Josh Thomson hitting on a Bellator babe backstage.

Josh Thomson hitting on a Bellator babe backstage.


He just got Pygmied.

I'm no Bellator babe?

To be honest though, he does have really nice hair.

The first post got deleted for no reason.

everyone is just jealous of his luscious locks.

"He must workout"

Like a tribal Dumbledore

Why thank you... And that ain't no lie!

You're a total babe, don't let him get you down ;)

Thanks babe :-)


"The Tribe has spoken...."

Josh Thomson is a handsome motherfucker

Not gonna lie his hair is pretty luscious.

Male model material... Have you seen his blue steel? Magnum?


Oh negative nancy, try to have some fun in life.

Can't resist the luscious locks of the /u/TheBigPygmy

good luck!!! win or lose you're doing great things outside the cage which I'd say most of us care about more than a win or loss (: but you should win

It's all that fresh, clean water.