Juggling both ways

I thought she just fucked up but nope. Now I am just amazed

/sub/juggling checking in. For anyone who cares, that's a 4 ball tossed shower (moderately difficult) into a 4 ball bounced shower (bastard hard even without having to deal with the transition from the tossed shower), back into tossed shower, and gather.

This is not mega-difficult stuff, but it's hard enough that pretty much no one ever could do that just with a bit of luck, it's the product of a lot of hard work and dedication. And she's got bags of control as well. Nice.

she's got bags of control as well. Nice.

Well played.


Never knew juggling did such amazing things for your abs

it's juggling it's just not the basic 3-ball cascade pattern

A bit of juggling and a bit of jiggling

That is most certainly juggling. Specifically variations on the site swap 71, aka variations of the 4 ball shower, and transitions. What makes you say it isn't juggling?

Powerful bags of mind control

My tossed shower looks so much different.

Learning to juggle is good for the abs. Just the tension you hold in them is a workout, not to mention the number of times you have to bend and pick the balls up from the floor. Tip: learn to juggle while standing at the side of a bed, so if you drop them they don't go far, and it prevents you from walking forward and chasing your throws, a common beginner issue.

Edit: Tennis balls are common to learn with but actually not the best since they are kinda light, making them a bit more difficult to catch well. Go to a sporting goods store and buy lacrosse balls. They have a perfect amount of heft and right size so your hand automatically closes around them as you catch them, and they are solid rubber and are just right when you learn to juggle by bouncing them off the floor.

My dude. Give shower a try and then tell me it's easier than cascade. It's alot harder than she makes it look.



This is just too easy in my book to be called juggling.

That's an unusual point of view. Not even jugglers disqualify something merely because it is easy, so long as it satisfies the basic rules of juggling - throwing, catching, and more objects than hands.

Huge...tracts of land

good god knowin my luck shes prolly a lesbian but id let her juggle my balls if ya know what im sayin heh damn 🏂 as long as wanted to that is

She’s quite the ball handler

That transition was so fucking smooth