“Just because she was dead didn’t mean she was useless”

“Just because she was dead didn’t mean she was useless”

He is vastly underestimating the uses of a dead girl.

Eventually, I mean in a week or so, she'll be compost. Until then she'll be a sex doll.

Free pass in the carpool lane.


I thought he was gonna use her as fertilizer for his crops or something

1,250 blockbuster pages?!? That's a long story about a composting corpse...

Black market organ harvesting

Weekend at Bernie's 3

Vox Nihli, I believe is more accurate for what your trying to describe.

VS "free speech" and "fact" that this is not trash and just a fucking book title cover.

Or do you just like to throw around words that only pieces of shit like you have learned to understand from your edjumacation?

This is not trasy.............

its ficiton.....

op does not read books or understand the concept of fiction...............

Lmfao. You don't even understand spelling or capitalization and your here trying to sound all /sub/iamverysmart with your misspelled Latin phrase.

The implied necrophilia is what is trashy with this post, just in case that flew over your super edjumacated head.

Is "compost" a redneck term for having sex with a corpse? 'Cause that guy is about to get some sweet, sweet compost.

Just like you don't understand the concept of the ellipse