[Johnson] Mirotic is at Bulls practice again. Hoiberg said he’s talking to teammates except Portis.

[Johnson] Mirotic is at Bulls practice again. Hoiberg said he’s talking to teammates except Portis.

That sounds like the best way to deal with this as an adult

At one point they made eye contact but they both quickly looked away. Portis looked back but Mirotic did not

Why would Hoiberg even say this to the media. It’s almost like he wants more drama

Hoiberg does not strike me as someone that know how to mediate situations. Didn't handle the ending of the Rose, Noah, Gibson era well and basically allowed for the locker room divide with Butler/Wade vs the rest of the team. Guy should probably just go back to coaching college kids.

Just trade one of them already. Probably Mirotic since Portis has been playing well.


Don't get the logic behind rushing someone and then acting like the victim when they drop you

This shit is so embarrassing, Niko needs to go

All of the articles about the incident...

I'm looking forward to the backstory of their fight getting eventually leaked


I don't know the words I'm supposed to use but I know it's some weeb shit

hes perfect for the bulls

Portis under his breath: "B...Baka..."

January 14, 2018 the earliest.

If ya'll interested in Miles Plumlee we can make it happen the second that restriction expires.

Don't let that stop you from overreacting, or acting like you know exactly what happened, like most of the people on this sub.

Every tank needs its commander.

Salute Byron Scott

What the hell is he supposed to do? He's not instigating any further conflict and is acting like a professional, despite probably not really liking the guy, to put it lightly. Would you be eager to have a chat-chat with a guy that quite literally sent you to the hospital?

Whites of the eye looking like that is a possible indicator of thyroid dysfunction which can cause mood disturbance.

He doesn't want to open that mouth again because Portis will knock that shit closed

no one is making any part of this situation any better, but Niko is actively making it worse. So is Hoiberg here by saying this to the media..... and I guess Bobby too for that sound byte he dropped yesterday.

The bulls should collectively just stop acknowledging this situation and just ignore/pass on any questions regarding it.

"Master has given Bobby a hat... Bobby is freeeeee"

(harry potter reference not trying to be racist)

Its not the actual white of the eye (sclera) that indicates thyroid dysfunction but a build up of tissue behind the eye that pushes the eye forward and retracts both lids so that you see more of the "white". This is caused by an inflammation of the orbital fat and muscle.

Now you know. https://emedicine.medscape.com/article/1218575-overview

He was The Mayor because he grew up in Ames Iowa, played college ball there at Iowa State, then coached them.

Haha it's like when Ari Gold fired the twin who got cheated on because the cheater twin had more business.

Fuck all of the plumlees.

Omae wa mou shinderui

I believe he did, but even then would you want to be on good terms with someone you picked a fight with and whom broke your face?? Not even gonna lie if I started a fight and got my ass kicked like that I'd be embarrassed and salty about it.

there is apparently video of it. I want to see that so bad.

More specifically, it started because he received write in votes for mayor during his playing years there.

What is he supposed to do? "Hey man I know you broke my face and put me in the hospital but we're still cool. See you on the court" ????


No one really knows.

I got it right away, but looking back on it I can definitely see how it would be taken the wrong way.

I believe it's: "I. . .It's not like I miss you or anything~~~"


I like them.

The players had been talking trash to one another in practice, going back and forth before those exchanges escalated into a physical encounter, league sources told ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski. Mirotic charged at Portis twice before Portis threw a punch and connected with Mirotic's face, league sources said. Mirotic dropped to the floor and lay there for several minutes before getting up, league sources said.

Here's the link

Better space it out or you'll probably be super sore for a while.

I know of the subculture but not into it lmao...👀👀

Surprised Mirotic could talk


Lmao or maybe I just choose to not associate myself with people that try to physically harm me???