just locker room talk right?

just locker room talk right?

This guy is a creep. He definitely belongs in space.

Pretty sure I saw a video or gif of him openly stroking a dude's dick on a televised version of Stern's show. Don't know the context, just fucking moved on quickly.

I remember that. It was gross.


Free Enterprise (Helicopter) Rides?

You regret that "caricature" now? Why didn't you regret it before?

Has he since deleted that post?

Who has that picture of old goerge jerking off that guy on Howard Stern? That should be the response to every one of this creepy grandpa's tweets. You can't unseen that

It's like cosmic justice watching this faggot get beat at his own game.

I shouldn't have to explain that I say faggot not because he's gay, but because he is a giant faggot.