Julius Randle drops the hammer over Embiid

Julius Randle drops the hammer over Embiid

poor embiid was too busy checking his twitter

this hurts to post

Sixers fans are literally booing Lonzo everytime he has the ball, at least Lakers fans didn't do that


...great call

Julius finishing what Kuzma started

Holy shit that was fucking THUNDEROUS

The things we do for karma.


Evan Turner had a history with the Sixers lol, what did Lonzo do to spite sixers fans?

Be better than Fultz

I want Kevin Harlan to narrate my life

how fucking sad to be so obsessed with a 19 year old who isnt even 3 months deep in the league shut the fuck up

You are the salt of the earth - Jesus

Still not as bad as about hating a rookie that's played 20 games.


It's too awesome not to

So you're giving Embiid credit for getting faked out and not being quick enough to recover?


It's just interesting that you don't understand why Lonzo gets booed all the time. It's more about his dad than him

don't you see the irony in these words

"The guy is drunk, but there he goes!" is one of the best calls of all-time.

He really can make anything sound epic

OKC might as well get the superb Randle-Deng package for PG13.

He had a wide open lane after the fake, it would have been low iq to not take the dunk what the hell?

kinda bummed we didn't see the return of this wonderful reaction

kinda bummed we didn't see the return of wonderful reaction

I don’t think a rookie pg averaging 7 boards and 7 assists is underwhelming tbh. His shot has been terrible but I still think it’s eventually going to fall. If he even improves to 35% from three his scoring will go up significantly.

Who’s confused?

“It’s sad and pathetic that they’re doing this” != “I don’t understand why they’re doing this”

Here’s an analogy that may be more relevant to you:

You can see why a bunch of 3rd graders would bully their autistic classmate, but that doesn’t make it any less sad and pathetic. Understand?

This guy gonna be a 20/10 player if on a different team

He just processed the fuck out of Embiid rofl

good shit randle

Randle to Thunder confirmed

damn dude who hurt you

Tell me more, JoelEmbeast


I have no words

So by your logic knicks fans can boo DSJ because he didn’t want to work out for the knicks? or Barkley for not wanting to get drafted by the 76ers? You do realize most rookies end up staying with their drafted team for 5 years before they’re UFA, why would they want to waste 5 years with an organization they don’t like?

You right you’re super smart and I’m just a dumb simpleton

He walks out of the bathroom and rubs his eyes. He takes a stretch. Now he's heading to the fridge. He looks inside. OHHHHHHH IT'S PANCAKES FOR BREAKFAST TODAY!!!!!

I might format this into a phone background

They’ve done nothing to you and you’re feeling this strongly and negatively toward them. I mean yeah as a sports fan it’s cool to have rivalries and shit but dude it’s just a game and everything is just entertainment man. Don’t let something so small and insignificant bring out your anger like that dude.

Lmao is this from the Randle/Boogie drama last season? I remember a Tarik Black meme

Edit: this one

Lmao is this from the Randle/Boogie drama last season? I remember a Tarik Black meme

It's not like after Randle blew past him he just watched him go, he tried to get back and contest it, Randle just jammed it on him.


https://streamable.com/d05vj my personal favorite

I will never not watch this and enjoy every second of it

Pretty sure embiid has proved he's a great player. He hasn't "just been injured" he's played amazing ball. He dropped 46 on the lakers but yea sure he did nothing. Also don't talk about the sixers as if they took money from fans. What? Don't u realize that sixers fans are and were all in on the process? Where have u been. There's also about 5 teams tanking rn lol everyone does it because it's how u go from bad to good. It's very simple, future stars are more valuable than old scrubs.

No one thought hed come in and score 30 a night. I expected his statline to be 15/8/5. Which is still achievable if his shot starts falling.

I hate to be that guy

no u dont gtfo





This just happened what

no. His per 36 numbers are better than 20/10 and he's only 22.

Because Nike.

Kevin Harlan just makes dunks 10000x more fun

You can tell people aren't too thrilled about this post. He makes a great move and scores a almost unmissable shot and you complain.

You need to be more patient with your posting. Maybe think about what your saying before posting it, because currently your making no sense. Your potential as a Reddit or is limitless but your current IQ is holding you back.

Ju shitting on /sub/nba

So it's not okay to dislike certain players/ teams?

It's fine to "dislike" but you said "hate" and its clearly personal for some reason lol. I mean you're wishing failure upon a rookie who literally minds his own business and is just trying to play the game we all love. Pretty petty, you should reevaluate your life choices.

thank you

Right, great defense by Embiid. Got it!

Made him bite, beautiful basketball

Holy overreaction. You realize what team the Sixers are playing tonight / in this clip or..?

Yeah...Turns out it was your fellow 76ers fan. So...