Just a good boy living his best life

In the middle of an earthquake no less.

This is actually from Michael J. Fox's Twitter.

Stabilized: link


Does that dog have it’s own pool? You can see in the front there is another bigger pool.

Dog is pretty buff, you can tell he does that often.

“What?” -dog at the end of gif, probably

I wasn't in the pool mom not me!

Flag on the play. Unnecessary roughness yet upvote all the same.


Imagine if the gif cut out before we see the dog coming out of the pool. You would come to a thread with 2K comments, many of them by super dog behavior experts trying to explain how the poor animal was not enjoying it but was actually in danger.

u/stabbot see what you can do...

lol that's what it looks like. Lucky dog!

Thank you. Like Michael J. Fox, I'd love to shake your hand.

At first I was thinking, "That pool looks just barely deep enough to be drowning that dog, what if he is actually trying to get out! The camera man is an asshole!"

The dog then got out and i felt a little dumb

The mods have a shaky agenda.

Wow, thank you

Is Michael J Fox filming this or something?

That resistance training is no joke

yea that's quite the stabilization

I was actually thinking: is that dog having fun or trying to stay above water?

Probably chuckling too hard. Send them a tripod and quit bitching.

He just destroyed that liner.

Is that banned here?

I think it’s just because he’s zoomed in so far. Keeping the camera steady while zoomed in is extremely hard.

I think his hand shakes just fine without your help



Yeah, but most people don't care when they're taking a candid vid of their pet.

Think it's just fenced in to keep Mr Swimosaurus out. We had to do something similar with our pool cause our bastards would chew on it and pop it.

You can see a gate on his side into it.

thank you, the other one was really making me dizzy

Took a minute to start playing but boy was it worth it.

He saw the slide.

Might be the neighbors, looks like a thin fence between them.