Joint rolled with rose petals

Joint rolled with rose petals

Rose bud

Well Done


Does it taste like Grandma's house?

Well it smell great and I love the aftertaste. Idk how to describe the taste, maybe sweet but faint? It's good though. Also it was so easy to roll and didn't go out once. (And I'm a girl who sucks at rolling and my joints usually always go out.)

Yeah. They're petals.


No, but I promise it doesn't taste as good as everyone says it does.

The only appropriate reaction gif to that comment.

Those aren't leaves

Rose petal smoking is actually fairly common as an alternative to tobacco. There seem to be conflicting reports on whether or not they add to the high (I've never tried it), but they otherwise seem to be no worse for you than weed or tobacco.

But petals are made up entirely of leaf tissue.

Flowers in a flower.

But as far as I'm aware tobacco is much worse for you than weed. So how bad are rose petals really? Is it comparable to weed, or to tobacco?

Edit: I now see you said it's an alternative for tobacco, but I'm still confused by your phrasing. Also at a [7] so that might be it.

sims fool

so we can smoke rose leafs?

That's basically what I tell my friends when I'm trying to get them to do drugs with me


sorry about your baby.

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Don't you mean "now leaf"? Sorry, that was awful

i'm at a nice [7] and i gotta say it was pretty good. i smoke a lot of blunts and this was way less harsh, tasted a lot better but still comes second to zigzags imo. the taste is almost unnoticeable so it tasted really good because i have some fruity bud. how on earth did you roll it so easily though, i can roll a backwoods without a flaw, but this was like last-boss difficult. they weren't all the way dry when i rolled up maybe that's why. i ramble when i'm high

It will never be used more appropriately.

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congrats on your baby!

Leaf it to the experts to innovate on joint rolling.

Tobacco is actually more damaging than cannabis. Both the tobacco and cannabis leaf create about the same amount of tar when smoked. But, the smoke from the bud of the cannabis plant (the part that is actually smoked) only has 1/3 of the tar as the tobacco leaf which makes it less damaging to the lungs. Marijuana also has an expectorant property which helps the body expunge the tar and other harmful chemicals from the lungs which decreases the damaging effects from the smoke. Also, as far as I know, cannabis smoke is not radioactive, whereas tobacco smoke is radioactive.

Radioactivity Source; Expectorant Source is from Jack Herer's book "The Emperor Wears No Clothes"; Sadly, I cannot find the source on the tar content.

Tobacco isn't necessarily very damaging, except frequently inlarge amounts, which is essentially the same as weed. It's the fact that tobacco is extremely addictive is where it gets ya.

I love that 'in focus candle' effect you've gone for.

"But there's always a small chance i could... die, right?"

Hahaha, uptoke for "last-boss difficult".

Does that remind you of a forest? Or am I really really high? [8ish]

so did 1,000 simoleons pop out of nowhere for you op?

But it sounds so delightfully delightful!!

Jesus Christ, Marie.

My mom does it now. And she's a new grandma.

have smoked rose petals before. they taste remarkably like spice.

whether or not you like that taste....

Nothing is really safe to smoke into your lungs lol. But no, rose petals won't give you a case of the deads.

Calm down, Hedonismbot.

How do you know he's happy about it?

Idk about the leaves but I know petals are harmless and taste pretty good :)

I think roses sold at the store might be because of the chemicals they use to make them grow faster and keep bugs off ect... But I just rolled this with partially dried rose-petals from my yard.

And here I thought Reddit had rose above pun threads.

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It's still a thorny subject among many users.

It was really easy. The petals hadn't completely dried out so it didn't tear, but it was dry enough to burn. I just wrapped it tight and it held on its own.

You got all the bases covered now.

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I was afraid of a case of real bad headaches or some harsh wheezies.

Wasn't there a 1 at the end of those or am I wrong?

Burned sugar is bad to breathe

in my yard

watch out for pesticides bro.

I JUST THOUGT OF SOMETHING! If you do this and it's fat like a cigar it's a Rosie O'Donnell

While I don't think smoking one would taste very good, apples are a part of the rose family. Supposedly it tastes like apples if you eat a rose pedal, though I have never confirmed this.

My first thought was, is it safe to smoke rose petals? I mean, is it safe for the lungs?

Vapor bro

It's still plant matter burning in your mouth. That's usually not great for you, it just some plants are worse then others. And some the positives beat the negatives.

we have some orange, red and a few pink ones in my yard so i rolled one of each but i'm waiting for them to cure and dry out. i tried a little hit off the red one and it tasted pretty good. did you just try this out because you were out of zigzags or what? haha

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I just saved you two, long, boobless hours.

It just sorta sticks by itself, just roll it tight enough :)


Waittttt so I wasn't the only one whose grandma put that rose-scented oil on her lightbulbs?

No, roses are entirely edible and many varieties are pretty delicious.

Let me know how they turn out! And yeah, pretty much. I ran out of paper and had some rose petals lying around (I dry them out to use as decoration and potpourri) so I thought "why not?"

I dunno you gota be really careful smoking weird shit like flowers, sometimes when that enters your lungs it creates weird bacteria and shit. b careful!

sign, A concerned redditor.

They taste like rose petals... and that tastes like what roses smell like. It's not bad, but nothing great.

Source: Ate rose petals when I was 9.

What is dead may never die.

I used two - one to wrap and one to secure it/give it more of a filter. I'm sure someone more skilled in the art of rolling could use more petals to make a bigger joint