Just In: Judge Roy Moore: The good people of Alabama, not the Washington elite who wallow in the swamp, will decide this election! #DitchMitch

Just In: Judge Roy Moore: The good people of Alabama, not the Washington elite who wallow in the ...

Did you hear her say his name 'RAY Moore" during the press conference! Thomas Wictar on twitter says he heard it and now it looks like she was coached!

She totally fucked up. Whoever signed her yearbook, his name was Ray and she knows it!

Roy Moore is not dropping out, which means the allegations against him are probably just blatant lies and bullshit from the McConnell camp, fueled by the media who also wants to see him fail. They tried the same thing with the President with the Pussygate tape and the magical 10 or so women who "came out" alleging sexual misconduct. Guess what happened after Trump won? They all faded away into the dark because it was all bullshit to begin with.

Fight on, Judge Moore!

The year book signature is a forgery


I’ve been saying this all day. I believe she accidentally blurted out the truth when she said “Ray.”

She knows it’s a lie and the truth found a way to escape.

Clear line in the sand. I foresee that he's going to win Alabama and the GOP will replace him. If this happens there will be a huge civil war within the GOP. Trump is going to have his hands full. We need to be ready to fight for MAGA.

Yes, she went to school with a Ray also, probably the guy who actually signed her book.

Lets get #DitchMitch trending.



it was signed by Ray, the Moore and other text was added later.

it was signed by Ray, the Moore and other text was added later.

Gloria Allred should be drawn and quartered.

How do you think the voters of Alabama will respond when their vote isn't respected? Honest question. I don't think the GOP has the balls.

I like how Moore fights back like trump. Especially on twitter. He's up to apprenticeship level shitposting, but his counterpunching is expert level.

Trump is a master level shitposter and counterpuncher, though.

I fail to see how the Constitution would permit this scenario from unfolding, especially with the seventeen amendment firmly in place.

there is a bigger issue here, and I think the GOPe swamp is floating a trial balloon.

YES, the Senate can remove / expel members for "ethics" violations with a 2/3 vote. The globalist uniparty obviously controls way over 2/3

So in reality, since "ethics" is of course vague, the Senate CAN constitutionally bounce anyone. Just concoct a media narrative and let 'er rip.

The key is to do it without tipping off the public to the fact that essentially they are merely nullifying the voters will in order to only accept members of the globalist uniparty club, because this is what they will in fact be doing.

Once the American public REALIZES that, all hell would break lose, and all incumbents would be voted out, so they need to see if they can get away with it with media cover narratives, same as the desperate hope of impeaching Trump. Media failed, now we move on to the congressional version of the fight.

How do you think the voters of Alabama will respond

I've typed several responses before having to delete them before hitting save.

Words here can't legally express my thoughts on it.

I would expect them to watch the polls and roll out more "victims" if they see a loss of gains by the Democrat. I am sure they have a final "victim" set aside for a few days before the election. The yearbook is an obvious forgery, imo, but the media will not even discuss it. They will suppress evidence to push their narrative and avoid prosecution/litigation by using the mantle of freedom of the press. Such crap!

I don’t do the twitter so it’s up to you my friend

This guy is going to be awesome in the Senate. Shitposting status = Master!

Great to see he's holding strong. If he stays in, he'll win. The Establishment will look like complete jackasses in the end. Are they really going to override the will of the people? Showing the Yellowhammer spirit.

I hope you're right and the GOP are just pushing empty threats just so they look good in the public eye.

top quality, bot. thanks.

The truth wants to come out.

I'm all for draining the swamp but how do they know this is made up?

Wrong question. We don't ask people to prove their innocence. We demand the accusers prove their guilt.



I donno, these guys in the Senate are pretty inept. Like, ridiculously bad at their jobs. The swamp, I mean. It's very pathetic. What you have are a bunch of sexually confused, ancient dinosaurs that think they are our lords. They will not kick him out. These charges are false.

Hollywood predators either almost acknowledged it, apologized for it or checked into rehab. They are not acting like Roy Moore, and that's why I am willing to believe Moore is innocent. Also the timing of these allegations is just too perfect for certain groups.

They will be furious. The MAGA movement (including this sub) will be angry too. This is where Trump comes in. Who will he back if that time comes? It's an interesting dilemma but if Trump legit believes in MAGA he will either stay quiet or back Moore. If not then Trumps base will be tested.

And tarred and feathered!


the numbers are written differently. the text goes from all cursive to print. it looks like the yearbook was signed by a Ray, not Roy. the "y" in the name is very different from how Roy signs. Moore was deputy DA at the time, why would he sign DA? why write the date like that after writing Christmas twice? this thing is so sketchy and the performance of the accuser was fake af.

Correct. And don't call me Shirley.

Well, the Senate itself can vote to remove him. I think 2/3 to do it. Who knows if that'll happen though.

Textbook Freudian Slip

Didn't Gloria say "Ray" too?

Correction: They will look like jackasses to major percentage of republican voters. Though you know damn well the media is going to spin it as 'Republicans show their support for a sexual predator yadda yadda'.....they've already successfully painted us all as Nazi's to those who want to believe that to be true. I'm not saying he should step down by any means! Personally, I think if he did step down, that would show he IS guilty. His attitude has not been that of a guilty man.

Should be easy to find Ray then?

Hmm, some of that blue text does look a bit more suspicious.

Hmm maybe. In that case, Roy Moore absolutely cannot be allowed to lose or removed/expelled. That would only embolden them to pull more of this shit.

Rumor in Kentucky for years is that Mitch was released from the military because he sodomized young males under his leadership. Supposedly his discharge documents all disappeared from the U.K. Library collection in the 90's.

This so much. I don't know what dream lala land liberals and GOPe are living in. But here in America, you are innocent until proven guilty.


But even if the Senate did that, I mean remove him, surely only the people or governor of Alabama can replace him? Surely that must be the case??

wow...all the downvotes for saying something factual. You didn't say it's not a forgery, only that Thomas is not a trained expert...he's not.

Maybe more lawsuits against slander should begin?

Oh shit...load Braveheart theme. This man’s history should tell you he never backs down!