Just Cause 3 Super Swing Stunt

The biggest physics violation in this is how the hell a guy can safely and easily get in and out of a car with a four foot rocket launcher mounted on his back, when I routinely nearly mortally injure myself just through taking my seat belt off when I have a a pen in my shirt pocket.

that is the biggest physics violation?

The point of all Just Cause games is to blow shit up.

He is not a guy, he is Rico.

Your JC3 footage is absolutely mind blowing. Please never stop

is there a plot to this game or does it solely exist to do shit like this and post it on the internet?

Knowing nothing about this game from the videos I have seen I would guess its an extreme parking simulator.

I was expecting a double swing.

Maybe next time OP.. hint hint

It's almost as if you could also say the name as "just cuz"

I swear to god I must be playing that game wrong