John Lewis will skip State of the Union after Trump 's---hole' comments

John Lewis will skip State of the Union after Trump 's---hole' comments
John Lewis will skip State of the Union after Trump 's---hole' comments

I sure as hell ain’t gonna watch it

He (and others of good conscience) should wait for PoSoTUS to take the podium then walk out. A walk-out would be very powerful.

Would be awesome if Mueller drops something huge an hour before he walks out on stage.

I'm setting up a drinking game: Every time Trump mentions the lying media - 1 shot; every time Trump mentions the Wall - 1 shot; Every time Trump mentions defeating ISIS - 2 shots; every time Trump brags about himself - 1/2 shot because otherwise, you're dead.

Better yet, everyone should attend—and there should be a walkout at exactly 15:00 minutes into Trump's speech (regardless of what he's blabbering about.)

Everyone present that night in Congress with a conscience (including Supreme Court justices and Cabinet members) should simply stand up, then proceed single-file (in absolute silence) to the center aisle, before exiting the House Chamber with their backs to Trump.

Let Trump explode in rage. Let him show himself for what he is on live TV in front of tens of millions. Let Trump's rant be his political epitaph, captured for all to see, forever.


They should take a knee.

Man, I hope you clear your schedule for the next day

Supreme Court is and should be entirely impartial.

I guess that's why Mitch McConnell stole a Supreme Court seat for Trump to fill with a ringer for the Koch Brothers.

I'd rather get a "State of My Retirement" address from Obama than anything from Trump.

can we have Obama to a simultaneous State of the Union? that would be dope.

I've booked a doctor's appointment to get my liver enzymes checked.

I guarantee he'll start off on script and just start winging it at some point, blaming problems on anybody but himself. I can't imagine the level of frustration he's experiencing right now. I'm glad he's frustrated. I doubt he's in good health and, at this point, I hope he keeps shoving McDonald's down his throat in bed, and that his frustration only escalates.

The protesting attendees should take a knee during the anthem or pledge.

Instead of walking out, I prefer turning one's back. That's what they do in wrestling when they truly hate a performer

The SCOTUS lost a significant portion of their legitimacy when a court seat was stolen in broad daylight, without consequences. Let Trump’s pet stay if he chooses. Gorsuch will never be a legitimate member of our highest court, and I’m sick of people pretending he belongs there. That was a stolen seat, and we should never forget that.



Supreme Court is and should be entirely impartial.

I would prefer to watch a livestream of Obama drinking a beer and reading a newspaper to Trump’s SOTU.

It's also what students did when Betsy DeVos spoke at a graduation:

Also get your mouth hyped and your esophagus stoked.

Maybe we should leave the corny theatrics to wrestling.

bleep bloop

I'm not a bot, but I found your gif.

I'm not a bot, but I found your gif.

Why? Corny theatrics got Trump elected.

Oh shit, you are right.

We don't NEED immigration from anywhere. But we welcome it, because welcoming immigrants is a basic moral value of this country. And we do not discriminate based on a country's wealth. Thats elitism at its finest. Hell, to some degree, it's our moral duty to do so after ripping this land away from the natives. Also, many of the immigrants from these poor country's have received better educations and process better work ethics than many of our natural born citizens.

You're going to die of alcohol poisoning 15 minutes in!!! How about:

Brags: 1 hit of mj Lie: 1 shot

Then just plan on staying in that room for 36-48 hours. That's my plan.

they should show up and turn their backs on Trump en masse. would make for a much more powerful and potent visual of non-compliance with Trump and the GOP's White Supremacy.

Lewis just skipped the Civil Rights museum opening b/c Donald would be there.

Donald's latest hate spewing need not be part of Lewis' decision.

I have a weird feeling that Trump himself is going to skip the State of the Union. Even with a script, I can't imagine that he'll not feel the urge to turn it into a rambling mess. Maybe he'll just cancel it and host his Fake News Media Awards or whatever the hell he called it (did that even happen?).

Hey, Tom Perez 👋:

If you manage to find your backbone, how about staging a walkout? Wait for Trump to get to the podium, and then every Democrat in congress gets up, turns their back, and walks the fuck out. No words, no gestures: everyone just get up and leave.

Stop legitimizing this racist orange clown.

And your stomach pumped

Gawd, if he has to talk about his fucking electoral win AGAIN...

Lie: 1 shot

I don't see how that's any less likely to result in alcohol poisoning.

Why does a country's wealth matter when each immigrant is (and should continue to be) looked at as an individual?

I'm asking in good faith.


I always thought the whole "Response to the State of the Union" thing was a pretty cheesy political stunt, but it would be so refreshing to see Obama speak right after Trump and remind everyone how a real leader speaks.

While I personally would love the reaction it would cause, for the sake of the investigation and country I hope he doesn't.

Mueller and the investigation need to be above performing political stunts for no reason other than ratings. And that's really the only reason why Mueller would drop something at around 8PM the night of the speech.

John Lewis is an American hero who accomplished more before he was 30 than few people in American history ever have. He is a prominent figure in Letterman’s Netflix interview with Obama. Everyone should learn about his commitment to democracy.

Edit: I will re-watch Lewis’ segment instead of the state of the union.

I am also not going to watch any cable news coverage of it.

Not that I watch much cable news, but the I coverage of Trump speeches has been shameful from the beginning.

They don't deserve ratings for that garbage.

Although, I feel they might view it differently now. Idk.

You would love that, and so would I, but the optics would be suicidal. The last thing the Dems need is to be the party of people who kneel for the pledge/anthem. Just supporting other peoples' rights to do so is apparently controversial enough.

So just the Democratic reps, basically. Most of them.

Disagree. They should stand up and walk out during his speech.

1 shot every time he finishes a sentence. You're still good for work the next day.

If you think the court is impartial then you are very naive.

I cannot make it through his speeches. He falls all over his words, and rambles like a drunk teenager. He is Holden Caulfield taken to the next level. Reading transcripts i can skip over the 4th repetition of a word much faster than he can mumble through it.

Lets take bets. I say he brings it up 4 minutes in.

I'm watching for a "YOU LIE!" moment.

Except, you know, it'll be true. And it will get the biggest applause of the night.

Also there's a non-zero chance Trump gets flustered and blurts out the N-word.

I thought the point was to drink?

I was about to agree and then I started thinking of other benefits. Trump doesn't want to have an interview with Mueller in person. Even if he did any results would be contested or unbelieved by his supporters. What better workaround is there than to ensure he talks about the Russia collusion to the public and likely incriminates himself on national tv by dropping a bombshell indictment leading up to the event?

I'm watching it. As infuriating as it is, people need to pay attention. Holding him to his words isn't doing a lot in the short run. But being able to stick his works to his backers in Congress around election time is important.

We can't stop being engaged while this shithole is in office. It's what this shithole wants.

No one is saying we NEED immigration from any country. But giving preferential treatment to those who come from white or asian countries is fucked up.

What he said yesterday basically amounts to: "Why can't more whites and asians immigrate, instead of those brown skin people?"

I just physically can't handle listening to him talk. I'll just read articles about it the next day. He disgusts and angers me with every second I watch him.

Literally the kind of man you could watch drink a beer with.

A stranger and more historical situation would be the Sergeant at Arms of the senate arresting trump for violating the rules of the chamber

Shiny new account

Take a hike, Boris

I’m watching Obama’s appearance on David letterman’s new Netflix show. John lewis is featured prominently. Check it out. Obama had some interesting things to say about echo chambers.

I feel like the GOP, as a professional minority party, loved giving the response. Much less pressure, and all you have to do is complain and blow some whistles for your base. Remember when that little wormy guy from Louisiana did it? He was so damn proud of his dumbass bullshit.


Don't give the Reich-Wing media tape loops to further indoctrinate the "Weeping Nazi" Chris Cantwell-like masses of idiots at their command.

Hate of the Union.

The SOTU Response is always a tough gig, no matter who draws it. They might be fighting for the chance to give it this year though.

He is truly the man we should emulate.

I am currently watching him on Letterman's new Netflix show. He's so God damn articulate speaking completely off the cuff, it is causing the strangest mix of sadness and anger.

Classic sea-lioning.

Don't forget shots for Obama and Clinton. Man, you're gonna get alcohol poisoning.

You say 4 minutes in like he's got a bigger achievement to brag about first.

I also like the term JAQing off ("juat asking a question") to describe the same thing.

It "got pushed back"

So it probably wont even happen.

I have literally never watched a speech he's made since becoming Pres. He says nothing but garbage and he looks it.

thank frendo

You are ama~zing!