Just keeping it 💯.

Just keeping it 💯.
Just keeping it 💯.

Meh. Odd fashion choice, but not particularly WTF in my opinion.

I think I read a caption a while ago saying she was wearing it for finals. idk, kinda cute. let kids be kids.

Just because it makes you think wtf does not mean it appropriate for the sub WTF.

If i drop My soda on my foot and it spills over my shoe wtf might run through my mind but I would not post it here.

If I change a nasty diaper I think wtf did that kid eat but you dont see this sub filled with picture of nasty diapers do you?

My buddy hooked back up with his ex GF who cheated on him I asked him straight up wtf were you thinking do you see this sub filled with pictures of ex girlfriend?.

Apparently it made you say it twice.

And a bag of hot cheetos and a Capri sun to tie it all together


It made me say what the fuck. What the Fuck are they wearing? What the Fuck were they thinking? Why the Fuck is this a thing?


I believe they call this "SWAG"

emoji spam response

Yeah I have sprint. The worst service provider on the planet. Sorry about that.

I bet this girl is annoying to text.

I just screwed this up. It was at 100 upvotes. I upvoted it to 101.

My bad.

I'll do my part to fix it.

I'll find a way to forgive you.

I think it looks great.