Just a cartridge, but a classic.

Just a cartridge, but a classic.

“Paper Boi, Paper Boi really all about that paper, boy.”

"Payperboy fired". That newspaper was really shit. THIS was their headline? They had nothing else to tell.

Loved that game for the SNES.

Hard as hell I always wondered what the second level looked like

Atlanta just went into production... damn probably a year until season 2, but also glad there will be a Deadpool animated series :)

I was so annoyed that Glover did not drop a season this year. Seems to be a trend in popular shows these days.


Are you tired of the spooky monster people moving in on every block? Tombstones and bones litter their yards, and our only defense is what? Some kid throwing newspapers at their houses? We demand the mayor take action! We will also be discussing the dangerous trend of kids just riding their big wheels into the street with no warning. Pot luck starts at 7.

It was an arcade game, you played a port if we are getting all pedantic

This game was freaking fantastic. And so hard. Those daggum skateboarders would come outta nowhere and just deck you.

But those windows were oh so satisfying to break

My first game and my first rage quit.

You can see the anger in his face

If you have a Wii U, XBox 360, PS3, PS4, or any XBone system, Lego Dimensions has Paperboy if you get the Midway Arcade pack.

I loved that game!

Awesome music.

Did they have sound samples on the cartridge?

The Arcade version was better.


Give it a try :D...