Just A Bunch Of People Telling Lyle Shelton To Eat Shit

Just A Bunch Of People Telling Lyle Shelton To Eat Shit
Just A Bunch Of People Telling Lyle Shelton To Eat Shit

And the no side would have been so gracious, right?

I am glad this is happening, i want them to see what it feels like to be mocked, ridiculed and diminished, to have your existence debated, and subjected to endless bullshit on social media.

They started this fight, they deserve the black eye.

People will move on in a few days, and Lyle can find something else to manufacture outrage about, fear not.

It's because lyle shelton is a massive homophobic piece of shit cunt.

Eat shit Lyle

Shelton is a Christian. If he doesn't forgive them, he goes to hell.

That would be Abbott, spending taxpayers' money being magnanimous.

No its not assault. We aren't advocating for anything bad to happen to Lyle (like what has happened to gay people for many years) - we just want him to eat the poo poo.

I absolutely agree and am totally ok with it. Yes, i am a hypocrite. What next?

I can respect people who own their bigotry, like I own mine. I am a bigot. I hate Lyle, and i hate his pernicious death cult, that has its tentacles in every aspect of our lives, and wish it great ill.

Eat shit Lyle

I partially agree with you. In my professional life I have to take the high road 99.9% of the time, because it's the better thing to do, it isn't satisfying but better in the long run.

Sometimes however, I like to jump both feet into the low road and say eat shit Lyle as well.

Lyle and people like you are just 2 sides of the same coin. Equally terrible. I dont have a horse in this race but i can see hypocrisy here. If you want to reduce yourselves to this then so be it. No-one to blame but yourselves for ypur own actions.

This says more about them than it does Shelton. You can tell so much about a persons character from how they win.