Just give him the medal already

That escalated slowly

Wasn't this just on the front page?

Solid 5.6 from me. His chances are good though, there aren't any Russian judges this year.

That's some upper body strength for ya. Impressive. Any judges in the house tonight?

10/10 for holding the pose.

Yeah it was. The reposting has seriously gotten ridiculous. I could handle it when it was a week or so between reposts but now it's becoming several times in one day.

Switzerland (as from the French word Suisse)

I was expecting a fall but he pulled it off with grace

good thing that rubber handrail didn't slip back harshly.

Now do it on the 10th floor

I wish they lit the official torch this way.

11/10 for not giving up halfway

Probably. I've seen it on a few other subs today.