John McCain is embarrassing himself on the world stage right now

John McCain is embarrassing himself on the world stage right now

John McCain is questioning Comey.

And his questions are...

BBbbbbuuut her emails!

He is also purposefully confusing the two investigations to make Comey look partisan.

And he confused Trump and Comey and talked about President Comey at one point.

His senility is on full display.

Several times he confused Comey and Trump.

Half the time his rants didn't even end with a question and was expecting Comey to give an answer (which he did cuz he's a bro and helped the poor man out) but it was an incoherent mess.

Edit: He's in meme territory now

How is it that this old fossil keeps getting reelected? AZ, you can do a lot better.

Do you have any idea how many old fossils in this state vote?

It was a disgusting display of blatant political theater. I have no respect left for John McCain.

I thought maybe he had a stroke when Comey called Trump a liar and no one noticed it until it was his turn to speak.

Honestly, half the time I had no idea what he was talking about, and somehow Comey seemed to give coherent answers.

(Full disclosure, not a native English speaker, just browsing /r/popular/top/hour and ran into this)

Native English speaker. I had no idea what he was talking about half the time. From what I gleaned he kept confusing two separate events/investigations.

He is also purposefully confusion the two investigations to make Comey look partisan.

It was blatantly obvious that that was his exact playbook for today going into it, unfortunately his senility got in the way of him delivering it to perfection. Even if he did manage to coherently string together is political hackery, it still would have been painfully transparent what his goals were today.

Seriously?? "Hillary was campaigning at the time as well so why is the FBI not investigating her for collusion? Why did they close an investigation into something unrelated to the election? Something must be up!"

I would say 'vote him out' but you Arizonans (sp?) won't get to have the pleasure of doing so.

700 million in Sun City alone

It was really hard to watch. It was like he was forgetting what he asked during his question and then started confusing himself. Age has to play a factor I'd assume, hopefully we can get this guy out and let him enjoy a retirement and get someone else in there.

On tomorrow's schedule for Sen. McCain.

You know, I'm about as liberal as they come, but this is absolutely NOT the solution. Right to vote is firmly established in the Constitution and we must never fuck with it. What NEEDS to happen is to drive voter turnout. Voting rights are sacred. Besides the Boomers are almost gone, leaving us Gen X and Millenials to fix their 50 years of fuck ups.

Clearly 'mental capacity' isn't a factor when electing leaders anymore...

Hey arent you warlizard from the Arizona senate?

He confused Comey and Trump so many times that Comey was on the verge of correcting him. Do it once and everyone accepts it as "well, we know what you mean." Twice, we're reasonable people and I'm gonna ignore it. Third or fourth time..."Uh, I'd like to point out that I'm not President Comey."

That was honestly sad and hard to watch. I may not agree with a lot of McCain's views, but the guy has traditionally been pretty respectful of his political opponents - which is getting to be so damn rare in this stupidly partisan world we live in. Sucks to see him apparently losing his shit.

deliberately obtuse.

He is/was the only republican standing up for Ukraine as a sovereign nation. Beyond that I too felt that he was messing up on a script given to him and have lost respect.

I blame the ones that didn't vote - AZ resident.

How is he mentally capable of representing your state? Do you have serious concerns on his mental capability?

Are you suggesting I should run?

Be careful what you wish for... ಠ_ಠ

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Well, we finally got rid of Sherrif Joe, so hope is on the beautiful horizon.


He's the personification of "the swamp" complete with shady foundation and everything.

Who knows how many political favors he is owed/owes to others


but he doesnt know how many homes he owns

That's what everyone calling CSPAN was asking afterwards....

Do not feel bad Arizona, at least Ted Cruz doesn't represent your state. I cringe anytime I think about that greasy fuck representing my people. I just cringed, right now.

I disagree completely with this. There are parts of the Constitution that can and should be updated. The the right to vote by a citizen is not one of them though. Once we start creating arbitrary tests for competency to vote, we open a door to a whole new form of gerrymandering. A competency test would disproportionately effect low income families and minorities, not just the aged. We need to find ways to get more people to vote, not increase the roadblocks preventing people from voting.



all the trumptards voted for him before they voted for trump

blame your crew for the mess they make

Thanks! It makes me kind of glad that my lack of English skills wasn't the thing that kept me from understanding this whole thing. I got that he wanted to compare the conclusion of the Clinton investigation to the ongoing process of the Russian investigation. It just makes no sense at all to me, and the way he phrased it didn't help at all.

He has a track record warmongering, including advocating for sovereign nations to be invaded/toppled. Kinda makes you wonder why he's suddenly so concerned with Ukrainian sovereignty...

Best summary of his performance I've seen so far:

"McCain is talk to Comey right now and making an excellent case for term limits."

They were streaming CSPAN

I thought the same thing. He has totally lost it.

I wasn't sure if it was deliberate or not. Maybe he just seriously doesn't understand the difference between two investigations, one opened and the other closed. Either way, it's inexcusable.

Arizona had 3,588,466 eligible voters in the 2016 election. John McCain received 1,085,285 votes of the possible 3,588,466 ballots.

John McCain was elected by 30% of the eligible AZ voters in 2016.

To blame AZ for 30% of its eligible voters seems a flawed logic. Maybe its something else.

Band: Half the Time

Album: Incoherent Mess

Song: In Meme Territory Now

Give me free beer and you have my vote

Reap what you sow, bitch.

You don't recognize Warlizard? I thought everyone knew about this cat (er, lizard).

He founded the Warlizard Gaming Forums back in the mid 90's and became an internet legend and sensation. One of the first true internet celebrities. Made quite a large fortune and was smart enough to sell before the dot com crash.

I did not know he was living in AZ now, if he is. Last I heard he had bought a chateau in Southern France for summers and a Chalet in Switzerland for winter.

We're lucky to have him posting on reddit, he is a great source of gaming knowledge and has become known for his practical advice, general expertise and, as we see here, his political knowledge.

Rock on, my favorite reptile!

Old people. Same way Sheriff Joe was the sheriff for so long. Old racist people.

Yeah. What McCain was attempting to do was discredit Comey as partisan....but it was weak.

MCain's premise is that Russia influenced the election at large, not the electoral prospects of a specific candidate. And as such, if the probe is focusing on an election in terms and premise how come the FBI is only focusing on one candidate.

But. Not only does that come from a flawed starting position in the discussion, it was delivered horribly and sounded more like running the clock instead of participating in the hearing.

McCain hasn't been the same since South Carolina in 2000.

Go fuck yourself.


I thought President Comey was very patient with Abe Simpson.

That was so embarrassing.

Warlizard is so my go-to write in candidate now.

McCain has been embarrassing himself on the world stage for years

thank you

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I feel bad that my country's evil socialist healthcare helped deliver baby Ted Cruz into existence.

Say hi to my grandma for me.

All of them?

Hey! Are you that guy from the warlizard forums?

Well, Majorca, not Southern France, but otherwise you're spot on.

So you didn't watch the testimony? Or you prefer to be told what to think about it by some bobble head?

Talking is literally all McCain is capable of doing nowadays and he still manages to fuck it up, rofl.


I don't think this state hates McCain anywhere near the levels that it hated Arpaio.

Neocons stay neoconning

It's kind of true though....


Good bot

48th in education always has a way of back firing.

purposefully confusing

Giving McCain too much credit here.


I prefer Arizoniacs.

His name has an R next to it.


I have always respected John McCain as a straight shooter, although he has sometimes in the past few years made me question my judgment in that regard. What happened today both scared me (because I think I may have been witnessing an active stoke on live tv) and incredibly sad to witness that happening to a honorable public servant.

Not just racist... But generally bigoted in many ways. Arpaio had a lot of support long before immigration was part of his platform. Most folks supported him because he was "tough on crime."

Now I understand why he thought Sarah Palin was a good candidate.

He was really confused and confusing. I honestly feel bad for McCain. He made himself look terrible.

The sad thing is that I'm sure all the people that voted for him loved everything he said and tried to say

Or Wile E. Peyote

well interesting you say he should retire and enjoy life: he's been collecting social security benefits since 2001 with just about $2,000 a month since turning 65. So he's been paid a little under $370,000 since he began taking social security.

My Grandmother an AZ resident for 50 years passed away at 78 and her social security didn't even pass $800 a month. She also wasn't a senator pulling down $174,000 a year. That's the way the cookie crumbles.

This is a true statement

I read that as Smirnoff Joe and wondering if that was a local nickname for Joe Arpaio

let only policy-literate voters vote

And who gets to define "policy literate"?

The people in charge?

I barely know myself, but that's probably the medical MJ.

It's a meme to say that Warlizard had a gaming forum... there was no such forum. So, they're just making up crazier shit because the meme is that there's a made up forum and then Warlizard responds with the face.

I was among the first thousand or so members of the forums. I think (1998?) after Warlizard, Inc. was bought out, THAT company was picked up by Yahoo. Who then went to incredible lengths to scrub the original Warlizard's existence from the internet, so it would appear to be their original vision. This was 98-99, so it was an easier task back then. Not sure how much evidence you could find these days.

But, as far as Warlizard in office? Why not? We all saw the performance John McCain gave today. John is a true American hero and a patriot, but there comes a time when it's time to hang it up and let someone more capable take over. I think it's safe to say most of us see that with McCain now or shortly in the future.

I wouldn't trust this man to drive a car, why is it legal for people of this age to hold office.

We're going to be seeing more of this in coming years as this generation refuses to bow out.

McCain is only the 8th oldest senator (1936).

Older than McCain:

Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) - 1936 - 30+ years in the senate Pat Roberts (R-KS) - 1936 - 20+ years in the senate Jim Inhofe (R-OK) - 1934 - 22+ years in the senate Richard Shelby (R-AL) - 1934 - 30+ years in the senate Orrin Hatch (R-UT) - 1934 - 40+ years in the senate Chuck Grassley (R-IA) - 1933 - 36+ years in the senate Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) - 1933 (the oldest) - 24+ years in the senate

This is just Senators.

These are silent generation, pre-boomers.

In the House, you have guys like John Conyers, born in fucking 1929, who has been in office since 1965, the year Rubber Soul was released.

This is what careerism looks like.

All of these people should be enjoying long and lucrative retirements right now.

And this is why so many things are the way they are.

Term limits: I used to be against them. I am all for them now. This shit has to stop.

Not really. Elderly voted, the young did not. Same reason.

Same reason Trump got elected...

Not that to be confused with Four Loco Fred.

Knowing how influential closing statements can be to an excitable audience, he likely saw an opportunity to choose the exact words that would stick most in our minds:

Hillary Clinton,

Russian investigation,

Double standards,

and "A big deal".

Those would have been more than enough to write a hard hitting headline to punch back at the left. All he needed was to coerce an ambiguous, messy, meaningless statement from Comey, then end the hearing.

I wish we could cast a no confidence vote for the two major parties and get new candidates.

Obviously that wouldn't really work in practice but it would be nice

I hope he retires before puts a stain on his legacy.

Kind of to late for that. Even his non trumpism statements which have been nice, those lead to him voting for whatever the "new GOP" proposed bills are, even if it's obviously not a good plan. Kinda hard to respect someone who speaks the way a more moderate R would and then vote for the extreme R bills. Seems like an act, and with today's line of questioning kind of proves he's GOP owned not constituent owned.

Go back to your sister/wife.

I've only lived here less than 2 years, but in 2016 he didn't have a strong opponent and most people are just endlessly enamored with his military service.

Sorry for the mistake, m'lizard.

It's actually the exact opposite reason.

It's his last term anyway.


Same here... In only 8 states plus DC did a presidential candidate get more votes than votes that were never submitted. The rest would have elected "Did not vote..."

While I understand that, people need to also understand that the Constitution is not something that must be treated as a rigid, set-in-stone set of tenets. The fact that there are amendments to it only goes to show how it, in its initial conception, was not perfect.

The founding fathers of any nation could not possibly imagine how societies would morph centuries later. It is absolutely fair, if not necessary, to review the Constitution, and make it relevant to the times.

It's not impossible. Iceland made that effort quite recently. /

Please stop.

I think he's just an old man that didn't get enough sleep the night before, had a complicated thought, and wasn't awake enough to find the words to express it.

If you are a US Senator

And you are going to be questioning a highly valued witness in the Senate chambers in the morning

And this testimony is expected to easily be among the most important public hearing in the Senate chambers in the past 50 years...


That claim is bullshit. McCain either demonstrated shitty judgement AGAIN or he is trying to hide some kind of impairment. In either case it demonstrates he is not fit for duty.

They're just messing with you.

If only there was already conclusive evidence, by over 17 intelligence agencies, that Russia picked a side in their attempt to influence the election. Evidence a sitting senator could be briefed on.

I mean, who tries to influence an election for both sides, and how does that work?


Let me tell you about the Keating 5

For a second it seemed like he thought the election was still ongoing... like he had missed the last 8 months.

Lol I couldn't figure out who the fuck was commenting in this thread.

The only thing that Pro and anti Trump people can agree on is that McCain is a sack of shit.

It is a constitutional amendment (The 26th, passed in 1971) which prevents denying the right to vote on account of age.