Judge Hands Defeat to Trump and Cohen Over FBI Raid: ‘You’ve Miscited the Law’

Judge Hands Defeat to Trump and Cohen Over FBI Raid: ‘You’ve Miscited the Law’

“Cohen has more attorneys than he has clients,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas McKay quipped.

“The client’s name is Sean Hannity,” replied Todd Harrison, Cohen’s attorney. The room erupted in laughter.

The room erupted in laughter!!! Fucking made my day.

“I’m simply trying to protect the privacy of that individual,” he added.

After much discussion, Wood ruled that the name must be publicly disclosed immediately.

“The client’s name is Sean Hannity,” replied Todd Harrison, Cohen’s attorney.

The room erupted in laughter.

L O fucking L.

Important edit: The most amazing part...this quote right here.

There were audible gasps and one shout of “holy shit” when Hannity’s name was revealed on the courtroom. I ran outside. I’ve emailed Hannity and he has yet to respond.

Holy shit, indeed!

Part of me is glad Trump "won" the presidency. I hope he never gets a restful sleep again. If he hadn't been such a narcissist he could've continued his corrupt way of living on the sidelines. Now his dirty laundry is being aired out and nothing is sweeter.

Hannity is denying that Cohen is his lawyer. One of these two bastards is lying. But one might be lying to the judge.

“There’s no question that you're going to get a set of material,” Judge Wood told Harrison, “but you’re not going to take away what the government has.”

<sad trombone>

“Candidly, this man’s life has been turned upside down in the last week,” Cohen’s attorney said on Monday, adding a Trumpian flourish: “I believe the Russia case with respect to my client is a complete dry hole.”

Trump, Cohen and their lawyers don't seem to understand the charges have nothing to do with Russia, otherwise this investigation would be under Mueller.

This is your old bank fraud, elections fraud scheme.

I hope he never has a day of peace again and I hope his kids are all charged and sentenced for their crimes.

Cohen can't lie because the FBI already has the proof. Hannity is doing what he does best.

Fox News just said that Trump is a “folk hero” because the media and courts keep attacking him.

I need to vomit.

One could infer that Cohen has been a go between between Hannity and Trump. In addition, Hannity and Fox News should have reported this everytime they did a report about Cohen since they have a conflict of interest. Cohen is a shit lawyer, there is no reason Hannity should have hired him unless it was specifically for a connection with Trump.

AP reports prosecutors must "put all the seized documents into a searchable database and share it with Cohen’s lawyers". 10 boxes worth of stuff, which is actually not the bulk of the seized materials, apparently:

Officials took up to 10 “physical boxes” of documents, [Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas] McKay said, noting that the “real volume” is made up of the seized electronic files.

McKay emphasized on Monday that “there’s nothing improper about the way the search warrants were executed in this case.”

I like this McKay guy:

"Cohen has more attorneys than he has clients,” McKay quipped.

For his part, Cohen has given few public statements about the ordeal, with the exception of this comment last week: “I just want my stuff back.”

Cui bono? What on earth would Cohen have to gain by making this up?

"We're just looking at the legality of bank transfers."

"You're barking up the wrong tree, bud. I never received anything from Russia."

"... we didn't mention Russia. It was for Stormy Daniels."

Hell yeah. Make him regret ever running. He's officially fucked up his life. Hopefully the kids get what's coming to them too.

I picture him in bed fuming at the tv and tossing burger wrappers at it.

Judge Wood was appointed by the original conservative Jesus: Ronald Wilson Reagan. But, you know, deep state and all that.

Or hanity has his own stormy which Cohen 'fixed'. Considering fox news' corporate culture hanity may get orielly-ed

</ sad trombone>

Jesus man, it's been an hour. Enough.

Cooley diploma at work.

There was a loud "Holy shit!" in the court room as well.

Are they smearing the judge yet? Because that's definitely where they will go next.

‘You’ve Miscited the Law’

Brought to u by Cooley Skool of La!

Judge Wood, to Cohen's attorneys: "It’s not that you’re not good people. It’s that you’ve miscited the law, at times."

Protip: if possible avoid having a federal judge say this to you.

This is how a federal judge says "I find you personally tolerable but you're clearly full of shit."

-Lawyer and law-blogger Ken White of PopeHat.com, via twitter

I'm not saying Hannity forced his male prostitutes to have abortions, but I am questioning why he has multiple copies of Junior...

Personal favorite suspicions are Hannity having a kid somewhere, or a male escort/boyfriend

I hope their ill-gotten wealth is seized and, after leaving jail, they find themselves scraping by in normal townhomes like Bernie Madoff's wife. Ordinary. Getting nickel-and-dimed.

The materials seized by FBI agents from Cohen’s home, office, safety deposit box, and hotel room includes “documents relating to communications with the president of the United States covered by the attorney-client privilege,”

The safety deposit box is news to me.

Reagan was clearly an early Democratic plant.

Weird, I didn't care about Trump before he ran for president. Now he's here and he's ruined everything I care about. Yeah I'm gonna stick with I wish he never won the presidency.

“I have faith in the Southern District U.S. Attorney’s office that their integrity is unimpeachable,” Judge Wood said. She was probably thinking “you guys, not so much.”

To be fair, he raised taxes and did the ultimate evil, provided a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants.

He wouldn't make it past Iowa in today's Republican Party, yet he somehow is still Saint Reagan because he talked tough....to the Russians....yea none of this makes sense anymore.

“I just want my stuff back.”

He sounds like a 10 year old who got his phone and Xbox taken away by his parents.

You're missing the inditing words, tho





Fox News rests its case.

Either Cohen lied in court by claiming his client to be Sean Hannity, in which case he's hiding something more nefarious, OR Hannity has been using his position at Fox News to try to undermine an investigation into his own lawyer without disclosing that information. Either way, major violations have occurred.

That's not the best part though. The best part is that Hannity claims to never have retained nor paid Cohen for his services, only consulted with him. This potentially means that none of what was discussed between Cohen and Hannity is covered under attorney-client privilege, if Cohen didn't specify that the work was pro bono.

In any case, these guys are absolutely in some of the deepest imaginable shit.

"Still barking up the wrong tree. Stormy Daniels did not pee on my client."

You need to cite this source right the fuck now.




Why does it matter if Cohen is his attorney? What am I missing?

This is the best, clearest article on the ruling so far (CNN's reporting was almost deliberately lacking detail).

The money paragraph:

U.S. District Court Judge Kimba Wood denied the requests and ruled that prosecutors will get first access to the information, followed by Cohen’s defense team ten days later. Wood noted that she has not yet decided whether she will appoint a special master in the case at all.

edit: Holy crap, this is gold:

Cohen’s team claimed in the Monday filing that Hannity’s identity was protected under attorney-client privilege, but the U.S. Attorney’s office disagreed, alleging that Cohen’s team was simply employing a delaying tactic.

“Cohen has more attorneys than he has clients,” Assistant U.S. Attorney Thomas McKay quipped.

Cohen attorney Steve Ryan argued that the third client—Hannity—is a “publicly prominent individual,” who did not want his name released.

“I’m simply trying to protect the privacy of that individual,” he added.

After much discussion, Wood ruled that the name must be publicly disclosed immediately.

“The client’s name is Sean Hannity,” replied Todd Harrison, Cohen’s attorney. The room erupted in laughter.

Live footage of Michael Avenatti

He defended Roy Moore pretty hard. Not saying he's a didler, I'm only asking questions.

Moneyman Frank Richardson gushed about the time he spent with Wood, describing her as “absolutely wonderful, very intelligent, a complete woman and able to give love wonderfully and freely.”

The illicit romance began in the spring of that year with dinners at ritzy restaurants and weekend getaways at Wood’s country home. At the time, Kimba was married to a Time magazine columnist but the two were about to divorce.

Richardson — who was worth an estimated $157 million at the time — wrote in superlatives about the judge, even describing one fireside rendezvous at the country home as “beautiful an eight hours as I have spent in my life.”

He and Wood married in 1999.

So she married the man who wrote journal entries about how amazing of a person she was. Their relationship began as she was about to divorce her first husband. What a scandal!

Absolutely laughable compared to the shit that's in today's headlines.

Cooley: the only law school that rewards you with 2 scoops of ice-cream instead of a valid diploma or any usable knowledge.

I cannot believe I skipped right by that. That cannot mean good things for Cohen. Seriously, what is in that box? My imagination says it is his prize jewels and a prosecutorial goldmine.

I believe the Russia case with respect to my client is a complete dry hole

Ew, can we pick better analogies please

'I declare ignorance!'

Michael Scott Cohen

This is what CNN was getting wrong initially. They were simply saying that the judge ruled that Cohen was to be given the documents. Only after 30 minutes of reporting that way did they start adding "copies of the documents" to their reporting.

I was at the gym and couldn't check online, so it scared the shit out of me for a while.

Cohen has had three clients in the recent past. Cohen paid off women involved in affairs with the first two clients. Hannity wants us to believe his involvement with Cohen was casual real estate advice.

The second point is that Hannity is financially involved with this guy in the center of the Trump shitstorm. It's highly unethical for him to be reporting on these stories without disclosing his own ties to the story.

We're going to learn a lot more about this relationship in the future. This is just the teaser.

“The client’s name is Sean Hannity,” replied Todd Harrison, Cohen’s attorney. The room erupted in laughter.


One of my main hopes for this presidency is that as many of his supporters as possible know, deep down, that he never had any business running for president. They need to flinch at the mere mention of his name.

Hopefully Trump is like a fascism vaccine that will prevent us from getting the full blow fascism that conservatism in America has been moving towards for the past several decades.

Obviously everyone is referring to Ivanka, Eric, and Don Jr.

“It’s not that you’re not good people,” Wood told Cohen’s attorneys on Monday afternoon, near the end of the two-hour proceeding. “It’s that you’ve miscited the law.”

"And also, you aren't good people"


(Saved you a click: It's a list of burn centers in Russia.)

What would happen if Clinton won? The GOP would have loved that and would spend the whole term trying to kick her out. Then they would win more seats in congress and maybe even the presidency in 2020.

But since Trump won, the GOP has been falling apart and are on the brink of complete collapse.

Exactly. Had Hillary won, you would have a ton of mini Trumps win congress seats in 2018; by 2020, the Republican candidate would probably be even further to the right of Trump and even more corrupt, but more charismatic and less obviously scandal prone.

He is obviously a very miserable person. It's actually kind of sad. He could have taken the money his daddy gave him and just had an overall pleasant and peaceful life, but instead he had to be miserable.

Word salading something about architecting a downpayment on a mid-size Toyota.

How about "a complete Melania"

Well that was a surprise to precisely no one, with the possible exception of Trump.

have nothing to do with Russia

This is a play to the FOXNews crowd who are trying to conflate the various issues so they can all be part of the "witch hunt!" narrative they've been pushing.

They understand just fine, they don't want their base to understand.

I doubt he's had a day of peace in years. Maybe decades. I mean I've never seen this guy in a mood I would describe as remotely connected to happiness or at ease. On his best days he is seething or smug.

"No one gets two scoops except for me!" Donald Trump

Eh I'm okay with Barron and Tiffany being off the hook.

That was my favorite detail too

Consider the possibility that if Trump hadn't won somebody even more dangerous (evil, but not an idiot) would eventually have won. There's a decent chance that if we survive Trump, some things could be fixed.

Funny thing is with Trump is that someone once analyzed his claimed wealth to what he inherited from his father. The result was that had he not done anything, just sat on the real estate assets and money assets, he would be worth more today than he claims his worth is.

But it is pretty clear he is worth less than he claims. Take that with the fact that he makes money on his naming rights and things like the apprentice and it clear he has lost a ton of money over the years. That is why he won’t release his tax returns. They will show how bad he actually is at business.

You'd think this lesson would be taught very early in law school: Don't piss off the judge.

Cohen's lawyer (well, and Cohen) fucked that up literally on day 1 and its going to screw them over the rest of the way.

<wellformed> <wellplayed/> </wellformed>

They already published an article that she once - gasp - had sex. http://www.nydailynews.com/news/politics/cohen-case-heard-judge-kimba-wood-aka-love-judge-article...

Thank God he got his jacket back!

Tbf it's from the DailyBeast article, not the AP one in your comment.

Yeah Cohen thinks that he's living in a movie. He seems to have thought that he was untouchable - I feel like hubris played a larger part than stupidity in his professional behavior. Although I guess the two are indistinguishable sometimes.

It might be just hopeful now, but any Russian connection/communication makes this very, very interesting.

Cohen's other client:

Elliott Broidy, a top fundraiser for President Donald Trump, offered last year to help a Moscow-based lawyer get Russian companies removed from a U.S. sanctions list. Broidy made the offer after an inquiry from Andrei Baev, an energy lawyer at Chadbourne & Parke LLP, both men acknowledged in statements to Bloomberg News this week. In a proposal sent to Baev shortly before Trump’s January 2017 inauguration, Broidy sketched out a potential campaign to influence top U.S. officials


Don't forget the shit-heel son in law.

More live footage of Avenatti

Avenatti should be wildfire on Bill Maher this Friday.

Trump saved us from paul ryan 2020 fresh off 4 years of Clinton conspiracy.

Shit would have been infinitly worse if trump lost.

I don't mean Clinton would have been a worse President obviously, but the house/Senate would have obstructed harder than they did Obama, and a smart republican winning in 2020 would have been 1000 times worse.

Similarly, Trump’s own legal representation in this case, Joanna Hendon, filed a letter on Sunday night asking the judge to give Cohen’s team first-access to the material.

Without knowing anything else about her, I'm impressed with ANY lawyer who is still willing to represent Trump. She has to go into this knowing that things won't end well.

Also interesting that at least once, there has been some awfully shady timing of what trump statements about the show/Fox say and what actually happened.

It might be just hopeful now, but any Russian connection/communication makes this very, very interesting.

That's what happens when your soul happens to be a gaping maw of insecurity.

As nice as it will be to rid ourselves of Trump and his immediate cronies/family, I won't feel vindicated until the full weight of the law goes crashing down on the Kochs, the Mercers, Peter Thiel, Rupert Murdoch and the various 'new wave' of conservative activist leaders who are clearly being backed with Koch/Mercer money.

For instance, Charlie Kirk and Turning Point USA (those obnoxious college republican groups) are funded by the Kochs, as well as multiple other right-wing megadonors. Young Americans Foundation, who supports Ben Shapiro, are a Koch PAC.

Peter Thiel is at a whole other level. He's a major acolyte for some bizarre ideology known as 'dark enlightenment'. Thiel is also planning to launch his own media platform with support from Rebekah Mercer (the daughter of Bob Mercer and gold medalist for most hideous forehead/chin combination).

I want the entire vast network of cronies, oligarchs and plutocrats perpwalked out of the seats of power. Trump's just a hood ornament in comparison.

I'm sure Trump is furiously trying to understand why he doesn't have the ability to fire any government employee who he deems "disloyal", including Judge Wood.

I mean to be fair, if he left his car keys on his desk they probably took those too just for shits and giggles.

Remember when a President used a product, the company touted it? McD's has been silent, understandably so.

damn i wish there was a video

Boehner was the one who REALLY got out in time

This is gonna be a series that resembles Game of Thrones and Better Call Saul.

Obligatory crest of Cooley Law School: https://i.imgur.com/Jv3h4Fo.jpg

Obligatory crest of Cooley Law School:



He only stopped by for coffee. Nothing serious. Hardly a customer. /s

Seriously... Thats about it. My dog got out of the yard and got picked up by animal control in my town. That same day (must have put us all together) there were about 20 cases for a "dog at large"

The case before my case, lady comes up and starts bitching about how her dog is nice, he is ways outside in the front yard. And how they had no right to take her dog. Its a little yorkie, btw. Gets the book thrown at her. 93 days $500.

My dog is this pitt-lab mix. Super sweet and friendly, but he looks mean as hell.

I come up and just respond with "yes, your honor" "no, your honor". Told him my dog simply got his collar off and the tie out, and we had repaired the hole in our fence.

Case closed. No fine, no problem. They just wanted to see that he was registered (he was)

A little respect for the judge goes a long way

He's a narcissist. What he 'needed' was to be the most important person around anywhere in all of human history.

Just like every other narcissist.

Money can buy you that, but you just have to be good at making it.

Trump's not, and is the source of a lot of his misery.

And it is so absolutely delicious.

And for once, the liberals of America have to not take the high road.

People like that should be absolutely ridiculed for the rest of their lives as complete idiots. Too many times the liberals try to live and let live, even looking at something like Confederacy worship, where they let it happen without much comment when they should just constantly refer to anyone who has a Confederate flag as a traitor.

Same thing here, trump supporters should be mocked forever, mercilessly, as idiots who elected "member of the elite" as their "non elitist" candidate.

Or if the pee pee tape is of Hannity and Trump.

Trump should be pleased.

All of a sudden everyone is calling Hannity.

As someone who works in banking, getting into a SDB is a PITA, but whether it's a big deal is mostly a crapshoot. For someone like Cohen, it's probably the last place he'd put something incriminating--it's trivially easy to determine if he has one if you're investigating his finances, and once you know that, the only thing stopping someone from getting into it is a court order. For something incriminating, a safe at an unrecorded location is probably your best bet--the harder it is to know it exists, the safer it is.

I only went to law school for 1.5 years and the retired judge who taught me property law said never try to get smart with them and call them your honor a lot, they like that.

Fox pays off the women directly. The only way he’d need a lawyer like Cohen is if it’s worse than what Fox paid for with Oreilly or Ailes.

I've seen a ton of people to this day redeem genuine shitheads like McCarthy and Nixon. Make no mistake, if Trump and his folks go down, they'll have people for generations claiming that he was either taken down by conspiracy or that "besides the thing that took him down, he was a great president!!".