Jon Stewart on the "War On Christianity"

Jon Stewart on the "War On Christianity"

Hes my second favorite Jew, second only to Einstein.

He can be an agnostic atheist and still Jewish.

Regarding his religiosity, a letter he wrote:

Actually Einstein ended up becoming an agnostic atheist :)

Careful... Stewart is an equal opportunity satirist as he calls out atheists too

Jewish can be viewed as an ethnicity and cultural behavior. Many famous jews are agnostic or atheist, yet they still consider themselves as jewish.

We call these people Jew-ish.

there are two types of jew; theres

*the religious jew

*the ethnic jew

*the religious and ethnic jew- a.k.a. the super jew, or the double jew, or even the superior briquette

now go forward and be enlightened

I know this will be an unpopular view on this this subreddit, but there are some atheists, like myself, who prefer to rage against Christian intervention and obstruction rather than Christian absurdity. There is nothing about them wanting to display symbolic rubble that interferes with me or society in general. Exploiting their absurdity in the face of the pain does seem a bit ass-hat to me.

okay, i'm athiest, and even have to admit that he's right (and hilarious)

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This guy can count! He's definitely a jew.

That atheist president guy did make a valid point. The cross represents the Abrahamic God. This God is supposedly all-powerful and all-loving. It's sad that simply pointing out the fact that this God did nothing to stop 911 makes him an asshole. He's pointing out the absurdity that people think the cross in the rubble is a sign from God, yet don't even question why God didn't intervene.

And he's an asshole for making this observation?

They only eat kosher people?

I mean if we're getting technical the founding fathers were deists so they haven't ALL been Christian......

As an American Christian, it's pretty obvious to me there is no"war on Christianity" in America.

However, in Egypt, Pakistan, Gaza, and countless other Islamic bastions it's a very different story. I wish American Christians would stop playing the victim and help the real victims: our brothers and sisters overseas.

The word God is for me nothing more than the expression and product of human weaknesses, the Bible a collection of honourable, but still primitive legends which are nevertheless pretty childish.

Til Einstein said this.


Careful, sometimes he mocks idiotic atheists.

You must be the jewtheist person ever.

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Woody Allen is Jewest.

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Hes my second favorite Jew, second only to Einstein.

Not trolling. Is it really?

Forgive my ignorance, but how exactly does this work? So does an athiest Jew go to synagogue? Eat exclusively kosher meals? etc.

This has deep roots in the feuds between denominations, as many have historically considered others to not be true Christians. The advent of the religious right and their use of the "born-again" label did a lot to unify the diverse thinking of various Christian groups by saying that only a handful of beliefs central to Christianity are really important, but inter-denominational tension persists.

The funny thing is, most members of churches have no idea what makes their denomination different from any of the others. They usually know why Protestants originally split from the Roman Catholic church, but they have no clue that the precedent for that was set by the Great Schism. They have no clue about the history of Protestantism and the series of Great Awakenings which revitalized Christianity in America. They have no idea that the radical evangelical version of Christianity that is popular today, especially in the south, didn't arise until sometime around the 1960's.

So many embrace their chosen (or assigned, as the case may be) label, and form an in-group mentality. Those who go to these churches are real Christians. They aren't mindful of the fact that most churches hold almost identical beliefs and the differences between them mostly come down to organizational structure. It's all a result of irrelevant religious feuds that go back hundreds of years.

Sorry for the rant. Just wanted to get my thoughts out there.

Pantheist indeed. He did not believe in a personal God, but he also considered positive atheism (saying that "There is no God") to be quite arrogant.

"I dream of a month where this quote isn't pasted on top of a different Jon Stewart picture and voted to the front page of /sub/atheism." -Me

Jon, I must disagree here. There were a few of the 43 who weren't Christian.

I'm atheist, but culturally (raised) Jewish. Eat the food, occasionally get with family for the holidays, not much else. I identify as atheist, and sometimes jewtheist


My mother's side of my family is full on Russian Jews who fled to the US after the Bolshevik Revolution, but I'm athiest, which makes me ethnically Jewish but not religiously jewish. As for my day, pretty much the same as any other athiest, eating Christian babies, pissing on crosses,lusting after my neighbor's wife. That kind of thing.

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Bear Jew?

what about the

I've actually asked my Christian friends a similar question: do you feel like "the other" in terms of faith despite the abundance of Christian presidents that the U.S. has had? All of them have said yes. Why? Their answers all have one thing in common, something along the lines of "Most presidents I know of have been Christian in name only. And the people I see on a daily basis on campus [U of Washington] are against my Christian views."

Any thoughts?