John Cena's reaction to his mother surprising him at Wrestlemania 33


This was the first time in John Cena's career that his mom visited to watch him perform live.


I love her reaction.

"Let me slap him on the ass"

"OMG, his mum saw me"

*Pulls off the wig

It's Stone Cold.


John Cena's mom is now the heavy weight champ.

I like to imagine it'd be played on a clarinet, or something. Maybe a flute.


In an interview she said, "What's there to see?"

What does it say that she also recognized his mom without him telling her?

Isn’t that his ex-fiancé? She probably knows his mother then in that case.

I have definitely heard John Cena say it in some interview that I don't remember. I think they touched it on Total Bellas too. People talked about here too so I guess it must be true.

It's complicated.


John Cena has a face only a mother can see.

She was probably an angel when he was growing up. Would spend hours looking for Cena during games of hide and seek even tho he would just stand in the middle of the room like an oaf. To this day he believes people can't see him when he doesn't want them too

Oh... I don't watch wrestling. I just assumed they were coworkers.

Piccolos, mommas love piccolos!

I’m not into wrestling but I love John Cena. This guy has a heart of gold. He has granted more Wishes to sick kids than any other celebrity by a long shot. I’m glad someone special surprised him for a change.

The kids would never see their dad anyway.

If there's one thing you can count on its wrestling fans to have their facts right.

Pretty sure you can take that to the bank.

I joined that sub when there was less than a hundred members and I know the community.

Such a genuine cuss

That lady did a fine job with him. Truly a wonderful human being. Funny, generous, and kind.

she had 26 abortions by the time she was 9, and she was raised by wolves. -SP

That horse is dead man, just let it go




Oh I just got it


Something like

"HI, Drax!"

Those are recorders moron!!!!!! This is why mom never liked you!!!!

And I imagine watching your son get beat up, ever if it's a work, probably isn't super fun.

I don't think he was born that size.


you may enjoy this then

Nikki wants kids and Cena doesn't. Pretty much a deal breaker right there.

Ironically this was after he proposed to Nikki Bella, the girl in the video in the ring with him. Their wedding was just called off a couple weeks ago at the last minute

Not to mention that work ethic

They'd been dating for a few years, they got engaged at Wrestlemania 33 in a big event.

They were supposed to be married in early May, but they broke off the engagement in April. There are a lot of conflicting reports as to why, so I dunno what to say on that end.

Keep up with World Wrestling Entertainment lore and real life developments, you fuck. THIS IS IMPORTANT AND YOU LOOK REALLY DUMB RIGHT NOW.

Where? It's just a shot of some wrestler then she clasps her hands over her heart. Next pan to the crowd and then that's the end of the gif.

I don't get it.

She “never got” wrestling

True story. I used to be a professional wrestler (small time, no WWE contract) and it took a long time before I finally let my daughter see me in the ring. I had to make sure she was old enough to fully understand that it's an act and that it was a family-friendly Sunday afternoon show.


This is why mom .

Cause Cenas thing is waving his hand in front of his face with that you can’t see me thing.

How can she see him?

🎺🎺🎺 —🎺!


That ain't real wrastlin'! This here is real wraalin'! men holding each other and making grunt noises

I had to make sure she was old enough to fully understand that it's an act



"Damn it..."

Holy shit I just cried like a little baby that was amazing.

Edit: I feel like he was totally genuine. I think he really loves these people and he seems so sencire. I don't feel like he is acting Wich made me tear up even more.

We love our dirtsheets. Half the fun in being a fan is the rumor mill and "shoot" interviews.

This is extra funny, because the guy who plays Drax started his career in the WWE as a wrestler named Batista. John Cena and Batista have had matches against each other before.

Can you imagine how confusing it is to try and watch a match where you can't see either wrestler??

That they've dated for 6 years?

Not any more.

It's amazing he gets any work done with all of the Make A Wish visits.

Yeah, I've just learned that... Nothing to see here folks.

Eh. Shes his wife to be. And they're professional sports entertainers. They were both in character at the time probably.

I wouldn’t have known either until I happened to see a picture of her on my twitter feed a few days ago regarding their break up.

It's as safe as any stunt work can be. Every precaution is taken but you're still flinging yourself around like a ragdoll and taking massive hits.

I love that she just looks like a mom. Cardigan, glasses & all.

John Cena's "You can't see me" catchphrase. It's a joke saying that not even his mother can see him, therefore she wouldn't know he is in the WWE.

Between that and workouts I really don't understand how he has the time/energy

Well technically it was 15 minutes or so before he proposed.

i wish they would actually put john cena in these videos

Only dumb poo-poo heads would repeat such a statement.

As much as I personally find wrestling completely unwatchable, sometimes it can be pretty sweet.

Someone explain this for us dum dums, please.


The accident wasn't your fault.

Where's Carol? I haven't Cena.

Ahaha, I closed the thread after reading this and then had to come back and upvote when I got it.

Especially considering it is never 100% safe I imagine.

Aw sunofabitch!

He moves very slowly.

no he was, i was there

This is moments before they got engaged.

Now they're not engaged.

That's so cute in a way

Aaannnddd now I'm crying. Cena seems to be one of the most genuine humans I've ever seen

Well never having to wait in line helps him save alot of time in his daily life must be one of the best perks of no one being able to see you.

Odd that they got into his shaving routine immediately after the story about the breakup.

Congrats! it's 6 foot, 251 pound, 41 year old man.


How comes his mom’s so small and he so big?


Friendly correction: Sincere



You cussing with me?

My suspicion is that while he'd be a great family man, he's not ready to stop doing WWE and movies yet, and wouldn't want to have kids he'll never see. That's just a guess though.

Its still real to me DAMMIT!

By most accounts, yes. His record isn't spotless, of course, but for every slightly negative experience someone has had with the man there are a thousand good ones. The man has fulfilled more Make-A-Wish requests than anyone in history by a huge margin.

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They got engaged at Wrestlemania 33? The same event his mom surprised him at in this gif?

We'll never know when the horse is beaten to death, cause it's invisible.

Doot doot doot doooooooooot

His mom doesn't lift.

"WWE 24" on Wrestlemania 33

Oh is it a genetic thing?

The Cena-Bella ship is no longer canon, unfortunately.

That man is a god damn saint.

Huh, he seems like such a family man

Holy crap! You monster I balled like a baby spontaneously in front of my girlfriend.

Ha. Ha. Ha.