan and making space for him; its rarely only about aim). So yeah, if ur going to circlejerk about one hero it should be junkrat mains, not hanzo or genji.

I had an attack Torb on my team on dorado a while back and I audibly sighed "oh great, an attack torb".

Then he got 70 eliminations and carried us, hard. I've never apologized and backpedaled so hard in my life. Now we're mates.

Consider it his way of saying "I have faith in you guys to carry 5.5 v 6"!

I started this season at 1980, right now I'm teetering just above 1500.

I can't remember the last time I won

They are better at doing retarded shit WELL


Relevant flair

Genji, because he's Hanzo's younger brother and therefore came second in all things including life.

It is like, unless I am pro-level Widow, I should never play her in comp

That's because unless you're a pro-level widow you SHOULDN'T play her in comp. She's a high risk pick that screws the team over if she doesn't completely clean house. If you want to play characters for fun go to quick play, but in comp you need to think of the best of the team, not your individual enjoyment.

but you have heard of me!

I know that feeling and it sucks. A good support can make a good team better, but can't make a bad team good.

We say Gongo and Hanjo

Yes because according to Jeff heading back to 1900 is where you actually belong.


It's well established that going on tilt is never a good thing and it's incredibly difficult to pull out right away.

What's up with that? It feels like matchmaking is having a giggle with me sometimes, how focused and pro the other team is, and what a bunch of clueless kittens my team is? It's not like my play is that much different, nor that I play differently with my core three characters (dva, zen, and lucio as the team's picks and gameplay situation dictate)...I'll sometimes switch to 76 or some other counter if we're just getting slaughtered by something the rest of the team consistently ignores / does not adjust for, but by that point I've already notified the team there is an unaddressed issue, mentioned that I am going to try to fill it myself at the expense of my current character, and that I'd recommend someone else step up first (over a period of time). Usually this is when I've played zen or lucio, and the other team's pharoa has identified me as the primary target :/ Occasionally I'll get lucky with a shot while they're discorded, but usually it's a halfway decent player that doesn't get too close, doesn't sit motionless in the sky, doesn't attract anyone else's attention, and then bends me over to have their way with me...that or hide inside a building being marginally effective but not-constantly-dying... :(

I have always chalked it up to matchmaking trying to 'test' me, the other team, or my team somehow, like it's trying to use me to determine whether the other team really deserves where they are in their SR, or if my team is borderline and might be able to pull it out if only they had someone steady and reliable, or if I should be at the SR I am (~2100 atm I think)...I just don't fucking get it, but it's really cauterized my hope of ever hoping to go anywhere with regards to SR. If it doesn't matter how I play, why should I care about SR or any given ranked game outcome?

I placed low gold. I fell to low silver. I cannot make it back to gold, yesterday I climbed to 1999. I immediately fell back into mid-silver. I use Lucio in comp; he's my best, but I think he's too team-dependent.

staredoc is one of my favorites.

Yep, I've gone up 500 in 3 days because I always leave when i'm on a loss streak of 2+.

are people not allowed to play these heroes?

I just say Hanzo and Genji.

Nah at least torbjorn's turret actually hits something and is useful. 90% of the time Widow has zero impact on the match.

I got to 2470 at the end of last season and thought to myself "Well, at least I'll place right around there!"

Went 7-3 in placements, got ranked 2100.

Why Blizzard?

I got placed at 2499 last season. Almost fucking alt-f4'd right there. Decided to play a comp game instead and try carry as Zarya - game ended in a fucking draw. So still at 2499 and ready to break my keyboard.

Thankfully my next game was a very very good game for me (Dorado as Zarya) and I ended with 4 gold medals - got moved up to plat as 2566 which was such a nice feeling.