just a heads up to web developers

just a heads up to web developers

This is intentional.

It's /sub/assholedesign

a heads-up to redditors: don't steal content and give proper credits when you can

source : http://theoatmeal.com/comics/mobile_website

I mean it does have a watermark

I dread web browsing and watching Youtube on my phone cause I'm so used to ads being blocked on my PC.

Take it up with the company. As a web developer if you're paying me for the job I'll put whatever the hell you want on your website as long as it's legal and not comic sans

And don't forget to make all the ads load at different times so the screen constantly jumps around while you're trying to read or click a link. That's the best.

They make their money from the ads. The content is just there to get you to see the ads. Just like TV and almost every other media channel.

10 photos of Katy Perry digesting zoo animals

Absolutely. I have clicked accidentally on ads because I wanted to scroll down and they had ads pop up just as scrolling began. Shameful.

misleading to the advertisers and also they lose users.

if you're an android user you can root your phone and install ad blocking modules.

Also called dark patterns

but in what? I work on web and mobile app, and I still don't understand why they do this. That's just scam and everyone know that. I don't know where the benifit is since this is only click gain and money from it. Ok for newspaper, but why in e-business they do it all the time? (crappy pop up, adds from indirect concurrence, and plain visual polution). I still want the answer since I don't know if this is me or them who play stupidity.

just a heads up to web developers

Yeah, you're misdirecting your hate. Do you think web developers do that sort of thing for the fun of it? We dislike doing it just as much as you hate being victim to it, but that's essentially what we're paid to do. If they can sell the ad space, then the content is generally just filler.


The top example is what the web developer proposed to the client.

The bottom example is the finished product after the client made a few "small suggestions."

Or use Adblock Browser. It doesn't require root.

I didn't see it without the comment.

At least title should give credit by saying "the Oatmeal" Even better a Source comment linking to the page

but u got a fake id tho

Oh yes, so the only possible solution must be to insert ads that are so intrusive and annoying that it literally drives viewership away in droves, because that is how advertising works. /s

Or, you know, they could adopt a model like successful sites use, with occasional interstitial ads breaking up the content, with rules about how disruptive to UX these ads are (e.g. nothing allowed that significantly increases abandonment, such as overlays).

...and the full minute and a half of video ontop too.

Low-hanging fruit.

Every Oatmeal comic belongs in this sub.

Just went to cnn.com, on a ccomputer.

There is a pink ad covering the top 50% of the screen. I can read 3 headlines at the bottom. no content.