Joey Diaz on UFC 218

Joey Diaz on UFC 218

Jasom Stray Ham

Jasom Gabagoop

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"Stiopic you better start eatin then hot beef sandwiches with the sausages in the middle ya feel me" goddamn uncle joey is a national treasure

Lmao he's talking about Stipe having that immigrant mentality when hes actually from Cleveland while Ngannou is from Africa

That fuckin Magoomba, whatever his name is Oongaio

Joey CoCo Diaz you fucking momos

That's the joke

Don’t question Joey ya cocksucka

"You better do push ups, you better go to Mexico"

"Get beat up one day, show up the next day with a roast beef sandwich"

Joey should consider becoming a trainer

next thing you know theres cake all over the place you follow me

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Knowing how he's lived and seeing how he looks now i honestly can't believe he's still alive.

Jason strayham

Jason gabagoop



Nugaaio...I dont want him blowing out candles at my birthday party next thing you know the cake is all over the place

Stiopic you better start eating those hot beef sandwiches with the sausages in the middle

Just because you got beat up turn up next day with a roast beef sandwich


Clearly, this man is in peak physical condition.


10-8 /u/buzznights

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“Jo-Jo-ANNA Jay-check whatever the fuck”

Just because you get beat up one day, you show up the next day with a roast beef sandwich, that's the story of my life

Huh, so the word doesn't mean to you what it actually means. Well that explains the confusion.

129,000 units of mod power

So not an immigrant then

When he put 4 grams in the jug of water to see how fast it would dissolve if the cops came. Passes out, wakes up two hours later, first thing he sees? The jug of water lmfao

“I get half way through the jug and I taste straight cocaine, dawg I answer the door for my girl and I couldn’t talk, my mouth and throat were completely numb”


be careful what u wish for young man

Dont think you understand what an immigrant is


The story he told on his podcast with George Perez about getting an oz of blow from his buddies and proceeded to lock himself in a hotel room and tried to do all. I fucking died.

I'm on a diet but googled that sandwich anyways, shouldn't have done that..

I would love to hear Diaz' take on pronouncing Joanna Jedrzejczyk

This is the kind of fight analysis I've been looking for on this sub.

just quotes for the future so i can go back and find them when i need to talk about my BOY MAGUMBO


He just doesn’t know em exactly and just goes off the top of his head ya ubatz. Thats uncle joey.

It is now though isn't it? I thought he got laughed at hard when he said that sincerely on a podcast. Hilarious if he embraced the meme

Fabio Maldonado's

I love it. It's like Rampage trying to pronounce name

It is called mentality for a reason....

I kinda want a hot beef sammy with saucewawj now.

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Gotta love our Uncle Joey


'Stiopic' hahahahahaha

"There's no stories today; it's the lord's day." lights up

That was so fucking funny dude LMFAO I was dying at his paranoia looking for cables coming out of the walls, and in the midst of all of this still jacking off HAHAHAHA

I see prime source of protein, carbs and even some veggies. Make it a post workout meal.

hes been training the christ killer for a while now

Joey Diaz helps me when I'm depressed lol

"For most of the episode, Joey calls Christina "Christine." They've known each other for years.

I was just listening to Tom and Christina discuss it on the last episode of Your Mom's House. They're his co-workers/friends, and came to the conclusion that he just doesn't care to pronounce things correctly.