Just a good ol’ Tom Thibodeau belly laugh

Just a good ol’ Tom Thibodeau belly laugh

his players asking for a rest

Times are good for the Timberwolves right now.

Nah, someone asked what he thought about trading KAT for Blake Griffin

They are, but my body is ready for the inevitable crash and for the KAT sucks a D and FIRETHIBS circlejerk to pick up where they left off

Don't worry, Cavs are doomed jerk is in full effect right now, y'all are safe.... for now.

What was the question? Or what was he laughing at?


When he sees 35+ minutes on the stat sheet his little Thibs starts waking up

I had to google him tbh, but I upvoted right away after I did

Damn, that's wholesome af <3