Just gonna leave this here... Btw the poll was for favorite character.

Just gonna leave this here... Btw the poll was for favorite character.

In all honesty, it's not a fair fight. I'm definitely not a Sansa fan, but she's a minor character compared to Dany.

Arya versus Daenerys would be much closer.

Which it is. Arya is edgind Daenerys 51 to 49 almost dead even.

No she´s not. She hasn´t done really much to prove she´s is the best leader. She´s good, the north will do good with her, but she´s not better than Dany or Jon.

I spit out my coffee and I wasn't even drinking any.

future queen in the north and possible queen on the iron throne after marrying Jon

I nearly choked to death lmao

Yeah, because ruling half a continent and millions of subjects is totally comparable to ruling a small castle in the most deserted kingdom of Westeros.

Sansa didn't win the Vale because of her "brains", she won because she was Littlefinger's only weakness. Littlefinger's obsession with Catelyn was his ultimate downfall, not Sansa's IQ.

Sansa doesn't have anything except her name, it's literally the only reason she has any power at all.

Littlefinger played her and the other Starks until the end, hadn't it been for OP Bran he would probably still be alive and thriving.

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Sansa's been one of the most hated characters for no good reason for the past however long. Why are we still acting like this is a surprise? Just for the circlejerk?

???? The dragons would be useless if she couldn't direct them. She got the unsullied because of her wits and her ability to cleverly use Drogon. She didn't use her dragons at all to get the Dothraki. She got the Dothraki because she killed the other Khals. I have no idea what makes you believe that her dragons did everything for her.

Jon is a Stark. The man is the Warden of the North/Lord of Winterfell, goes around with a direwolf sigil on his armor, and doesn't even know his birth name is Aegon Targaryen. We have no idea how he will react to that news, or what he will choose as his identity.

Obviously that poll isn't fair because it's essentially the 4 Starks versus Daenerys, but it makes perfect sense to include Jon with the Starks.

We’ve never seen Dany governing in a peace time like Sansa was because she was still fighting slavery and the former slaves and masters wanted to all kill each other while in S7 all the north was united together so it’s a completely different situation.

Give Dany just Winterfell and I'd like to see what she'd do there. That's what the user you replied to was saying. You can't say Sansa is a better ruler than Dany because you can't compare the magnitude of what they were ruling over. Like the user said Dany was ruling over half a continent with a major setback: slavery. She might not have done the best job but she did what she could, and you definitely can't say Sansa would do better or that she's better at ruling. You're comparing the incomparable.

I think Sansa is a good leader, but she has only lead at a small scale. As a leader, daenerys brought together an army of unsullied and a horse of Dothraki . That's pretty damn impressive.

Can't really blame Dany for utilizing her Dragons. Everyone would.

I feel like Sansa and Dany fans should have a lot of common ground. Both are women who have been through a lot (don't try and tell me Dany hasn't) and come out stronger.

Why is Sansa such a good leader as opposed to Dany or even Jon? Nothing in particular she has done has impressed me. For the record I don't hate Sansa

Lmao I'd like to see Sansa "better at governing than Dany" Stark do better there then...