Just got back from Disney and

Just got back from Disney and

Days are too long for some kids. I spent a ton of money and wanted to maximize time and not have any fits from them being tired. Everyone was happy the whole time so it was worth it for me. My kids were 5 and 9 and I had a double. Used one seat for storage a lot of the times and 5 year old rode off and on. My 9 year old passes out at 8pm every night and my 5 year old is a night owl. So I figured the oldest would pass out while the youngest could still enjoy the parks and that's what happened. I'm going again soon and getting a single for my 6 year old. She has the same leg pains I did growing up and it sucked. This will be the last stroller trip though. I cared at first and did get weird looks but I stopped caring because it was my 10k I spent and I know my kids and we had a great time.

Just a counter point - some kids can absolutely handle 15k steps a day at a Disney park, others cannot and need to rest. If you're investing 5k on a trip for your kids, you want them to get the most out of it, and if they need a break, let them have it.

That being said, my 6 year old doesn't use the stroller any more, just my 2 year old. But we still have a double stroller on the rare occasion she gets tired mid day.

Meh, we went with a 4 year old - stopped at walmart the night before and got a cheap umbrella stroller. She used it, we piled water bottles, snacks and other necessities in the bottom of it.

The older kids (10, almost 10, almost 8) also took turns in it. They are all slim, active kids. The almost 10 year old had been sick the week before our trip so he was low on energy, he was the first older kid to take a turn in it. They all took turns pushing it as well.

Park days are LONG friggin days for little legs. I'd rather be judged for pushing an older kid in a stroller than having a kid crying/whining/wanting to leave because their feet hurt.

Exactly. I feel like anyone who has traveled with kids would understand this. Shit gets messy, I felt the same way about shit before I had kids, like "why don't they just do _______" but the reality is that when you have to manage the emotional and physical wellbeing of a child and you are paying massive amounts of money so that everyone can have fun, you don't say things like "fuck their tired legs, the kids are walking because people on the internet are going to judge us if we let them sit in these convenient rolling chairs that give the adults a chance to take turns enjoying the park while the kids sleep!"

We were in Disney for 5 days with my 5 year old. On the first day, we didn't bring the umbrella stroller we had. Know what happened? Kid fell asleep at 2 and slept for 3 hours. This kid never naps. After that, we took the stroller so that he would have a place to nap...

Kids are spoiled nowadays. Hell in my day there was no “monorail” between the parks and we had to walk through snow storms so we can use our multipark passes!

lol, but lets be fair here. its like a good 2000 to go to disney land, and that age range is the main target.

the adults want their money's worth, even if they're the ones going on the rides and taking in the attractions

We went this year for make a wish after my 5 year old had a heart transplant. He just doesn't have the stamina to keep up and the Florida heat is especially hard on transplant patients.

2000...dollars? We are going in two weeks for a 4 night five day trip for a family of four. Staying in a discount on property hotel I am budgeting $5k for this short week. Tickets alone are half that.

If you are travelling there from half way across the country you pack in every minute. If you're not in line, eating at a restaurant, or watching a show, you are moving from one activity to the next. We go about once a year and in 5 days we never stop.

My main problem with Disney world was that the clientele were fat and stupid, and the worst part is that they had their parents with them.

You obviously don't have kids. One tired kid and two others that aren't and are getting impatient is worse than letting one rest while you get to the next ride.

Honestly I just can't imagine spending that much money for a vacation. There is no way I can justify it to myself.

Good for you. Your kids can handle it. Not all can.

Oh I'm sure any could could "handle" it. But enjoy it? I would say not most. I don't expect my kids to enjoy something just because I say they should. I don't expect a 5 year old to keep up with the blistering pace I would normally take Disneyland.

If it works for you all the power to you! Have fun!

Do your younger kids enjoy the coasters?

You forgot pushy and self important

Honestly it’s not the kids now in my opinion,it’s the adults.

I went last year and the amount of times the rides stopped midway to accommodate people in motor scooters was too damned high. It’d be one thing if it were people with real disabilities but it wasn’t more often than not.

No doubts

At the end of a 22000 step day my kids were still ready for the pool

I was ready for the pool bar

My 3 year old doesn't even use a stroller.

My little guy got rid of his stroller at 3 as well. It was important when he was young to get him used to walking with us. It was hard at the time, but now a year later he goes on long hikes with us. He has WAY more energy than we do.

Dude there is no situation where I would even consider putting my 6 year old back in a stroller He walked beside me all day every day

I feel kind of guilty when I let my 2 1/2 year old ride too long in his stroller.