Juan Mata Rejects Big Money Offer From China in Order to Stay With Manchester United

Juan Mata Rejects Big Money Offer From China in Order to Stay With Manchester United
Juan Mata Rejects Big Money Offer From China in Order to Stay With Manchester United

Juan Mata is the least likely player to ever accept a big money offer from China

Well since he donates a percentage of his salary, technically taking the huge offer would be a charitable move in a way

What a despicable monster, never thinks of anyone else.

Jose Mourinho sold him to Man U, knowing he'd be coaching them soon after. Genius.

He’s always come across as a really nice bloke to be fair

He is rich, but he could easly become stupid rich in china

Incidentally the very coach he plays for now is the one that didn't play him at the time, leading to him wanting to move. Seems like Mourinho's finally warmed up to him and he's finally adapted to Mourinho's style. Just not at Chelsea.

Mata is probably the most wholesome footballer. No matter who you support, you really can't hate him.

Considering he thinks footballers make too much and has started a campaign to get players to donate a percentage of their salary, you picked the wrong player for greed.

lol he already has money

Juan Mata is a Spanish international who plays for one of the biggest clubs in the world. Him NOT going to China is pretty relevant news.

I've always like Mata, I'm still don't understand how Chelsea left him go

Like your mom haha

Juan hell of a guy.

Its not all about money. He will already have retirement money and Untied aren't paying min wage at the moment. Maybe he and his family are settled and don't want to move. I mean not all people are greedy.

They should better spend their money on improving football as a whole there by making it attractive.

They are. But they need to have top players to attract interest. It's the same MLS did, only they went for old players who were at their end of their careers. China was willing to spend more money on the stars and getting players in the middle of their career, to attract more attention to the league.

They are probably already spending a lot to improve the football, but they also need to bring in stars that give them exposoure, and it works. Before the Tevez/Oscar/Martinez transfers, I never saw anything about China on this sub. After that first big wave, they got a lot of exposure and media coverage to the league.

Helped me change my tire on the 101 once. Too top guy


Cazorla, Mata, Ronaldinho, all players that are just very likeable by everyone

As much as I respect him and his decision, imagine how charitable he would be with all that cash

Almost like Mourinho's Chelsea and United play different kind of football. His own words.

If that's the case then why don't we just shove every bit of news about different clubs in each different subreddit? isn't this sub supposed to be a collective of all the clubs?

Cazorla is easy to dislike but that’s just because every arsenal fan sucks him off way too much

This was my view, doesn't he think about the kids? Savage of him

Mourinho 4d chess

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