'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' - Official Trailer

'Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom' - Official Trailer

Is that fucking T-Rex the actual protagonist of the whole franchise?

Man, that is one weirdly paced trailer.

This trailer made me more interested in watching a Jeff Goldblum courtroom drama.

I felt weird watching it. It felt like a 3rd party youtuber made it using footage from the movie, but with no context on what the movie is about.

Goldblum: "Life cannot be contained. Life breaks free. Life................"

Audience: "GET ON WITH IT!!!!"

Goldblum: "..........finds a way."

Ah the ol' sequel, "They're not together anymore..." thing.

Well after everyone bitched about the Spinosaurus killing the one in JP3, yes it probably is.

Um, what the fuck did I just watch? That was so...bizarre. I don’t have even have confidence in calling that a trailer. Something about this is REALLY off.

I don't think we needed to see the T-rex kill in this trailer.

That was an unusual collection of loosely related clips all right.

One thing's for sure: they found a way to mash up Jurassic Park with the volcano disaster films of 1997.

EDIT: a word

And that rex was a nobody. This is THE trex. The OG queen of the dinos. The one and only.

Audience: "Well, there it is"

Did we have a previous relationship with that T-Rex?

I think they're just like that? I think they're just good guys?

We just saw 75% of Jeff Goldblum's part in the movie, didn't we?

I don't know why but I hate those little glass transportation balls.

But are back together by the end of the film... for survival.







this....doesn't look that good?

Crichton creates Malcolm, Crichton destroys Malcolm, Goldbloom embodies Malcolm, Crichton ham-handedly revives Malcolm, God destroys Crichton. Crappy sequel brings back Malcolm

someone on A.V. Club

Spared no expense

Is it just me or was that fucking awful?


Have both these parks been knowingly built on a volcanic island?

Was that a volcanic eruption? Who decided to build a park on an active volcanic island?

John Hammond.

The first one basically revealed the plot twist, I think they tried too hard to cover this one up

But this time, Chris Pratt is wearing the high heels while he runs away

I hate the whole fucking trailer.

Chris Pratt just ran through a pyroclastic flow.

They should have just had a teaser showing random action clips from the film with Goldblum's laugh ominously playing in the background.

Shot of Owen and Claire talking in a bar.


Shot of T-Rex killing the Carnotaur.


Shot of Owen and Claire running as volcano erupts.


Shot of Owen, Claire, dinosaurs and gyrosphere splashing into ocean.

Jurassic Huh-Huh World: Fallen Har Har Kingdom.

Oh man, all the poor dinosaurs jumping off the cliff just made me sad.

The trailer was basically a scene from the movie rather than a narrative trailer that gives a sense of the full story. I can't really even guess how far into the movie this would be? Maybe 40-45 minutes?

Overall just a strange trailer.

What was the point about Blue being alive?

Why show the Carnotaurus getting killed?

Obviously that explosion scene isn't the climax, as Claire and the intern facing down that dinosaur has lava coming from the ceiling, but why focus on that scene? Why is Rexy killing when all the other dinos are running?

The two songs were just totally jarring.

Not sure how it made me feel overall

Her name is Rexy!

Maybe they used up their CGI budget on the trailer, and 2/3 of the movie is Jeff Goldblum sitting in a Senate hearing. Judging by the trailer, I would actually rather go see that.

Who would have guessed everything with the dinosaurs would have gone bad again.

Why show Carnotaurus being killed?

I don’t even get it. Not only was the pacing off, but the content... it feels like the most unnecessary sequel in years. The first JW gave us something new, this just feels... random.


"...don't question it"

T-rex headbutts a velociraptor into the sun, then screams but nobody hears it because space

I think there was no flow to it. It starts off with a character moment, jump straight to the island, quick random shots, then a huge chunk of the trailer focuses on ONE particular scene....that volcanic eruption and the dinosaurs/characters running from it. Seriously, almost half of the trailer was showing us an actual extended (yet edited) clip from the film. It was kind of jarring.

It didn’t even have the classic Jurassic Park theme in all its glory! You’d think the fifth movie would make the theme stand out in the trailer. One of the best moments of the Avengers Infinity War trailer was the epic Avengers theme playing at the end.

We, uh, may have spared some expenses.

Who cut this trailer together. Christ.

Why does everyone seem to know this dinosaur's name?


Now I want the jurassic ____ movies to just have the main characters get in more and more ridiculously precarious situations, only to have that same T-Rex show up at the last second to save them in various zany ways


Also life finding a waying

It's hilarious how much they hyped this trailer and dragged out its release for it to be this poorly crafted.

Just like Jurrasic World!

looks bad, Chris Pratt running from the dust looked like something out of the Tom Cruise Mummy movie.

Agreed, it lacked focus. Like it was unsure of what tone it wanted to show off. In the end it just looked quite generic really, with over the top blockbuster moments lacking any subtlety or tension.

Give me a movie full of raptors in the kitchen/cornfield/Rexy in the rain/Spinosaurus by the plane level tension. I couldn't give less of a fuck about the CGI explosions and theme park ball shit. I know the characters won't be in danger here. It's all spectacle with no substance.

Gonorrhea cant see us if we dont move. Wait! I was wrong I was thinking of a T-rex!


I'd imagine the film would still carry over the idea of militarized dinos from the previous one. Perhaps the dinos getting evacuated are secretly going to be shipped to a military facility that Dr. Wu is in charge of, maybe for further breeding or more hybrids. And when the protagonists find out, they break out the dinos from their cages and stuff just like Vince Vaughn did in Lost World.

But what I don't get is why go through the danger of taking dinosaurs from Isla Nublar during a volcanic eruption. Couldn't they just go to Isla Sorna, Site B? JW never mentioned that island, I hope this movie does. Either Site B is also in danger from the volcano, or the Spinosaurus from JP3 ate everything (as it was bred in secret, as implied by Grant in that movie)

As she should be!

if parents who send their kids away to a dinosaur island during christmas to get divorced can get back together, so can 2 lead protagonists with no chemistry

I can see him rolling his eyes immediately after they stop filming that

My deepest hope is that the scene we just saw is all the prologue to the actual movie, wherein Chris Pratt is vaporized, Bryce Dallas Howard drowns, and the several dinosaurs that are either able to safely get off the island or are taken off the island go through a difficult legal battle while being kept in a common space. They enter a sort of legal limbo, and the vast majority of the movie takes place inside the courtroom and the pens where the dinosaurs are kept.

Think "A Few Good Men" meets "The Terminal", but with dinosaurs.

Dinosaurs had their chance, and they were selected to be rehashed in franchises for eternity.

I wouldn't have showed the Carnotaurus being killed, but I'm still hyped for this.

Malcolm: “THAT’S chaos.”

Sexy Rexy. (Not the Bears greatest qb ever.)

The protagonists are the morally bankrupt people in charge of the park. The T-Rex is a result of their bullshit.

Why can't Jeff Goldblum say "uh"?? It's messing with me!! I loved it though!

I don't want to watch 2 hours of dinosaurs dying

It's not even just dust but superheated gas called pyroclastic flow. He'd be dead in seconds.

A bunch of people passionately debating about the ethics of what happened at Jurassic Park and World with Jeff Goldblum? Hell yeah I'd watch that.

Call me a dinosaur, but I prefer the original Jurassic park story line.

Because the Carnotaurus is an awesome carnivore. Horns, bony skin protrusions, vestigial arms, and not to mention the trademark short, bulldog-y snout. They've been in pop culture a while, but usually on the fringe. They were also in the second Jurassic Park novel.

I really dont appreciate how many pieces from previous films they reuse, with no shame. Knowing/having connection with the Raptor, "Life uh finds a way", the Trex saving them AGAIN. I mean, WTF? Is originality a bad thing?

I agree! Don't know what it was about it, it just felt off. Might need to rewatch it a few times

This felt like one of those fan-trailers you see on youtube before a movie is properly released where someone stitches together moments from four different trailers.

They dont need chemistry, they are hot.

In the book... not the movie

This looks about as good as Independence Day: Resurgence.

Right? Saves everyone's asses all the time.

And they didn't think to...foreshadow this at least in Jurassic World? Not even a mention? I didn't even realize there was a potential active volcano ON the island.

Not gonna lie. When I saw Jurassic World, I cried when T. rex came out to fight I. rex.

I was also pregnant.

Still tho. T. rex.

what? you're saying a bunch of smoke can kill you?

reaching speeds of up to 700 km/h (430 mph). The gases can reach temperatures of about 1,000 °C (1,830 °F)


I posted this elsewhere but I guess it's appropriate here too:

I feel like the mistake this trailer makes is to showcase stuff that made JW weak. It opens with the god awful unnecessary romantic subplot (A), and then the majority of the trailer is spent with elaborate largely and noticeably CG creatures and backdrops (B). Then the trailer kinda just ends with those two negative qualities that imo plagued the first film.

They even play the Rexy as a superhero card again in the same trailer. They make it seem like they didn't learn anything from JW and that is worrisome.

Oh well, at least we have that awesome BTS reel instead. Somehow I feel like they released that for those of us who they know wouldn't really enjoy this trailer as much as they maybe expected the general blockbuster audience would.

I guess Blue being alive gave Chris Pratt a reason to actually go back, I think he doesn't really care for the island other than the raptors he raised.

There's no chance they'll be any depth to this movie.

Chris Pratt just ran through a pyroclastic flow.

So fucking dumb.

And the main antagonists in Disney's Dinosaur!


Oh, really... Are they gonna make him say it ag--

"...Finds a way."

Yep. They sure are.

Hollywood, uh, finds a way.

Thanks for reminding me what that was called. When I saw that I was like: well he's deader than shit. Of course he'll survive somehow in the movie which makes no sense at all.

As someone who had their entire childhood shaped by Jurassic Park.... that did not look very good.

Me too. I was thinking "oh at least they aren't riding in those glass balls again" ...next shot:"aw dammit!"


I got you fam

Jeff Golblum plays a star witness for the prosecution, which doesn't want to allow the dinosaurs into the country, but B.D. Wong plays the star witness for the defense, a particular corporation that wants to allow the dinosaurs in for continued testing and experimentation.

Following an arduous legal battle, the dinosaurs are allowed into the country. We then discover that the plans for the dinosaurs are based on grants provided by government military contracts, as I believe was eluded to in the first Jurassic World.

Learning of this, Golblum and his rag-tag bunch of anti-dinosaur brethren break in to the facility where the dinosaurs are being kept. They inadvertently trigger an alarm, which has them beset upon by crazed, militarized dinosaurs. This culminates in a 1-on-1 showdown between Jeff Golblum and a velociraptor, but this time Jeff has what he believes is a full proof advantage; an exosuit ALA Aliens, with fully loaded weaponry.

BUT, just as he believes he has the advantage, a laser guided missile system emerges from the dinosaurs back. Shocked, Jeff Golbulm is pushed back in his exosuit. He's on the ropes, there's no way he's going to survive...



please god

Oh wow, I'd actually forgotten Malcolm died in JP.

It was. Quite honestly I don't understand how T. rex has not replaced the Bald Eagle as the US's National Emblem. I don't think there is one millenial American out there who doesn't adore T. rex on account of the original JP.

Comment not to be taken 100% srs.

Most of it felt like the first act and then the third act. It felt like it was missing parts from the second act.

I feel the same way. Watching them panic and fall of the cliff was not entertaining for me.

Jurrasic World 3: At Long Last, Competence.

You’re watching a trailer to a sequel to a secret remake of a franchise that makes it the fifth part of the series, originally is not welcome here.

So they took the script from JP: The Lost World and Micheal Bayed it.

Not me, I thought it finally went well for once.

Audience: sigh, shakes head "I really love that man"

It's not safe to watch. It has me questioning my very existence.

Yeah, I thought that bit was a little much. Would have been pretty tension filled in the theater had we not seen that part.

When the Goldblum is just right

I'm a simple man, I see dinosaurs and Goldblum, I upvote

This is giving me a JP: The Lost World vibe. Is it just me that feels that way? I do think this looks better than Jurassic World though, definitely will be going to see it.

At least we are getting another silent assassin T-Rex moment in Jurassic Park movies. /s

That Ankylosaurus falling in the water looked cool though

I'm really digging the Goldblum renaissance lately

What a terrible trailer. Like, that was really, REALLY bad. Not even Bayona directing can get me excited because that trailer was just a massive fail.

The stealthiest animal to ever roam the planet.

I'm more hyped to see some morality dialogue in a courtroom with jeff goldblum than dinosaurs causing chaos.

why wouldn't it? the main difference seems to be, for some reason, a volcano.

Is this safe to watch or does it spoil the entire movie?

Popularity from the Disney's "Dinosaur" movie.

kinda spoilery

Unless there's a glass of water nearby.

So they voluntarily took children back to the island?

Edit Apparently the "girl" in the trailer is 30. And the other kid is in his 20's.

Yeah but theres no way that poor guy can swim :(

After I watched my phone rang and a spooky voice said, "Sixty-five million years..."

Congratulations, it's a tie!

"By God! We're all outta milk!"

Rexy bursts into Walmart

Pyroclastic flow incinerates as it moves, Chris Pratt should be dead.


I'm just fucking excited they have the Carnotaurus finally in these movies. If only they had the camouflage bits from the book, but they probably won't...cause Indominus.

JW gave us the Park actually working as it was intended to. Something I really wanted to see.

This shit looks like it could’ve come out alongside the original Jurassic Park sequels 15 years ago.

"We wanted to honor the spirit of the original film."

All the dinosaurs drowning makes me sad. :(

I think it needs to be viewed as more of a horror/disaster movie than a typical action adventure flick.

He’s gonna come flying off the island on a dinosaur

I need to see this version of the trailer now.

There's a TON of fan service so I guess they're banking on nostalgia.


Like, there's no way that that's the climax of this movie, right? They showed wayyyy too much of what seemed like a pretty cool scene regardless of where it lies.

Spoiled it. Don't watch. It's worth noting the trailer for the original didn't show a fucking dinosaur.


That was not a good trailer. Bad pacing, bad setup, and gave away some things. It actually made me less likely to see it in theatres.

Either Chris Pratt has super-powers and can survive pyroclastic flow, or he is dead. So.... RIP Chris Pratt.

It felt more like the trailer to a horror film. Which I'm 100% down for.

Woah, this looks way different from Jurassic World.

Or a small puddle

Going off my experience of trailers, this trailer is just the first ten minutes of the movie

Yeah, it’s one of the strangest edited trailers I’ve ever seen.

I'm guessing it's all the first act. They're in an animal rights rescue mission apparently that seems to be decided in court. They're there with lots of gear and people. The series is about a handful of people surviving on their own, cut off from real help/civilization and that fall in the water most likely is the start of their little adventure

Both books mention volcanic activity including the park running on geothermal power. Since it's been years after JW it makes sense that the volcano could reawaken

The music seemed off to me too. Like the score seemed to build up tension with no release.

Movie looks horrible based on that trailer.

But..But..but Jeff Goldblum says his line!

In the first few seconds, Budeweiser already did a product placement in this trailer.

That being said, I think this movie is going to be better than Jurassic World.