Just hold on I’m going home

Just hold on I’m going home

They say go hard or go home and they going too hard and I wanna go home.

Title 🔥🔥

if your reading this I went home

but don't you kind (just a little bit) wanna see it go down?

Chill by the exit?????? Bitch I’m running out of there as fast as I can

If it includes guns assume it's real

My Uncle callin' me like "where you at?"

I would go hard in the paint but i don't want to ruin my shoes.


They need to тaĸe ιт eaѕy, eaѕy, eaѕy, eaѕyy 🎼

Get tf outta there before Knuck If You Buck comes on

word to that tf else am I wearing that dopey ass tracksuit for

How is this guy so memeable

Enough to safely put the beginning on world star. You know someone else will have the end