Jokers depiction informs us of each decades drug of choice

Jokers depiction informs us of each decades drug of choice

Heroin. The word is heroin.

I dunno man, I can't get enough of a woman admired or idealized for her courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

Shouldn't the bottom left say prescription drugs?

He had a blast


I used to be a heroine junkie. Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Scarlett Witch..Couldn't stop reading about them. Lost all my friends, spent all my money on comics, I was a mess.


It damn sure shouldn't say "heroine."

To state the obvious, it is a joke. Look in my history, I have named Kurt Cobain of one of my most favorite deceased musicians and not a week goes by that I don't listen to him. Kurt Cobain is the best and will be missed.

That said, I always have a hard time resisting to pull the trigger on these kind of jokes.


edit: or just a "Floridaman" Joker, same thing

edit2: I would also be very happy with an homage to this guy as "paint huffing joker"


edit: or just a "Floridaman" Joker, same thing

edit2: I would also be very happy with an homage to as "paint huffing joker"

Would it make you want to blow up a boat?

What? Are we going for accuracy here or not?

I'm pretty sure you could switch all the pictures around and it would still make sense.

How'd that work out for him?

Speaking for myself, it depends what boat, and also when and where. I'd probably be OK blowing up a light yacht for Susan B. Anthony, but I'd want people to be able to appreciate the show, so maybe about half a mile out into a harbor at noon.

Why. Why can no one spell that anymore? Spellcheck has ruined all homophones?

ETA - Okay okay...inbox blown up with "gay" jokes. -_-

I wonder what marijuana joker would look like

"Heeeeey batsy! Wanna burn down this Jay with the J?"

Heath Ledger as the Joker is probably the onscreen performance I least realize its just an actor playing a character. Like, it's just the Joker. I don't see Heath Ledger at all. It's like a real character. I can't say that for many performances, usually you still feel like it's just the actor playing a role. The makeup probably helps with this effect the performance has on my perception of the person onscreen, but it's still incredible.

Cesar Romero's Joker reminds me of Tim Curry... And now, making me think how awesome it would be if he was Joker

I've already blown up two amphibious transports for Malala Yousafzai and intend to blow up several more before I'm done.

Kurt Cobain liked to spell it "heroine" also referring to it as bitch goddess.

pull the trigger

God dammit


Tim curry was the joker originally in the batman the animated series but was deemed too scary so mark Hamill took the role.

That's the kind of comment that earns a person a prominent spot on a list somewhere.

Welp, now I can wait

I feel that way about every character Gary Oldman plays

I think the cocaine one made sense. Because of the time period (80's?) and the gangster style outfit.

This would also explain your/you're, there/their/they're, and queue/cue


Edit to include other suggestions:






been/being (I haven't seen this one before, but it pains me)



check/cheque (heh, spellcheque)


have/of (in the context of could've, would've)


loose/lose (more commonly loser/looser, I think)




raise/raze (apparently this could be raise/raze/rays/rase/rehs/res. Thank you wikipedia.)




til/till ('til?)


Apparently we need to ban spellcheck for the good of the English language.

Don't forget about the marijuana joker...

It was said that he found that it made his cheeks feel odd and couldn't get used to it. When the director saw him do it, he said it added a creepiness to his character and told him to add it as a mannerism to his role.

I think we call them juggalos...

In an interview they said it was because the makeup bothered him

Talk about drugs and no one bats an eye, misspell heroin and everyone loses their mind.


Isn't it, "Pryde"?


this just raise more questions.

I wonder what marijuana joker would look like or pill pusher joker.

Edit: Yes I meant pill popper. Thanks whoever pointed that out.

I'm just gonna leave as is.

I used to put myself in real bad situations because i convinced myself Wonder Woman would save me from being gaped. She never came. Neither did I.


Mind = Blown

TBH Ledger's Joker seems more like meth than heroin. He's energetic, scatterbrained, unpredictable, wild mood swings, rants incessantly, and seemingly has a death wish. Heroin seems like he would be mellowed out to the point of being useless to himself.

In DC Comics Joker gained god-like power and literally ate everyone in China.

I think he looks more like a heroin addict but not high. Like he's dope sick. Just a train wreck, at least when you're not counting his high energetic behavior.

EDIT: fun fact; the joker does have a death wish. His goal is to get batman to kill him (since batman refuses to kill). He likes bringing out the worst in people.


And for good reason, who would want to subject their kids to that? My son wouldn't sleep for weeks if Tim Curry was voicing the Joker.

But can you?

Well the original picture might be accurate...he kind of looks like he's done a shit load of cocaine in the bottom left panel

Lol that name looks like they just rolled their face on their keyboard.

Mark Hamill was the Joker of the 90s.

Probably would've had PTSD-related panic attacks when he watches The Wild Thornberries too.

Just in case you are really curious, this is from the Superman storyline, "Emperor Joker". Joker manages to steal Mr. Mxyzptlk's powers from him and uses it to re-create the universe in his image. It's a very good story. The things that he does to Batman are pretty horrific.

*better link


Except Heath Ledger's, he doesn't really fit any of these

I guess you could say he looks like...

Isn't the reason Ledger licked his lips so often was to depict the dry mouth side effects of anti-psychotics the Joker might have been taking?

He's been using the force since the 70's

What'd you call me?

I think it's more the aesthetic than the way they act. Romero with the bright colors and spaced-out eyes, Nicholson with the... general Nicholson vibe, Ledger with the grungy thing that brings to mind the junkie rock stars of the 90s, and Leto looks like some tweeker juggalo.

The thing to remember about the Joker is it doesn't matter what he looks like. What he was trying to show with the Gordons in The Killing Joke is that anyone can be driven to madness if they have a bad enough day.

That's all the Joker is, a normal dude who had a really, really bad day, and that's the most terrifying part of him, that maybe that's all it takes for anyone to be like him.

And Jack Nicholson has done a shitload of coke over the years.

Gary Oldman does it on purpose. He's said he won't play the same kind of role twice.

"I'm a heroine addict. I need to have sex with women who have saved someone's life."

Mitch Hedberg -

I've seen a bunch of movies he's in, but I still don't know what he looks like.

Ledger's Joker doesn't seem cocaine-esque.


But to add to this, I was having a discussion not too long ago where I don't think the Heath Ledger Joker would have worked if not for the previous iterations of the Joker.

If our culture didn't already have this cartoonish image of the Joker established in other Batman stories, the gritty version wouldn't have been as fresh or surprising. Food for thought, anyway.

Fazed/phased. You were not fazed when Kitty Pride phased through the wall.

I'll have one reddit training please.

I prefer the newer Jokers. Or Heath's anyway, and Leto is looking interesting. I know most do, but I was just thinking the other day that Jack Nicholson is actually a really good Joker. The irony is that in the film he was a not-very Joker-ish character.

Joker is this chaotic mess that hasn't had his shit together for so long that it has calcified.

I think if Jack took up the role today, with today's film interpretation of Joker, he would probably be perfect for playing Joker. It's a shame that the 90's and 00's had to happen, really.

Man, I thought that Leatherface Joker was such a dumb "trying too hard" look but that issue of Batman and Robin completely sold me on it. That said, I'm glad he healed up nicely.

Man, I thought that Leatherface Joker was such a dumb "trying too hard" look but that issue of Batman and Robin completely sold me on it. That said, I'm glad he .


Fayy glmao

Joker on meth makes the most sense, and is by far the scariest.

Wonder Woman can gape me anytime.

That response was one of the most scatterbrained things I've seen since...well, in a real long time at least.

I've also been seeing aisle/isle a lot lately.

So what is initium?

Good thing you got away from all that. There's a new drug on the market called Spider Gwen, and a new batch of Ms Marvel has hit the streets.

Kids are doing it rough.

"Goddamnit Joker, this is laced with PCP."

"Gotcha again bats!"

The one that gets to me is "of" instead of "'ve". That stuff used to be taught in middle school, and with autocorrect it's actually faster to type it correctly.

Right way: to get "should've" you type "shouldv". Common way: to get "should of" you have to type "should of" and half the time change the resulting "if" to an "of." You literally have to put more effort into getting it wrong than right. People are pretty committed to language mistakes.

"Cool idea Steve, but how the fuck do you pronounce that name?"

"Like I know, I just made it up"

Yes and when he goes heel it is no

If they were goin b for accuracy they would have spelled HEROIN correctly

Now that you mention it, that's probably why it seems so fitting when everyone thinks of Tim Curry as the Joker.

I mean, no? Posts are pretty well-written here, if anything people fix petty typos then edit in some grandiose apology for no reason edit a word edit wow inbox edit thanks for gold edit going to sleep thnx gais

No. Pure distilled Justice.

and Justice is no joke.

He has moved to a state where medical midichlorians are allowed, so it is all perfectly legal now.

That is part of the Joke. His only weaknesses are that he cannot stand being ridiculed and if he says or spells his name backwards, Klptzyxm (kil-pit-ZEE-zim /kɨlpɨtˈziːzɨm/), he is involuntarily sent back to his home dimension for a minimum of 90 days.

Marlon Brando The Godfather