John Oliver responds to Jack Warner's response..

John Oliver responds to Jack Warner's response..

This has turned into a piss contest and I'm loving every moment of it

He cant tell the the difference between an onion article and an actual news article

Warner called Oliver an American. Either he can't tell the difference between an American and a British accent, or he's aware that Oliver is a naturalized citizen. I'm surprised either way.

The only way for Warner to one-up Oliver now is by adding topless women or monster trucks.

I also watched the video.

He bad

For your viewing pleasure -

With lots more fire

I'm originally from Trinidad. Jack Warner is divisive back in Trinidad. He operates similarly to how Sepp Blatter operates in FIFA. He has blind support from a good chunk of the population (ala Blatter's unilateral support from Asia and Africa) due to showering them with gifts, and he's seen as a Robin Hood type character (steal from the rich, give to the poor).

Some people (I'd generally say the more educated) see it for what it is, desperate moves from a pathetic man, and laugh at his idiocy. Many of those just want him to be extradited and get this whole thing over with - they also don't enjoy the negative attention the country has been getting. Others see him as a victim. His FIFA corruption has been common knowledge for decades in Trinidad, but many people have been willing to turn a blind eye due to perceived benefits to Trinidad itself (qualifying for the 2006 World Cup, political handouts, prominence on the world stage). A lot of people like his story (i.e. poor black man, rising to the top and rubbing shoulders with the world's leaders) and I suppose are disillusioned that it might all be coming to an end.

Trinidad is a democratic country, but the public in general has a very low morality requirement for politics. Corruption is generally accepted and taken as the norm - compared to say the UK/US, the corruption is far more blatant and obvious, yet allowed/forgiven. It's why Jack remained in control of T&T football for 30 years despite stealing so much, and also ended up getting elected as an MP in the last 2 elections (quite overwhelmingly) and then got senior cabinet political posts such as the Minister of National Security (imagine that) and even acted as the Prime Minister on occasion when the actual PM was out of country.

Also, Trinidad has serious problems going on now (crazy murder rate, low price of oil) as well as upcoming elections, so this isn't necessarily the biggest issue bothering the country despite its global appeal.

Thanks Geoff

You are a villain alright... just not a SUPER one.

-What's the difference?


I maintain that he absolutely knows the difference, but he knows that his constituents dont. He's just playing them.

Jon Oliver's greatest enemy

I respect whatever decision the mods make but Jack Warner is still a relevant figure in the football world. How is this any different content-wise from news about footballers personal life? (sex scandals, WAGS, charital donations and all that)

"It is I the comedian fool!"

Anyone from Trinidad&Tobago who could give us any information on how does the country sees Jack Warner AND his constant media war and statements?

This has nothing to do with football any more.

over-dramatic videos

Basically, Jack Warner has been refuting the charges against him in the public forum by purchasing up air time on Trinidad television, and airing .

John Oliver, host of HBO's LastWeekTonight (and a noted FIFA critic), decided he'd also buy up time on Trinidad TV, and called out Jack Warner last week.

Here's where it gets good. Jack Warner then, instead of just laughing it off, took the fucking bait and aired a rebuttal to Oliver, which prompted the segment in the OP.

nope, just the permanent resident option for now.

Considering the fact he considered The Onion as a trustable news source, your advice will be followed.


But I don't think he says that because of his citizenship. He is still a resident.

A weird scenario to put myself in, but if I went to London to host a show but remained a U.S citizen I would probably feel more comparable saying we than you. Even if I didn't feel more comfortable, it would be better received by my target audience if I said we to seem as if I'm one of them.

Fuck olly

Cheers Geoff!

Piss jousting.

No, it was a pissing contest to begin with. Only problem is Jack Warner doesn't realize you can't win a pissing contest against a comedian, even if you can piss farther, he'll just say you have a small dick.

...on his face

John Oliver is the best.

He's tired.

Now I shall wait for it to become an upvote gif.

What about Tobago?

Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic.

I really hope that this is playing in Trinidad before Mike and Molly again this week. I'm not convinced that Jack Warner could figure out how to find this video otherwise.

I thought he was just a permanent resident eligible for naturalization?

Did you too come to the comment section to read and write about relevant topics on the submission at hand? Really, what are the odds?

I thought we were supposed to comment something completely unrelated... Say, how about those Greek/IMF talks eh?

Not nearly enough already

It's not. And we specifically try to remove those. We don't allow posts asking for charitable contributions and try to remove anything that's not related to football. Even things that happen on the pitch but aren't actually football related we try to remove too.

The thing about this video is that it's not football related. It's about Jack Warner vs the comedian fool. It's possible that the main reason this is up is because no one noticed it early and by the time it has 400+ upvotes and 50+ comments it's not nice to delete it when it's not offensive or bad taste.

Yeah. It's a very under appreciated kids movie.

You're both wrong...

Is that Jonah Hill?

Does he need my mixtape?

You're right. If this "feud" continues into more videos that have nothing to do with football we'll probably just remove them.

Edit: And 1000% upvotes.

On the millions of dollars he stole.

Yup, the corrupt get to their position with a steady diet of posturing and lying to the less informed and boring the informed into complacency.


Thread from a couple of days ago:

He's actually Benjen


Can always rely on Geoff.

Probably to not alienate his audience.

Like how Jason Jones and Samantha Bee from the Daily Show were Canadians and also said "us" referring to the US.

If you're going to call his style American, at least call it "humor".

Comedian fool*

No, that's John Oliver.

warner pls

Where is the guy that has made the music now ? Did John Oliver paid him unlike Warner ? Is he swimming in money now that his song is famous? Or did he come here with a bullshit post ?


I really hope that was a Football Ramble reference...

Could someone give me a quick summary on this situation please? I've no idea who John Oliver is and why a talk show host is fighting a (good) fight with FIFA.

From the comments of the post that had Warner's response video it seems to be very similar to the US.

Warner is to T&T like the Republicans are to the USA.

The younger generation, who is arguably better informed thanks to the internet, do not like him. Older residents, however, do, and that is how he maintains his power (that and the bribes). His videos are not designed to make him look good to "our" generation, instead they are to appeal to the "us vs them" nationalism of the older generation and shows him not giving in to foreign pressure.

Pretty much Sepp's idea of what the Women's World Cup should be.

I don't really see any other outcome other than the fall of the Greek government. Other than some sort of miracle, they're going to be kicked out of the EU Euro (thank you /u/joaocandre).

The extremely high interest rates, tourism, tariffs, etc. that will come as a part of this will surely cause the government to crumble.

"I do not take any instructions form an American."

You will soon enough, and he'll be wearing a guard uniform.

thanks Ollie


God I fucking love John.

I have no idea who that is.

You say that like everyone in America doesn't have a dedicated cat condo. Come on guys, this is Freedom 101.

It gets compared to Despicable Me a lot, but I think it's a far superior movie, although, I absolutely hated that movie and thought it tried way too hard to be cute. And I was forced to see it on my birthday

Man, fuck Despicable Me

Hostus Mostus

Yeah, good luck affording more topless women than HBO just has on retainer at any given moment.

Sadly, he doesn't take advice from any Americans*.

*I know /u/Calumariae isn't American, but neither is John Oliver so I suppose that's irrelevant.

John Oliver is the Night King confirmed!

As someone who used to live in the U.S. as a foreigner it has a lot to do with the fact that nationality is not innate but an artificial construct. As you assimilate, you can't help but to associate with the people around you and feel for them and the things that are happening in the country you live in, even if you don't have citizenship there. You start to feel a part of it until one day you're talking about politics or such and the "we" just kind of slips out.

I don't need to look up or dvr this show as the best bits always get posted to /sub/soccer

keep it up guys

Saying we does not mean he's an American. It may mean he is trying to associate as a citizen (for social and marketing reasons) but that does not mean he is going to start cheering for the U.S. over England. Oh and they're are multiple times he calls Americans 'Americans' or 'you guys...' He doesn't write these scripts on his own, the jokes are written for and with him, and whichever is the funniest and most appealing perspective to take in terms of the joke he will take.

Oh and just watch any interview with him and how he constantly references being British as 'we'....

what are you saying

I think he's saying "we" because he's lived here for so long and he's making a TV show in America, for primarily Americans.

Add in that many of his segments are very critical of the US government's policies it's better for him to identify with us rather than saying that "your government is fucked up" and alienating the viewer.

Furthermore, I think he considers himself to be just like everyone else. Sure, he doesn't have an American passport yet, but he's basically an American.

Typical Reddit hypocrisy, they claim to love cats, but as soon as one gets his own condo you're all outraged.

I see. Very well then, continue the good work.

I can't wait for this to continue. Hopefully Jack Warner keeps going.

Jack Warner is the Joker?

He's always been a scheming cunt and has a fuckton of money and connections.

Even in 2006 he was doing illegal shit for the world cup.

I don't really care about all this though, there is much worse things happening in the country at the moment.

Better believe it.


This is such a hilarious pissing contest. I love it. A comedian versus a complete and total moron

Good work

Thanks, this whole thing is just too funny to have someone miss parts of it because they came in late.

How about Chuck Glazer, he had a $6000 a month condo in trump towers for his cat!!!!!!! FML

piss contest

Well he's already drunk Budweiser

So John Oliver is a TRAITOR signpost?

Oliver has less of a leash with HBO than Stewart did with CC. I'm sure that's not the whole explanation, but it plays a part.


And Tina Fey. And Brad Pitt.

Great movie, actually.

the fact that he shouts doesn't nullify his jokes. british humor isn't funnier or smarter, it's mostly just meaner, darker, and dirtier. a lot of the jokes i've heard from british comedians seem like something a clever middle schooler would say.

Oh man did the Seattle Sounders just score a goal?

Oh man did the Seattle Sounders ?

Don't be daft.

As if Rooney could work a video camera...

lol thanks

The Daily Show

Also: Oliver has a history as politically-minded comedian, through his podcast The Bugle; and from his stint as a correspondent on which led to his HBO show.

He is also a Liverpool supporter and general lover of football.

Bonus! The Bugle's "Best of FIFA" episode.