Just here to fan the flames

Just here to fan the flames

You are brave

After seeing all this I'm scared to watch the next episode.

Ichigo > Zero Two though

Fite me

Childhood Darling > Childhood Friend

Do it! It broke my heart but it is really good!

Brave but, uh... foolish

02 is a crazy ass yandere. Childhood friend > Yandere.

the new episode just made me like both characters even more tbh

Oh boy.


I will stand with you

Friend who confessed at a bad time >Literal murderer who tried to kill Hiro

By trying to keep Hiro away from someone who tried to kill him? Or an ill timed confession by someone experiencing love for the first time?

Even then that is far better than choking someone until they need to go to hospital, injuring Ichigo's arm, almost killing Mitsuru, throwing Goro into a window, beating the entire team when Hiro is the one at fault and straight up killing people.

F a c t

The “concept” you may have heard about is quite different from how the actual show is going

Meme it into existence