Just a bit creepy

Just a bit creepy

It took me a second, I thought it was robotic but then I realized we never see his right hand, awesome

I just imagine how much creepier the act of practicing this alone in front of a mirror is

What's up with the rude douche bag that walks in front of the camera?

I wonder what made this guy decide to become a professional, confrontational baby with melee skills puppeteer.

Didn't realize it until I read your comment

I hate the guy at :51. And anyone that does that.

Later on tonight it will be in your hallway

This guy's a good puppeteer.

/sub/blackmagic /sub/beamazed Tbh if i saw that irl I'd probably die

Puppet, controlled by guy's hand

I want to see this guys fingers


I kept waiting for some mind fuck, like it doing something while his right hand is out.

Sure, this guy gets cute waves and a crowd. Last time I did this with a baby it was nothing but handcuffs, court orders and a few beatings.