[JP] [News] NY Amaterasu "Buff"

[JP] [News] NY Amaterasu "Buff"

LS - Healer type ATK x9 (from x4) at full HP, x3 at less than 99%. Heal 10x RCV upon matching.

Awakening (updated 1730 jst)

Unbindable → Unbindable+

Unbindable → SB


Why are people complaining about who got buffed? I thought we all knew it was going to suck we just did it because she can be bought

Not unexpected. This is why it wasn't great to vote for her - they were going to make sure she stayed bad. One of the others might have gotten a real buff. Then again, maybe it was always gonna be a joke buff.

I know what you mean but "unconditional at full HP" is not exactly unconditional :P

Yeah, a year ago this would be pretty good. But now? Zeus Verse craps all over this. 225x unconditional at full HP and he's a farmable card.

Yes it's a large step up but it still isn't good

People should've gone for Kami :(

or Horus if he was a choice

EDIT: But hey, x81 ATK ain't too bad, right? That makes for a decent "farmable" farming Leader that—

ah fuck it never mind. It's nothing great

A summing they did the same thing to Kami she would have gotten a SB and something else random not gonna change the fact that Kami is a broken leader

They could have made any one of the rare pulls a god-tier lead, but now we have a slightly better MP wastebasket.

So good! /s

Say what now? Is this a bad dream?